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Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives {2023} – Top Associate Programs!

Well, it finally happened. We’re left with no choice but to go for best amazon affiliate alternatives out there in these hard, pandemic times – here’s what happened. On Tuesday, April 14th, 2020, we (and a million more other affiliates globally) received a mail from amazon, informing us about the changes made to the Amazon associates program operating agreement which handles & governs their affiliate payment rates In a word, the whole thing wasn’t pretty at all. 

Yes, your eyes didn’t at all deceive you. Categories like furniture, home improvement, pantry, pet’s products, etc… that were once considered to be gold mines, are now completely ruined, with affiliates expecting a massive 47% – 70% cut in their incomes. And no, this seems to be a permanent change as well, with no rolling back, ever!

Thanks, Amazon, we hate you!

So that’s a done deal – what’s next then, you may ask?

Well, when one door closes, another one opens!

So being never ones to admit defeat ever, here, we have compiled a list of all the top Amazon affiliate alternatives to partner during these uncertain times, ensuring that all your online biz runs smooth as ever.

What’s more! We’ll even tell you the finest, the top winner of all the alternatives to amazon affiliate program solutions in the end.

Hey, interested? We know you certainly are!

Read on

Amazon Affiliate Alternatives – Why They Are Better Than Amazon? 

As recent as a few days ago (April 14th, 2020), Amazon was the undisputed Affiliate “king” – and why wouldn’t they be? As a brand, they were very trusted, offered a commission on literally all the products, had a vast catalog, and there was also their famous festive seasons, which often saw our commissions spike.

Yes, it was a king indeed – but of course, they then had to go and ruin it all.

In hindsight, this isn’t the first time Amazon pulled a stunt like this. Back in March 2017, Amazon had put an end to its performance-based commission slabs where, if you remember, all top affiliates were earning up to 10% on the highest tier.

Plus, they also had, back then, reduced the commission to just 3% for the entire electronic categories, which – similar to today – had resulted in a sharp 70% decline in revenues for sites that specialized in reviewing them.

Well, history is again repeating today – and its worse than before!

Best Alternatives To Amazon Affiliate Program – Say Hello To The Future

We now know Amazon is, to put it mildly, a sucky partner. So what next then? Surely, there have to be better affiliate avenues out there, right?

Well, as it turned out, there was – and there was a lot! (Don’t worry. we have listed and reviewed them all for you in today’s post)

Sure, they are not as “behemoth” as Amazon. And god knows they can do with a bit of extra promotional support. But look closely and you can see that they can still, if not better, go toe to toe with Amazon.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are some of the top perks that make these best amazon affiliate alternatives a better choice;

1) Better affiliate cookie duration

On average, amazon typically offers you 24 hours of cookie duration. Whereas literally every other affiliate platforms & programs out there can offer you a month or even up to 90 days of cookie durations.

Pretty nice, if we do say so ourselves.

2) Higher commission rates

With amazon out of commission (literally! These amazon affiliate alternatives are more of a better deal today than ever before thanks to them offering far better, higher commission rates than amazon had ever done.

And you know what? When coupled with the longer cookie duration, this is easily one of the greatest deals ever offered!

3) Even more freedom

With Amazon, it’s easy to feel choked with your affiliate programs as you’re gonna be mostly relying on amazon for all your revenues. However, by branching out to even more Affiliate Marketing solutions, you’ll be able to thwart that particularly annoying feeling, as you’ll not be “putting all your eggs in one basket”

Put simply, you’ll have more headroom to breathe around in

4) Be risk-free

As good as Amazon is, they’re rather infamous for blocking affiliates over often some very, very silly reasons and mistakes. By opting for a few other amazon affiliate marketing alternative solutions first, you can fully minimize that risk altogether.

Again, the more you branch out, the lower the risks are gonna be.

Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives – Top 6 Affiliates That Are Better Than Amazon

Putting together this list on Amazon Affiliate Alternatives wasn’t easy – mind you. And that’s because there were some amazing options out there. So we did what any sane people would do. We consulted the experts.

Well, here are their top choices;

#1 ShareASale

Boasting a large inventory of great vendors to choose from, including samples from both online and physical goods, Shareasale – as its flagship highlight – allows you to easily diversify your link affiliations to heart’s content. On average, this offers two benefits: one – you can minimize your risk by investing far more widely. Two – you will be kept better safe from any seasonal Ebb and flow, which may affect commissions.

As of today, Shareasale has more than 3900 merchants under their sleeves. Besides, their categories too are well curated to better help you find the perfect match between your contents & an appropriate merchant for it. This can especially come in handy if you affiliate mostly with seasonal, custom products.

From average sales, Per-click earnings and average commissions, etc… another area where ShareASale beats amazon is the sheer wealth of data give to you, the user when you are hunting for high-quality deals.

If used correctly, this easily accessible data can better help you to peruse all available deals and deals too, thus opening up even more choices, which in turn can help you boost your commissions to the next level

With ShareASale, you can more expertly focus on the links that brings you more revenue. And while the commission rates may differ from vendor to vendor, having the Shareasale provided data statistics can help you to boost the impact of your links, saving you the trial and error process that usually comes with these kinds of platforms.

Based out in Chicago, USA, Shareasale is perfect for those who are looking for a top, amazon affiliate alternative that strikes all the right notes.


  • A vast network of trusty, reliable merchants (over 3900+ vendors)
  • Better commission rates (10% to 40%)
  • Vast product catalog
  • Serves both physical as well as digital goods
  • Professional care
  • Easy to join and control


  • May take a bit a bit of extra time to establish your affiliates

User Opinion

With ShareASale, I found endless opportunities to grow my sales. It’s easy, and it’s reliable – trust me, you will love it. We sure did!”

#2 Niche Affiliate Programs

Sure, it’s quite natural to get entranced by the larger, corporate-driven affiliate programs from the likes of Wall Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc… but alas, that doesn’t take away the fact that niche affiliation too can be super helpful.

For example, if you deal with a lot of affiliations on products like photography, videography equipment’s, audio tools, etc… you can earn potentially earn more commissions by joining specific niche vendor platforms like “BHPhotoVideo’s Affiliate Program” where you can earn up to 8 percentage in commission.

Just like these, there are plenty of affiliate ready niches out there on topics like Sports, Music, Fitness, Gaming, Travel, Dog and other pet products, etc… heck, with affiliation too, there’re a ton of choices out there, like Direct Affiliate marketing, in-house affiliates, hosting affiliates and a ton whole lot more.

Put simply, if you want more choice, this niche-based conservative alternative to amazon affiliate strategy is the perfect way to go.


  • More product avenues to choose from
  • Higher, more reliable commission opportunities
  • Can work with specific brands
  • Faster, easier affiliation processes
  • Easy conversion
  • Longer cookie duration


  • It can be hard to find the perfect affiliate

User Opinion

“After Amazon, I found my new life with niche affiliate programs. Thanks to them, my products are flying off the shelves – thanks!”


#3 Impact Radius

Founded in 2008 by the same dudes who made Commission junction and, impact radius was launched with the promise of redefining the way advertisers manage media & performance partnerships.

And hey, guess what? It did!

At impact radius, you are not gonna be finding any Affiliate managers playing hot potato with different merchants every few weeks. Rather, the IR focuses its efforts more on the platform and the tech itself, enabling merchants to manage their own affiliations, very much like how Google did it with their now dead affiliate network.

So what this mean for us, the affiliates? Well, for one thing, the joining process is now far easier. The commissions are more lucrative and if anything, we’d also say that the whole affiliate experience too tends to be much streamlined. With over 500+ offers that affiliates can choose from, the platform specializes in digital products. And of course, getting into the commission details, impact radius comes with “cost per acquisition, cost per lead” and cost per sale commission types, which means the better you work, the more you earn.

Apart from its great credentials and a rabid fan base, impact radius mainly stands out for the below reasons in our opinion

  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface
  • Tons of useful resources allotted to affiliates such as Webinars, whitepapers, and case studies
  • Complete access to built-in reports whenever you want
  • Truly global market with over 500+ offers with niches and affiliate programs

And a whole lot more…


  • Phenomenally simple to use
  • Incredibly fast registration and processing time
  • Real-time visual report insights
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • Far better conversion rates
  • Fast loading


  • Lack of a micro-management system can be overwhelming for some

User Opinion

“A cutting edge Affiliate platform that’s perfect for all impact radius can, and will, improve your sales by miles – just like it did for us.”

#4 Avangate

Long considered the perfect affiliate network for selling software, Saas, and digital goods. Avangate was founded in 2006, and was created for affiliates who were interested in industries such as Gaming software, B2B, financial and educational software, audio, video, and multimedia design software’s, etc…

Offering tie-ups with some of the biggest software companies out there, one of the biggest benefits of Avangate –now known as 2Checkout – has to be the ability given to the affiliates (you guys) to create and offer coupons on their own. An exclusive feature, this makes it super easy for an affiliate to offer his audience special offers, deals and price cuts, leading to far better sales and yes, conversion rates too.

As an affiliate platform, we found “Avangate” to be a pretty nicely polished option. The UI is amazing. And the same can also be said for their catalog and site speeds too. Joining up is amazingly easy. You sign the application, which then gets reviewed by their team. If you qualify, you will be asked to choose a payment method, assign an affiliate manager to you, and then you can just start promoting your products – so simple, so easy!

In fact, this trademark “simplicity” Avangate has brought forth – like their affiliate carting system – is what that really had made them one of the best, most reliable, and easiest amazon affiliate alternatives in the industry.


  •  Easy to use, user-friendly platform design
  •  Over 50000 affiliates
  •  Advanced, highly detailed reports
  •  Custom deep links
  •  Handy affiliate carting option
  •  Easy payment options


 No physical products are offered
 No live chat support

User Opinion

After Amazon, I was lost. But today, thanks to Avangate, my business and sales are is literally booming by the days.”

#5 JvZoo

Another digital products only affiliate network, the quirky named JvZoo boasts of a “state-of-the-art automated webinar platform” where vendors can easily showcase their web related products effortlessly and get affiliates to promote them – all automatically. And hey, with over 200 niches to choose from, that’s a LOT of easy affiliates!

As a company, JvZoo works by pairing up with vendors and only earns their share when the latter completes a successful sale. In other words, they don’t have any monthly fees or any merchant charges, making it essentially free to use – perfect for newbies and smaller vendors. As far as the commission rates go, JvZoo usually charges 5%.

Plus, one of the nicest things about JvZoo we liked was the fact that unlike other typical affiliate platforms. They generally don’t impose any restrictions on how affiliates can market their products over the web: you can easily use blog posts, websites, youtube videos, comments, forums, emails, podcasts, the list goes on…

Categorized by bestsellers, with JvZoo, you can earn more by working more. They seem to pay on a cost per click and cost per sale basis.


  •  A vast range of competitively priced products
  •  User-friendly, easy interface
  •  Dynamic and interactive sale pages
  •  Easy signup process
  •  No fees or subscription charges
  •  Great customer care


  •  Limited to digital products at the moment
  •  Lack of rules & regulations

User Opinion

“Bold, reliable, and full of potential – you can’t go wrong with JvZoo. I use it for all my sales, and you should too.”

#6 ClickBank

Often called the granddaddy of Affiliate network platforms, ClickBank is still the favorite alternatives to amazon affiliate program ever created – and yes, it’s not without good reason. Dealing mainly in digital products, ClickBank digital catalog only comes next to Amazon’s own “kindle” collection, which is truly impressive.

With thousands of affiliate ready products to choose from, ClickBank now offers two kinds of affiliated links: standard and encrypted. The latter is ideal for those who want to keep themselves as private as possible, with details being shared only with a genuine buyer. Plus, keeping with transparency, Clickbank also makes it easier for affiliates to get acquainted with the products they are looking to well, affiliate, thanks to detailed blog posts, reviews, youtube videos, write-ups, and podcasts, among others

With a payment threshold as low as $10, the commissions themselves offered by Clickbank is generally very high at 50% which means that you are willing to work harder, your rewards too will be very higher – now that’s nice, right?!
Overall, the UI is nice, Joining process is simple, and we loved how optimized the whole services was in general. In other words, there is literally no wonder why Click bank is considered as an affiliate behemoth – it deserves to be so!


  •  A vast range of affiliate-ready digital products
  •  Easy to use, faster interface
  •  Impressive, class-leading security and privacy perks
  •  Detailed reports
  •  Better affiliate product search tools
  •  Higher commission rates


  •  Slower email support system

User Opinion

“Best affiliate platform for both newbies & pros, ClickBank is a no-brainer for its inexhaustible source of great products for sale.”

Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

For decades, Amazon has been the de-facto Affiliate king. So it’s quite understandable that you may have a few doubts, worries, and misconceptions about the best Amazon affiliate alternatives – change can be scary, after all.

To help calm your nerves, find below a tiny FAQ where we answer some of the most popular queries ever levied against them;

1) Are the best Amazon affiliate alternatives really worth it?

Yes, of course. With Amazon now idiotically reducing their affiliation fee by 70%, and their infamous reputation for already being hard to deal with, the best Amazon affiliate alternatives are now honestly the only way to keep our affiliate business going.

Thankfully, they do have their own merits too, like increased commission rates, more freedom, and more room to grow.

So yeah, they are definitely worth it.

2) I still want to work with Amazon – will they reduce the fee in the future?

Knowing Amazon and judging by their track record, this change will almost surely be an irreversible one.

To be frank, this was a long time coming. Amazon already had been hinting at such a change for the last few years. With the COVID-19, now they got the perfect excuse to accelerate the change – that’s it.

If you still haven’t jumped the ship yet, hoping that they’d change their policies soon, please consider this a warning and get out ASAP.

Don’t worry; there is now a ton of best Amazon affiliate alternatives out there today that can help you break the fall.

3) Okay, but what’s the perfect best Amazon affiliate alternative for me?

It depends. Based upon who you are, your needs, and sale requirements, its YOU, my friend, who got to make that decision. As explained in detail above, each best Amazon affiliate alternatives have their own strength &weaknesses.

So, pick accordingly.

4) What are some of the most popular niche affiliate programs?

Perfect for small scale affiliates, the best niches to invest in include Electronics, health, automotive, toys, sports & outdoors, etc.

As of now, these are the most profitable A-niches around. But, now, with the pandemic raging, things may change soon enough.

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled for them.

5) Can they be trusted?

Absolutely! All of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives in this review are trustworthy. In fact, millions of affiliates have already become their fans.

That said, we’d still recommend you to be cautious nonetheless – when it comes to online sales, it’s a good habit to have.

All set. But wait, we had promised you a winner, right? The best, most reliable affiliate to better partner your online business with?

Well, we have a winner, all right!

ShareASale – The Better Choice!

As an affiliate, losing amazon is certainly a big blow. But in our opinion, ShareASale might just be the perfect cure to beat it – we’ll explain.

Amongst the many alternatives to amazon affiliate program we had reviewed, Shareasale was, in our opinion, the most polished of the bunch. It had the speeds, the influence, the catalogue and of course, a fairer affiliate system. Besides, they are also one of the very few affiliate platforms that still deal with digital & physical products, meaning that you have a whole lot more avenues to invest with the Shareasale platform.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Alternative – The conclusion

Oh great. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more worse, a mail from amazon drops, destroying the affiliate niche… oh wait, you heard all of this before, right? So yeah, come lets cut to the present then. Looking back, the fault is also ours. We shouldn’t have put all of our eggs in the Amazon basket alone. We could’ve been smarter. We could’ve branched out. But alas, we didn’t –and now we are paying the price for it.

Thankfully, we now have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. And of course, pairing up with all other amazon affiliate alternatives are a big part of that. To that end, we sincerely hope that the affiliates we have reviewed above are good enough to better fuel your revenues through these hard and uncertain times.

At the end of the day though, the decision is up to you. You can definitely go with ShareASale or literally any other alternative to amazon affiliate solutions we had reviewed – just trust us. You can’t go wrong either way.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Go out there and pick a fine affiliate partner, today!

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