Astra Theme vs GeneratePress Theme

Astra Theme vs GeneratePress Theme 2023 – It’s Quite Tough To Compare!

Astra vs GeneratePress: which WordPress theme is best to deal with page builders? Which one is made for non-coders? Does it worth investing? You will get an answer to all your questions in this article. Let me help you comparing Astra theme vs GeneratePress theme in every aspect that a webmaster might be looking for.

Choosing a WordPress theme doesn’t mean that you are visually improving your site appearance but also, its performance. Concerning that, both Astra and GeneratePress themes are excellent in quality coding, mobile responsiveness, fast loading, and customization.

Choosing any one of these two, you won’t get wrong. However, there are some notable differences. With that, one wins over the other and vice versa. Explore those unique features and stick to yours.

Let’s have a quick recap of these two themes now – GeneratePress vs Astra.

Quick Introduction: Astra Theme Vs GeneratePress Theme

Before getting into details and comparison: GeneratePress theme vs Astra theme, I am writing a small intro about each of these two WordPress themes. For start-ups or young new bloggers, this introduction would be of more help. If you are a long-term player in the industry much aware of these two powerful WordPress themes, then skip the intro and move on to its features.

Astra Theme: A Quick Overview

Astra would be the sutra or mantra that boosts your website performance and functionalities. Over three million users trust Astra theme to build their stunning websites. One of the lightest WordPress themes in the arsenal results in achieving high-performance sites. Despite, it also gets you more features and customization options to design more stylish websites.

I would say the Astra theme is designed for non-coders. In other words, the flexible theme tailored for page builders. The free theme that ensures excellent speed and flexibility to tweak your sites as you need.

Astra Theme Features

Why should you opt for Astra free theme or premium one over GeneratePress? Checking out this set of features of Astra themes, you will realize it, then.

# Bundle of pre-built website templates

Probably, you will get astonished visiting some sites for the first time. But, you might be helpless to design a similar one for you. Likewise, there are several such beautiful websites built on Astra theme with the combination of different page builders. Astra Sites plug-in lets you access those pre-built websites and import it within a few mouse clicks to design a breathtaking site as you like.

# Lightest WordPress theme, even less than 50 KB

Certainly, the Astra theme is catered towards speed and full-scale performance. If you doubt, don’t hesitate to test the page loading speed of a demo site that runs on Astra theme. Astra team states that the theme is like feather-light, less than 50 KB. Astra theme uses Vanilla JavaScript to prevent render-blocking JavaScript that affects your loading performance.

# Best integration with Page Builders

Astra ensures full and seamless integration with the most popular WordPress page builders. It includes Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi, Site Origin, etc. Always the technical novice would prefer using page builders to stay out of fuzzy coding. For such page builder dependants, Astra theme would be of the perfect choice.

# Seamless WooCommerce compatibility

Are you a serious retail marketer dying to build a conversion-optimized ecommerce portal? As we all know, WooCommerce is the most powerful ecommerce plug-in for WordPress sites. It would be the no-brainer solution to scale your basic website to an outperforming online shopping site. Considering its significance, Astra is the fast, flexible, and intuitive theme offers deeper integration with WooCommerce plug-in.

# Theme that often comes with updates

Being the fastest growing theme of all the time, more frequently, it comes with worth updates. Substantially, the Astra 2.0 update comes with the faster customizer and clean user interface. Similarly, recent Astra theme updates get you more additional functionalities. It includes adding breadcrumbs, having transparent headers, mega menu within the navigation menu, embedding different styles of the search box, etc.

# Built-in Schema markup to be full SEO-friendly

The markup adding to your website helps search engines to understand your site in a better way, is Schema. So, the search engines are likely to prefer those sites being SEO-friendly.  With that, Astra comes with built-in markup or structured data helping search engines to display better search results. Also, it takes care of more SEO fundamentals of your site.

# Easy Customization Options

To put it simply, Astra theme offers you abundant theme customization options that require no coding skills. Its extensive layout settings enable you to manage the layout of the header, blog page, individual post, sidebar and footer exclusively. Concerning colors, background, and typography, you can tweak every nook and corner of your website. Moreover, Astra Pro theme gets your entire control over each and every element of your website.

User Opinion

“Versatile, reliable &great support – as far as quality theme builders go, Astra hits all the right notes, in all the right ways.”

GeneratePress – A Quick Intro

GeneratePress is yet another lightweight theme for WordPress lovers. It can get you the complete transformation in the way you design your sites with demanding speed and performance. You will surprise to look into its customer base. Over 2 million websites rely on GeneratePress, so far.

A GeneratePress premium package can help you extend its features and functionalities as your site demands. The theme focuses on the ease of use. So, you don’t require undergoing a steep learning curve. Hence, it receives a 5 rating review from more than 800 users.

GeneratePress Theme Features

How GeneratePress be the alternative to Astra theme for the serious WordPress users and online marketers? Let’s get into the details.

# Speed, performance, features & usability focused theme

GeneratePress free is a lightweight theme that assures the speed and performance of any sized website and affiliate blogs. The theme is made for the avid online marketers. The GeneratePress theme always aims to offer easy-to-use platforms for the start-ups to kick start. Further, you can enhance the features and functionalities of the site with GP Premium.

# Cleaner code with CSS & JS minification

The leaders in the WordPress community reviewed the GeneratePress code. And hence, recommends it. Indeed, GeneratePress theme uses the most stable coding standards. Like Astra theme, GeneratePress also uses Vanilla JavaScript to eliminate render-blocking JS issues. Hence, the page loading speed will be lightning faster.

# Lightest WordPress theme less than 30 KB size

Being speed and performance-centric theme, built on validated HTML 5, GeneratePress is so light. It just claims even less than 30 KB size whereas other WordPress themes may require even hundreds of KB’s. Most importantly, it’s easy to kick off with website designing. You can enhance the basic site to any extent with GP Premium plug-in.

# Importable demo sites for easy start

Being a GP premium user, you will get full access to its site library that has huge collections of pre-made websites. As you like it, get it instantly. Even, you can run through the entire pages of the demo site to guess how your website will look like. Also, you can run speed tests on those sites to evaluate the theming capability.

# Highly compatible with most page builders

Do you love using Elementor or Beaver Builder? Don’t necessarily be purchasing other page builders as if your theme doesn’t support the specific builder. GeneratePress will work great with your page builder. Its single page layout options offer flexible control to the page builders to end up with amazing page designs. GeneratePress works equally with Visual Composer too.

# Flexible layout customization options

Taking control over the layout options of the whole website for desktop and mobile devices is much easier now. The layout box at the bottom of each individual post or page enables you to play around with the sidebar options, footer widgets, and header for a specific page, disable elements options, etc. It’s under your control to make a certain post or page to appear uniquely.

User Opinion

“Its super-fast, it’s SEO/Mobile-ready, has top support – GeneratePress is the killer WP theme we’ve all been waiting for, period!

However, I have simply mentioned a few notable features of Astra and GeneratePress themes. There is still a bundle of features that these themes can offer than any other WordPress theme of your 3rd choice. It includes the responsiveness, SEO-friendly, Gutenberg-ready, render-blocking jQuery, etc. As these things seem common in both, I felt not to mention in their list of features.

Now, let’s compare Astra theme vs GeneratePress theme on the unique specialties of each.

GeneratePress Theme Vs Astra Theme: Worth Reading Before Buying

To offer better clarity and make your search diligent, let’s explore the minor differences between GeneratePress vs Astra.

#1 Easy To Use

However, any of the WordPress theme you go with, it’s easy to set up. Just by uploading the zip file, installing ad activating will do. How features are streamlined determines how easy the theme to kick off. GeneratePress theme Vs Astra theme – both themes come with an extensive bundle of modules and options for the easy start. Under theme customizer, all the modules are grouped for seamless operation. Each module you activate will add up the set of features to the customizer. So, you will have entire control from a single page to tweak every single element of your site.

Anyways, the basic default site would look more similar and simpler using both the free themes. What you do after installing the theme makes the difference. Upgrading to the premium licenses will just extend the options and features to enhance site functionalities.

#2 Performance: GeneratePress vs Astra Speed

Ideally speaking, both the themes are the lightest ones. With clean and quality coding, it’s just around less than 30 KB or 50 KB size. While checking the page speed with default WordPress data (without any page builders and customization), both have got a similar rating.

Based on the page builder you use and the level of customization, you may get contradictory page speed and performance results. Anyways, you will end up with the fastest loading site using any of these two themes. Still, I experienced Astra a little edge over GeneratePress, as it has got better compatibility with page builders than the latter one.

#3 Developer Friendliness

Astra theme vs GeneratePress theme – both were built keeping both the beginners and the expert developers in mind. For CSS coding capabilities, they have additional CSS section to play around with the coding. To extend the features and functionality that you don’t have by default, make use of the extensive list of hooks and filters.

You have no limitations to enhance the theme’s appearance and capabilities. Indeed, both themes support child themes. If you are likely to create a child theme of your choice, you can also import/export the theme settings. There is no need to run through the entire settings to build new websites all the time.

Besides all, the GeneratePress premium license gets you unlimited access. Hence, developers would prefer to go with it as a small investment can favor building any number of client’s sites.

#4 Customization Options

You will astonish to navigate through the theme customization options in the case of both Astra and GeneratePress. Let me take you through a few options where you will find some basic differences between the two: GeneratePress vs Astra.

The mobile header functionality by GeneratePress enables you to alter the width, alignment of elements, padding, etc. You can even set different page headers for individual pages. Make your page header transparent; add video or image background, etc.

 You will get all these amazing features from Astra as well. In addition to that, you will have a particular section for managing your page or post headers all the time. Likewise, the footer control, GeneratePress, enables you to have any number of footer layouts and set custom texts.

Astra allows you to choose between the seven available footer widget layout and you can set custom texts into it.

Depending on the sites you choose from the library, you will get widget areas. Anytime, you can create custom widgets adding hooks or altering the code in both the themes. Moreover, you will feel flexible to change the color and typography of every element on your page or site with extensive options available under theme customizer. So, as far as concerning customization, it isn’t that nice to compare Astra Pro vs GeneratePress Premium and nudge something.

#5 Page Builders Compatibility

I have experienced the combo of GeneratePress and Thrive Architect. It was awesome. Also, I have realized that GeneratePress integrates with Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Visual Composer, as well. Meanwhile, the Astra theme is also much compatible with these page builders.

In addition to that, the Astra theme also integrates with your popular plug-ins like Lifter LMS, LeanDash, and much more. There is no such specific list of plug-ins that GeneratePress is compatible with. So, both Astra and GeneratePress support most of the popular page builders. But, Astra wins over the GeneratePress by its integration with other certain plug-ins.

#6 Pre-Built Site Templates

As we saw above, both the themes offer a bundle of the pre-made website for easy designing of your new website. Here, Astra comes handy as it offers such sites for free. Just install the free plug-in Astra sites and use the templates within a few mouse clicks. But, the sites were designed using Pro versions of the page builders. Make a note of it.

On the other hand, GeneratePress has an awesome site library. Unfortunately, you will get access only if you are a GP Premium user.

Even, you will find Astra with great categorization under various page builders and editors. It includes Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy. Also, you sort out the sites depending on your platforms like blogs or business or eCommerce sites. GeneratePress gets you sich categorization only with Beaver Builder and Elementor.

#7 WooCommerce Integration

As usual, both the themes can integrate with WooCommerce plug-in seamlessly. Astra is a fat, more flexible, and highly customizable theme for e-commerce sites that better converts. Also, it ensures air-tight security of your eCommerce portal against threats and attacks. Coding free customizations help you extending your online shopping sites hassle-free.

Above all, VP of products, LiquibWeb, the leading hosting provider tests more than 50 themes for e-commerce sites and prefers Astra. It shows how Astra stands out from the crowd.

It doesn’t mean GeneratePress is not for eCommerce sites. The team doesn’t seem marketing the theme in that way. Still, from the reviews, I noticed GeneratePress also makes you cool to work with WooCommerce plug-ins.

#8 Support & Documentation

Again its tie between the both, concerning the documentation and support features. Like any other service, you will get a quick-response ticket support system. Other than this, you have a dedicated forum and knowledge base from both the themes.

As both, the themes are easy to set up and kick-off, you are likely not to require its documentation all the way.

Even for tiny tweaks, you don’t necessarily call your developers. Both of their proper documentation can help you. Especially, GeneratePress knowledge base is getting smarter, helping you with more detailed articles.

#9 Competitive Pricing: GeneratePress vs Astra

Both Astra and GeneratePress themes are available for free, but, with limited options, modules, set of features, and updates. If you want to go for its premium or pro versions, GeneratePress costs you $49.95/year, and Astra costs $50/year. Fortunately, you will get a 40% discount for GP Premium renewal whereas Astra gets you 20% off. Both will entitle you with unlimited support, updates, and features.

For unlimited sites access, you will have to go to Astra’s agency plan that costs you around $249/year. You will get a bunch of add-ons and access to WP Astra plug-ins. Also, the agency plan allows you to use the theme in your business name to your clients, which is white-labeled.

On the other hand, GeneratePress has no such plan. But, with a single premium license, you can use the theme and its features on unlimited sites. So, GeneratePress is at the low side in its pricing and quite affordable comparatively.

WP Astra vs GeneratePress: Which Is Better For You?

Astra vs GeneratePress -both are the most recommended premium WordPress themes, especially for blogs. Whether or not you use any page builders – both the themes are optimized to support your favorite site or page builders.

Check your priority needs, instead of scratching your head to choose one among GeneratePress vs Astra. For those who need quick configuration and one-click customizations, Astra is ideal.

On the other hand, if you need simplicity and great support, then GeneratePress would be the lovely one.

I insist; if you are an agency, go for Astra for customer projects. Go with GeneratePress for your personal or affiliate blogs.

Anything you choose – check out some sites that already use Astra and GeneratePress theme. Run through one or 2 websites thoroughly to understand how the site layouts and widgets are utilized. How can that inspire for your website design? Analyze and go with the suitable WordPress theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long considered two of the best themes the platform has to offer, Both the Astra Theme vs. Genesis Theme (StudioPress) has a lot to offer you the customers. They are fast, sleek; SEO ready & of course, looks good too.

In today’s FAQ round up, let’s take a closer look at some of the burning questions that are usually levied against them & their answers.

Jump in

1) Do I need special software or a system to use these two themes?

Like any other SP based themes, you’ll need to own your own domain and have studio press installed on a web host of your choice. Besides that, you’ll also need to have a basic understanding of how to move around, edit, and work within the StudioPress dashboard, which itself is easy to master and use.

2) How many sites can I use them on?

In most cases, there’re no restrictions on the number of sites you can use these themes simultaneously on.

3) Are these themes mobile compatible?

With the benefit of the doubt given to odder display ratios, both the Astra and GeneratePress can beautifully display themselves on mobile devices, all thanks to their “mobile responsive” setup that allows the theme to Auto-adapt.

4) Among the two, which offers the fastest performance?

Astra theme, of course, with size as little as 50 KB and with a ton of speed-enhancing optimizations, this golden era theme is perfect for those who prioritize speed and performance over everything else.

Again, this doesn’t mean that GeneratePress is slower or anything. In fact, when the push comes to shove, the difference itself is often negligible.

5) Do they support SEO?

Yes, they do offer it. In fact, both Astra and GeneratePress theme wholeheartedly support SEO right out of the box itself.

Final Take Away: Astra Vs GeneratePress

Probably, you will find most of the functionalities, performance, and set of features are similar and competitive in Astra as well as GeneratePress. Anyways, you don’t need coding knowledge to customize any of these two themes.

GeneratePress’s single license can help developers and web designing agencies to create unlimited sites. In the case of Astra, you will have to invest extra to buy the Astra Pro Agency bundle. Other than that, Astra seems to edge over GeneratePress slightly in other aspects like performance, fast loading, free pre-built sites, WooCommerce integration, and so on.

It’s now your turn to go with your desired one out of these two: Astra theme vs GeneratePress theme.

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