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15 Basic Email Marketing Terms For Beginner Bloggers

As you are a beginner blogger, most likely you do not become aware of the nooks and corners of the email marketing. Hence I try to explain the basics email marketing terms for beginner bloggers for you in simple terms. However, I can’t leave any of the essential things for email marketing.

You cannot object that email marketing has great role in any business sectors growth. Email marketing fulfills the marketing campaigns of any sized brands. Even, tycoons will have separate email marketing team and strategist for the refined results. Being an individual, if you are about to implement an email marketing strategy, then lay a strong foundation.

Basic Email Marketing Terms

First things come first. You need email marketing software first.

#1. Email Marketing Service

You need an email marketing service provider. There are a few industry-leading email marketing service providers. Aweber, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Constant Contact, and Send Grid are few of the top email marketing service providers.

The primary job of the email marketing service providers are – storing email subscribers data, send autoresponders (emails we set up to send automatically at regular intervals)

There are many shopping carts and eCommerce solutions providers who provide the email marketing services as part of the whole solution. To name a few, here are – 1shoppingcart and Infusionsoft are very popular of this kind.

The email marketing service costs free for your first 500 customers and goes higher than that afterward. It usually costs $19 onwards.

#2. Optin Forms/Boxes

Secondly, you need to know about Optin form set up. Typically, email marketing service providers offer solutions for customizing email Optin forms. You can use it if you want to do it free.

You can set up your Optin box on your blog sidebar, inside your content or you can use pop up opt-in forms, or you can go to separate pages to put your email capture boxes.

There are other well-converting places also. You can set up email Optin box to slide from header or slide from below your browser. You must test every form of Optin on your blog to know which one converts well.

#3. Pop up Forms

Pop up forms are the more popular opt-in boxes. They are popular because of their high conversion rates. Pop up email subscription forms convert more than regular email subscription boxes we use in sidebars or inside content.

There are many pop up plugins for the purpose. You can use them if you want more email subscription conversions. These would cost you around $19 to $199 usually.

#4. Landing Pages

Landing pages are nothing but the particular pages which target to capture email addresses. Landing pages have the marketing text copy at first in the top of pages and then the email Optin form.

Landing pages also do not have any links in most cases. Landing pages do not have the header and footer area of the standard website pages. They focus on one job – List building. If you come to this page, you do not have many options to take action other than joining your email list. There will be no other way to espcape out of your landing pages, as no links to any other pages or blog posts.

#5. Conversion Ratio

The term “conversion” is a common term you will see in any email marketing content. Increasing the email subscription from the incoming traffic is easy compared to the work you need to do for improving the blog traffic.

Email marketing services provide conversion rate analytics. You can also use third-party services to measure your conversion rate if you want more metrics measured than what an email marketing service provider offers.

#6. A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is the very powerful solution to improve the conversion rate. Ideally, you are here comparing two things to see which one converts well. You can do A/B split testing between 2 landing pages, or you can do the split testing between just two different text variations or color variations.

Email marketing service providers offer this A/B split testing at no additional cost while few third-party solutions provide it for the cost.

#7. Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are part of the email marketing service. This service is the highly important task of an email marketing service provider next to store the email addresses.

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How to use Email Autoresponders?

As the name tells that these are auto-response emails we set up for the email subscribers. You can type a whole email and set it up to deliver at an interval we mention.

For example, you can send a ‘thanks for subscription’ email which you can set to provide instant upon confirming the email subscription.

#8. Offer Freebies

To improve the conversion, a standard technique, bloggers use is – “Freebies.” A very common freebie is to offer an eBook pdf. Usually, you can get the valuable content in pdf format upon subscription, and it set up to deliver automatically using autoresponders.

Some blogger goes on further. To provide more value than an eBook, they offer an email course for seven days or 14 days or in some cases I see 30 days. When a visitor subscribes to the email list, he gets daily one lesson through email. Email autoresponders are helpful in sending the daily lessons.

#9. Sequential Content Delivery

Another term you learn from me is – Sequential content delivery. Sometimes I call it as drip feed. Usually, membership sites use this sequential content delivery concept to send the membership content in the periodical manner.

Email marketing service providers also use the same method to deliver autoresponders. You have much flexibility in setting up the content delivery through autoresponders.

For example, you can setup 24 hr gap between one email to another email or any time frame gap you wish. You could set up to deliver the next content only if the previous email opened. How great that! There are many such setup options available.

#10. Email Marketing From Day 1

As a beginner blogger, you need to do this. Start email capture boxes from day 1. A common mistake as a newbie to blogging; every blogger commits this; avoid email list building for so extended period in the beginning.

Email marketing services are free from some providers up to your first 500 email subscriptions. So I guess there are no valid reasons to postpone it.

From my experience, I have this formula myself. One email subscription is worth $1 per month. I am not joking. I am not overrating either. It is so right only the professional bloggers who know email marketing well can understand.

#11. Premium List Building Services

There are some services like where they offer value-added email marketing services. They provide some additional services other than by default what the email marketing software providers offer.

What value additions do they add? They focus on increasing conversions. They test multiple email Optin forms and landing pages. Finally, they give you more converting Optin forms.

#12. Leads and Sales

What is a lead? Every email subscription is called a lead. If you have 100 leads in your email list, then sending emails to them in a month should produce $100 (This is just a rough calculation based on my Tip number above). Else you do the email marketing wrong.

So this email list building is all about sending sales emails? Not at all. You can send your blog post through emails and choose not to send any promotional emails. Still, the blog post should be able to convert someone to buy any product or service through you and put you $100 in your pockets.

One of the ways bloggers use to have quality leads: Reminding in every email about when they subscribed to the list and how to unsubscribe if no longer they want to be on the list.

#13. Email Segmentation

Once you started building your email list, you can use segmentation option to categorize your leads into groups and send them email focused on the particular group.

For example, you can segment the leads

  •  Who subscribed in the last 60 days alone
  •  The leads who do not open a single email in previous 30 days
  •  The leads who clicked at least one link inside the email you sent to them in last 30 days
  •  The leads who subscribed from a specific landing page.

Once segment the leads, you can send the message later focused on them via emails. These personalized mails avoid any other persons getting the unrelated messages.

#14. Email Open-Rate

How many of the email subscribers opening every email from you? This metrics is one of the many parameters available to you inside your email marketing service account.

Just seeing the open rate is doing no good for you. You need to improve the open rate. How to do that? Users see only the subject area, and in less than a second, they decide to open or leave it like that. So tweaking the email subject headlines is the only way to improve your open-rate.

Segment the audience into two parts, send different subject headlines, do the A/B split test and see the open-rate results. Learn by this way what kind of headlines do convert well.

#15. Offer Email Subscription in Comments

You receive a lot of comments but no email subscriptions. Then you must use an email list plugin to offer a checkbox under comments section which must say “Subscribe me to the email list to receive new post updates” Just by clicking the checkbox, people subscribe easily. This way of grabbing leads or subscriptions does convert well. When the person comments they already filled out the name, email details, so simply clicking the subscribe box makes the job easy for them.

There are few plugins does this job pretty. You must give a try for the plugins which offer free trial period. If you can generate good enough number of email subscriptions in the free trial period, you can continue using them after the trial over.

To Summarize

I have here provided you all the necessary terms of email marketing for the beginners. I do not go for any advanced terms like email swapping and email subscription boxes in emails.

I just wanted to give you the basic glossary of email marketing related terms and hopefully have done the job right.

Let me know whether I am able to help you get started learning the email marketing terms for beginner bloggers. Share your email marketing learning experience with me in the comment sections below.

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