Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

3 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers 2023 For Massive Earnings!

Being here, I’m sure you are about to monetize your travel blog today. To help you out, indeed, this article is all about the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers to make passive income.

Also, I understand how tough it is to blog while travelling and monetize it to make wages for your luxury living. Though several bloggers would get sponsorship from big brands (like free trips), you can’t expect it as a startup travel blogger.

So, you will have to grow your travel blog to that standard. Being a digital nomad, I always stand for you travel bloggers. I am glad to help you with SEO guide, keyword research, content writing tips, tools to invest in, and all actionable ideas to promote your travel blog.

After all, some of the best travel blog affiliate programs would require you to show your website statistics for a few months to validate your travel affiliate account. On the other hand, there are easy-to-start luxury travel affiliate programs that make you a travel affiliate right away.

So, let me share the top 3 affiliate marketing programs for travel bloggers that are simple to join, and effective to make money very quickly.

Make Money With Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

Indeed, you need a self-hosted travel blog to monetize it with affiliate marketing. Along with that, I also recommend travel bloggers to spend little money on the SEO tools to conquer the search engine rankings.

Even though, until you produce amazing content to your travel readers, you can’t sustain in the travel industry for a longer time.

Travel is an intriguing industry. To astonish you, global internal revenue came close to 6 trillion US dollars last year. And, both the travel and tourism industry will prove its steadfast growth in the upcoming years.

With the growing competition, you must be master in creating persuasive content to keep a hold on your customers and tract new audiences.

Hence, I encourage travel writers to opt for any reliable writing assistant tool to be the least-bothered about your content.

So, how much you can make out of your travel blog? It’s roughly, from a few hundred dollars to millions a month.

Again it depends on your travel blog’s search performance, its content, authority, and how much you can afford to scale it. Pay attention to promote your blog first, join high-paying best affiliate programs for travel bloggers and then let it pay you off, being idle.

But, spend some more time to research and join a perfect referral program for your travel niche blogs. Your efforts are not supposed to dissipate, and also it makes less sense.

Should You Join The Best Travel Blog Affiliate Programs?

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your travel blog. Travel blogging is always a profitable and popular niche to make your expected outcomes. Among the other travel blog monetization ideas –

  • Google AdSense
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Selling eBooks
  • Merchandise sales
  • Affiliate marketing

The last one is easier to get started and let money flowing rapidly. compared to Google AdSense, even less traffic can generate more money. How much you can make out of your travel blog is up to you. Be in charge of it. So, affiliate marketing is more attractive and generates more money, with average monthly traffic to your blog. Join any of the below best 3 affiliate programs for travel bloggers and transform your lifestyle.

Top Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers – Make Your Earnings Right Away!

Whether you use affiliate marketing as an additional income through your blog or it forms the mainstream of income, choosing the best affiliate program is ever crucial. With so much in front of you, it’s quite a daunting task to choose from. Hence, I decided to provide you with the best minimal choices. Just three, you will never get wrong choosing anything from these best affiliate programs for travel bloggers. Ultimately, you need to make money day and night, even when you sleep or travel.

#1 ShareASale – Become An Affiliate Today, For Free!

Has been in the industry for more than 20 years, it provides advanced affiliate marketing programs to serious online marketers. Most inspiring, you can find suitable affiliate programs for any niche.

As a travel blogger, you can see popular travel merchants, hotels, airlines, and services like Agoda, Viator, CityPass, Qatar Airways, etc. via ShareAShare affiliate programs.

Always, it strives to deal with industry-best products that are highly accepted by the majority of the customers. So, promoting such trusted products and services and increasing your referral commissions are like the lowest hanging fruits.

Being a part of Awin, it takes pride to provide international opportunities to domestic advertisers, marketers, and bloggers.

Most importantly, signing-up to become a ShareASale affiliate is completely free. Choose your profitable product to promote, and get paid via direct bank deposit against every confirmed purchase. Most recommended one among other best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.


  • Top travel affiliate merchants are available
  • Most trusted products and services
  • Verified merchants from travel niche
  • Part of Awin rendering international affiliate opportunities


  • Free to join its affiliate program
  • Direct bank deposit payment mode
  • Most trusted & leading affiliate marketing partner
  • Wide collections of merchants, products & services on any niche


  • For beginners, a bit confusing to navigate and get started
  • No PayPal payout

Customer Opinion

I have had a great partnership with ShareASale partnership. They have got incredible verities of merchants, and products to promote. Solid and fair payouts. Most importantly, the team is so rapid to address any of our concerns. I loved it.

#2 – Earn Up To 40% Commission!

Indeed, is a popular one in the travel industry offerings bookings for hotels. affiliate program is open for anyone who has a travel blog, app or travel agency. Indeed, the best paying travel affiliate program.

For each booking happened through your link, you will earn a good commission. It has got more than 12K affiliates who benefit from other’s booking accommodations online. That doesn’t mean you can’t compete. referral program is tailored with search options, deep links and banner integration options. You can easily integrate’s search option on your WordPress blog to better trigger your visitors.

So, it easy to get started, promote and make money hassle-free. It has a simplified booking process, and hence customers are likely to book more – the more money you make.

Being a part of Booking Holdings Inc., it has more properties and hence offers a huge selection of accommodations online.


  • Ensures huge potential earnings
  • Has the largest accommodations online
  • Highly optimized websites to maximize bookings
  • Offers search box, deep linking and banner integration options
  • Offer-based commission split up models
  • Available in 42 countries targeting 227 countries


  • Easy & free sign-up process
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Interactive search options & deals finder
  • Most reputed brand in travel bookings


  • Minimum payout 100 Euro

Customer Opinion

I loved its flexibility. With its interactive search box and banner integrations, it comes easy to embed the promotional elements in sidebar, footer and within the body of the content. I have turned my basic niche blog to six-figure earner in just 18 months.

#3 Amazon Associates – Free Travel Affiliate Program

As a travel niche blogger, you can earn commissions on various products through the Amazon affiliate program.

Use affiliate links on things like clothing, gadgets, tents, travel kits, etc. The admiring thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you can earn commission on any products the users buy through your links (not just the product you link to).

Indeed, for any niche-based affiliate programs list, it is incomplete without Amazon. Amazon has got a good reputation online, and people are likely to end up their shopping by making an order on Amazon.

Hence, Amazon affiliate travel blogs prove higher conversion rates. If you have a product-based travel blog, then the Amazon affiliate program is an ideal choice. But, make sure the countries you are targeting have got good online purchasing power.

With over 1 million products, Amazon is one of the world’s leading affiliate programs for online marketers. You can pick any potential products that are closely related to travel niche, promote and make lump sum money. Amazon’s affiliate campaign is free to join, and the commission rates differ for various categories of products.

However, you will get promotional elements like banners, product links, Site Strip toolbar, and even API integrations for advanced affiliates.

You will get 60 days payouts once you met the minimum payout threshold.


  • Trustworthy referral programs
  • Good affiliate commission percentage for travel-related products category
  • Free sign-up and promotional materials
  • Country-wise affiliate programs
  • Has a wide range of products to market


  • Well-known brand for shopping by the users
  • High-conversion rates
  • Commissions on any product purchased through your link
  • 60 days payout


  • Lower commission rates compared to others
  • 24-hour cookie window. So the purchase has to happen within the same session

Customer Opinion

Amazon forms the primary source of their incomes and has really made a lot of people rich. I’m one among those. I strongly recommend Amazon, even though it has some risk factors for beginners.

To-do After Joining Best Free Affiliate Program For Travel Blogs

Though the travel industry is most profitable for affiliate marketers, there are higher chances to get vanished in the competition. So, here are some of the tips to withstand and boost your affiliate sales.

Create useful content

You may be an expert traveler, nut how strong you are in online marketing. You have inspiring travel stories and experiences. But, you might lack the skills to write for business.

Focus on the quality of your content. Check the top pages of your travel site, and know which content is most shareable among your audience. Create articles that attract attention and are highly sharable.

Get contextual links

Concerning affiliate marketing where you place affiliate links would affect your SEO rankings as well as the user experience. In such a case, try to include links where the keyword naturally appears. Let the links look logical. So, write content around the links.

FAQ On Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Sites

You have a well-performing travel blog, but you don’t where to get started to make money out of it. You are not alone. There are many travel bloggers and other niche bloggers like you struggling to make money online through their blogging potential. Here are some of the typical and frequently asked questions answered, all about the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.

1) What are the ways I can monetize my travel blog?

There is high potential in the travel niche, and you can monetize it using multiple methods simultaneously. To get started with, you may prefer Google AdSense. As it grows and generates a few hundreds of visitors a day, then go for affiliate marketing; get paid for sponsored ads, reviews, etc.

2) Should I invest in to join an affiliate program?

Most of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers allow you to become an affiliate at no cost. Easy and free sign-up encourage most of the travel bloggers like you to make their earnings.

3) Whether I can do affiliate marketing without a travel blog?

You can join Amazon affiliate programs without being a site owner. If you have a travel app or YouTube channel where you can drive visitors and embed affiliate links to promote products and get commissions.

4) How do I get promotional or marketing collaterals for my travel blogs?

Becoming a verified affiliate of any referral program, you will get free marketing collaterals like links, banners, etc.

5) Whether I can have multiple income sources on my travel blog?

Yes, indeed, you can diversify your travel blog’s income source being an associate of various affiliate programs. That’s good to multiple your earnings promoting a wide range of products and services if you are capable.



Winner – ShareASale


What is the best travel affiliate program? Amazon associate program may be a perfect choice for those who deal with products based travel blog. And, is for online bookings for travel and accommodations.


If you have a comprehensive travel blog that concentrates on the travel products, guide, making travel plans, and entire thing about travel, then ShareASale comes optimal. You can also promote products related to travel choosing a particular product, and online booking services via the respective vendors.


It comes easy and free to sign-up. You can find incredible varieties of merchants, trusted brands, products and services to market. You will get good commission rates as well. If you haven’t monetized your travel blog, yet, then sign-up your ShareASale account here, today.


Conclusion – Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Blogs

However, any of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers listed above will have its own benefits and risks. Money doesn’t flow without any hardship. Risks are everywhere.

Pick the suitable affiliate program for your travel niche based on the blog nature, content, target audience, and the products or service that you are likely to promote.

Any affiliate programs for travel blogs you choose, make sure to read its terms, guidelines, and limitations and adhere to it. Don’t develop your travel blog money intentionally. Only if your articles can help readers finding solutions for their issues, you can make money and lasts long in the industry.

Provide value to your readers; they will get you money, making enough purchases through your affiliate links.

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