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Best Ahrefs Alternatives 2023 – [Number #1 is Incredible Always]

Looking for the best Ahrefs alternatives? Which SEO tool would be the best alternative to Ahrefs?

Don’t be wondering! I’ll get you answers through this ‘best alternatives to Ahrefs’ post.

Certainly, SEO is not just creating the killer content or building backlinks. It is quite a vast concept. It takes diligent research, analysis, and market study.

Unless or until you have a competitive intelligent SEO tool handy, you can’t stand out from the online competitions. At the same time, not all the SEO tools are affordable and appropriate for all.

Hence, it leads more people like you to find cheap and best alternatives to Ahrefs.

Why Should You Need Best Ahrefs Alternatives?

Using or already used Ahrefs tool, you might have these questions disturbing you –

  • Are there any cheap alternatives to Ahrefs available?
  • Is it the right SEO tool for my SEO needs?
  • Do I need its entire SEO & other features?
  • Does Ahrefs worth its money?
  • Which Ahrefs alternative, your competitors must be using?

Don’t get frustrated. On popular demand, there are several other SEO tools with extensive features available more affordably.

Arguably, Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools for online marketers. Still, its pricing urges most of the SEO’s, blogger, and digital marketers to look for the best Ahrefs alternatives.

Other Reasons That Make You Look For Best Alternatives To Ahrefs

Despite its high prices, there are some other reasons Ahrefs users would like to make a move on. Here are those –

  • No free plan to test the tool
  • Free trial is not there – it just offers paid trial for 7 days
  • Lack of Google Chrome extension for all users
  • Mobile rank tracking is not available in its Lite & Standard plans
  • You can’t have white-label reports to share it to your clients
  • Buying the Ahrefs tool, you will get access to its full set of SEO features. You can’t customize your subscription.

Even, people who have used it for years tend to look for the best Ahrefs alternatives. So, you are not alone searching for affordable alternatives to Ahrefs.

Even though it has the largest backlinks index and it offers the freshest data – price is the biggest pain point. So, let’s take a look at some of its competitive SEO tools.

Best Cheap Alternatives To Ahrefs

Either you must be seeking for cheap Ahrefs alternatives or SEO tool with a different set of features. Ahrefs is relatively expensive since it has several different tools built-in. It may be good for someone, in contrast, bad for others since they have to pay for something they don’t use.

With that in mind, here are our recommended best Ahrefs alternatives that are reliable, and affordable. I’m including both free and paid alternatives to Ahrefs.

Indeed, among several other SEO tools, it is hard to narrow down to pick one best alternatives to Ahrefs. Hence, I have a curated list of top Ahrefs alternatives to make your job easier and smarter.

#1 SEMRush

Not just an SEO tool, but also a comprehensive marketing tool for bloggers, SEO’s, online publishers, advertisers, and for all. And, SEMRush is almost the closest competitor software to Ahrefs for its cluster of tools and features. The best alternatives to Ahrefs, always!

Compared to Ahrefs, SEMRush is dominant in keyword research areas to find the most potential long-tail keywords. It has a user-friendly Keyword Magic Tool that comes with extensive filter options, and keyword metrics. Also, it gets you a massive list of keyword suggestions against your seed keywords.


Further, it helps you to find more related keywords, set of unique or common keywords for which your competitors are ranking (but you don’t), top 100 SEO results for any target keyword, etc. Hence, SEMRush is a popular SEO tool for keyword research for any level of SEO expertise.

Despite these, its on-page SEO checker analyzes the Google factors that impact your pages, compare your site with Google’s top 10 performers, and suggest tips to optimize your pages from the data analyzed. So, with these, you can build your competent SEO strategies to win the search engine rankings.

Unlike other SEO tools, SEMRush also helps you to reveal your competitor’s PPC ad campaign secrets. You can perform advertising research, market analysis, competitor’s ad copies, etc. to lay a better outline for your Adwords campaigns. Keep an eye on your competitor’s video ads too.

Further, it’s has a social media tracker, content analyzer, brand monitoring, SEO writing assistant, and even more extensive features to improve your SEO, content, and entire marketing efforts.

When it comes to backlinks, with its powerful backlink checker tool, SEMRush fetches a complete list of your linking domains and its values. It conducts deep backlink analysis, even letting you know the target links geo-location. Ahrefs is arguably the leading tool for link analytics, SEMRush on the other hand expertise in keyword research, site auditing, and rank tracking areas.

SEMRush may not be a cheap alternative to Ahrefs since it comes with almost similar pricing. Both SEMRush and Ahrefs aren’t the affordable SEO tools for all, especially the beginners. But, SEMRush has its free version that allows up to 10 queries per day. That’s quite sufficient for start-ups. Also, you can avail of its 7-days free trial to test its either Guru or Pro plan and stick to it. SEMRush is a better alternative to Ahrefs (not in terms of pricing) if you can afford it.

SEMRush Pro 14-Day Free Trial – EXCLUSIVE!

In general, SEMRush provides 7-day free trial on its Pro and Guru plan. If you feel that you need extra days to explore its features, then we get you an opportunity. Brand Sparko partnering with SEMRush presents you exclusive 14-day trial on its Pro plan. Here are the steps to activate it –

  • Here is the special link to head over to Brand Sparko-SEMRush partner page.
  • Click on ‘Start Your 14 Days Free Trial‘.

SEMRush 14-day free trial

  • Create your free SEMRush account or login, if you have already one.

  • Then, feed the necessary billing details and claim your SEMRush 14-day free trial.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to test the pro features of SEMRush at zero cost. By the way, 14-days is a good period to explore its 40+ built-in SEO and online marketing tools. If you are not happy, just send email to to cancel your subscription before the trial ends.


  • Comprehensive SEO and marketing tool kit for all your needs
  • Easy to audit your pages to spot on-page & technical SEO errors
  • Domain vs Domain to compare your site with other 5 competitors
  • Best keyword research tool to pick the most profitable long-tail keywords
  • Track brand mentions, social media mentions, etc.
  • Know the traffic estimates of any other websites in the industry
  • Monitor competitor’s PPC campaigns and design yours


  • Free version available
  • Offers free trial for 7-days
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • Custom plans available to suit your unique business needs
  • Automated reports on various aspects available
  • Beginner-friendly GUI and easy-to-access
  • More filter options to curate the results
  • Faster and accurate analysis


  • Price is almost same as Ahrefs

User Opinion

We are pleased to have SEMRush to assist our aspiring digital marketing products business with its first-class SEO measures.

#2 SEO PowerSuite

If you are looking for the cheap Ahrefs alternatives, then SEO PowerSuite must be the ideal one. You can save big money compared to buying Ahrefs. To test the tool right now, download and use it forever free. The only thing, you need a supercomputer or laptop since it is a desktop-based SEO tool.

The interesting thing about SEO PowerSuite is – it never limits you on most of the typical SEO tasks and features that you are likely to do with it.

It includes –

  • Unlimited keyword research results
  • Unlimited keywords rank tracking
  • Unlimited backlink analysis
  • Unlimited sites to perform audit

Almost all the above, you will get it in its free version or to the worst case, for the charge of just $299 (one-time investment). Consider you will have to pay around $100 every month using Ahrefs starter plan. How cost-effective SEO PowerSuite is?

Get started with its free edition accessing all its four different tools –

  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant

Probably, these four built-in tools help you to handle all your search engine optimization related tasks. Starting from keyword research to generating white-label reports on every aspect, it stands with you. Let’s see a brief note about its each individual tool and how they serve you in its area.

Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is an efficient tool that tracks your ranking positions across 400+ search engines for the specific target keyword.

Indeed, you can narrow down the location to small region or street address for the most localized or geo-specific ranking reports.

You can track unlimited keywords, mobile ranking, top sites ranking for the certain keyword, etc.

As a powerful keyword research tool, it allows you to integrate 19+ keyword tools to fetch the most massive list of keyword suggestions.

Even it can draw the keywords from Google auto-type, related searches, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.

The ultimate tool to audit your pages or competitor’s web pages like how search engine spiders crawls. It gets you almost all the SEO factors like on-page elements, internal linking structure, broken links, redirects, W3 validation errors, and everything. And, it greatly visualizes your site’s link architecture to better understand the click-depths and optimize further.

Also, you can generate robots.txt and sitemap files using this tool. From the analysis, its in-app editing feature allows you to make changes in the front-end within the tool. That’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

SEO SpyGlass

The easy-to-use tool to audit any website’s backlink profile. It allows you to integrate your GSC and other similar tools to fetch the most freshest and comprehensive list of all the links. Also, it goes in-depth in showing the detailed insights of your linked domains. It makes you analyze your competitor’s backlink strategy hassle-free and nab their linking opportunities.

Its Anti-penalty Link Audit calculates the risk factor of all your links and let you know how safe or harmful the target links are. Also, you can compare your domain with five competitors on 50+ quality link factors. That’s awesome!


Any other SEO tools would allow you analyze your competitors and make you to manually nab the potential backlink opportunities. But, this tool allows you to choose between various link building methods to prospect more link building opportunities accordingly.

For an instant, if you choose guest posting, the tool itself has email templates to outreach and manage the email campaigns within the tool. Most importantly, you don’t require surfing for the email contacts of the prospects, the tool itself will provide you. So, building more valuable organic backlinks made easier now. It excels as a blogger outreach tool as well.

So, here are its some of the features to look at to ensure that it is valuable and best Ahrefs alternatives.


  • Complete SEO tool kit for all your SEO needs
  • Keyword rank tracking across 400+ search engines
  • Almost everything unlimited
  • Proxy servers, server rotation & human emulation for an unlimited keyword tracking
  • TF-IDF analysis & score to make your content topically relevant
  • Site structure visualization
  • Anti-penalty link audit to understand the link value
  • Custom & white-label reports
  • Easy integration with other SEO tools
  • Analyzes more metrics in every area & renders detailed reports
  • Prospects more potential link building opportunities


  • Free edition available for forever
  • One-time payment
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • More often release updates & aligns to the recent changes in ranking algorithms
  • Desktop-based tool since no internet required
  • Suitable for both individuals & SEO agencies


  • There is no cumulative report from all the four tools

User Opinion

SEO PowerSuite, is indeed the best SEO tool that uncovers all aspects of SEO with unlimited resources for free. Also, I liked its simplicity and accuracy of data. 

#3 Serpstat

Like any other tool, Serpstat is one of the popular SEO tools that have five built-in tools. The inspiring thing about this all-in-one SEO tool is its fastest growth and level of maturity in its features and benefits.

Its competitor research tool allows you to review a competitor’s domain for their SEO and PPC strategies. Analyzing the site, you will get to know their search traffic, organic keywords, highly visible pages, backlinks, etc. Follow the keyword and visibility trends in your industry and fine-tune your website SEO based on the data. It enables you to keep an eye on your competitor’s online progress.

Its batch analysis encourages you to even keep track of multiple (200) competitors’ keyword and ranking strategies.

If you are managing multiple sites to create more diverse marketing opportunities, Serpstat gives you a plenty options to segregate or segment your data. The position tracking features surprisingly gets you the historical data of your search engine rankings. Find out how your keywords and web pages perform over a certain period of time to understand the user trends.

As I said above, handling multiple sites, you can group or categorize your keywords and tag them. Also, with adoptable filtering options, you can either generate keyword suggestion based on competition level, etc. or bring in the keywords from competitor sites.

Indeed, backlinks are the core as always. Within a click, you will get your entire list of backlinks, even that are 2 years old. To understand the link value, Serpstat has its own metrics (Serpstat Page Rank & Serpstat Trust Rank) like how Ahrefs have (Domain Rating & URL Rating). Get to know which pages of your site attract more backlinks and hence, make some alterations to your content strategy on other pages.

While auditing your site using Serpstat, its SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) score lets you know how healthy your website SEO is. Also, it prioritizes the things letting you fix the high-priority risks at first. Also, it checks in-depth for HTTP status code, Meta tags, broken links and even more to SEO optimize your site. So, comparing Ahrefs and Serpstat, almost the features are similar. If you are looking for an Ahrefs cheaper alternative, then Serpstat is ideal. It just provides all the entire features in half the price of Ahrefs plans.


  • Know your top competitions, optimize and win the game
  • Batch analysis to research keywords & rankings of 200 domains
  • Identify the competitors in PPC Adwords
  • Keyword clustering to group keywords by its relevance and meaning
  • Historical SERP ranking data
  • Quick fetching of backlinks profile


  • Free sign-up to access its limited data and features
  • Chat, phone and email support
  • White-labeled reports available
  • Access to 230 Google & 9 Yandex databases
  • Mobile rank tracking


  • Serpstat metrics are not much popular like KD, DA, etc.

User Opinion

Serpstat must be the SEO tool that is much affordable, at the same time, offering similar set of incredible features that any leading tools in the market do offer. 

FAQ On Ahrefs Alternative Sites

Even though you have got some handful of information and resources about best Ahrefs alternatives and its alternative SEO tools, you might have some budding questions. Here are a few common questions answered about choosing best alternatives to Ahrefs.

1) What's the best, cheapest alternative to Ahrefs?

Indeed, SEMRush comes into rescue as the best alternative to Ahrefs. May be costing you the same, but you can start its free trial for 7 days before making a purchase. No cost to you.

2) How do you compare Ahrefs alternatives?

In terms of pricing, set of features, user-friendliness, reliability of the tool, SEO areas it covers, etc, we compare and, analyze often. Based on which, we present here the list of the top Ahrefs alternatives.

3) What are alternatives free for SEO?

Like Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, MOZ, etc. you have several free alternatives to Ahrefs for different SEO tasks. But, SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive tool for all your SEO needs.

4) Are there any free best Ahrefs alternatives for keyword research?

There are free keyword research tools like, Answer The Public, etc. But keyword research forms the foundation. So, make a little investment in a proficient SEO or keyword research tool and win the organic search traffic.

5) Which is the best alternative to Ahrefs to perform competitor analysis?

Arguably, Ahrefs is the popular tool for strategic competitor analysis. Still, if you are looking for some cheap alternatives to Ahrefs, then you may try Serpstat.

Top Ahrefs Competitors For Link Building

Of course, Google uses 200+ factors to evaluate and rank any website. Among which, there are two essentials – content and backlinks. You can awesome content from your expertise but how do you crack your competitor’s backlinks?

As we all know, Ahrefs is relatively a good tool for comprehensive competitor analysis. Since it costs you higher, you can better use SEO PowerSuite’s SEO SpyGlass tool to Spy and steal or replicate their keyword and backlink strategies. Most importantly, it is available for free. Also, using its LinkAssistant tool, you can prospect more link building opportunities choosing different methods of link building.

Final Words

So, what’s the best alternative to Ahrefs that meets all the crucial factors and proves a reliable SEO tool? For this, we highly recommend SEMRush since it is a multi-functional tool at an affordable cost. Above all, it is a complete tool for digital marketing, SEO and online advertisements (PPC).

And, it is one of the most user-friendly tools with awesome features to pick long-tail keywords, analyze competitor’s keywords and backlinks, set PPC campaigns, audit on-page SEO, optimize your site for international SEO, and even more. Also, it offers 7-free access to its Guru & Pro plan at no cost to you. Why don’t you try it, today?

All the above SEO tools are real best Ahrefs alternatives – get similar features but at affordable pricing. And, these are all our suggestions and recommendations from our experience with the particular tools. So, let us know which Ahrefs alternative proves to be your best SEO tool and cheaper alternative.

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