Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

10 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners – Must Follow For Newbies

I am here with my most effective and best blogging tips for beginners. I keep it simple for beginner bloggers.

As you are just starting out, you do not need to think much about connecting with influential people or hosting a webinar for your website.

Because influencers are not going to respond to you much positively and there is not going to be a pool of audience listen to your webinar.

We must get started with the fire in the back of how the rocket starts initially.

If you consider your blog as a rocket then what can be the fuel and what can be the fire to push to go up?

I am here to list my best blogging tips which were the fuel and fire for my blogs to get started.

Gravity is so compelling to pull anything to the earth. A rocket should be able to fly against gravity. Similar to that, my initial stage of blogging life was so hard to go against the boredom, loneliness, and an unknown destination.

Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

My first tip is you need to have some plans, what is your destination, what are your targets, if you know where you are going, you can plan how you can reach there. Most importantly, you will have to be consistent in blogging. There are several bloggers who fed up and leave away the blogging chores as this will take some time to yield the benefits. You need the patience to become a successful blogger.

Tip #1. Goals As A Beginner

Your plan should have goals, methods to achieve the goal and the resources need to work on the idea.

A blogging goal must be regarding two things:

1.1 Monetary Terms – What is your expectation at the end of six months, one year and two years? Will you be Ok If you can make only $x per month after your target time? Will you be able to live with the $x income or do you have any other supplement income not to worry about your blog makes this much or that much?

1.2 Social Credits – How much influential power do you want to acquire? Is it Ok for you if your blog makes a handful of money, but nobody knows who (you) is the author of the blog? Or Is it that important for you to become an influencer in your niche while you make $.

Based on the two terms mentioned, you must plan your content, visual content creation, content distribution, social sharing, and affiliate marketing.

When I first started out, I had both targets. Hence I planned to do two blogs and tie each goal to each blog. I did follow the plans.

My money-making niche blog made enough money, interestingly nobody around me know even what is the blog name. My main blog, in another end, makes good money and helped me to achieve connections with other bloggers and influencers in my niche.

The second thing after you decide the targets is content planning.

Tip #2. Content Format – Images & Videos

You will determine the content format, whether the visual content (image or video) is must or choice, content length, proofreading the material, checking grammar and punctuation errors, and publishing format.

Depends on the audience interest, you will have to plan your content format. If your audience spends most of the time on Instagram & Pinterest, then it is a waste of time writing a lot of annoying text content. You must create images then.

If your audience interested to see videos, then you must produce videos more than the text. You can see Marie Foleo blog.

Here main content format is video. She embeds the video in a blog post and writes few words about the topic she discussed in the video. The video is her usual content format and blog is her content distribution medium.

After you produce your content, it may be images, videos or text; you must proofread it so that you can be sure your audience won’t leave you in half while reading the post. There are tools for the purpose.

I use Grammarly which offers the browser extension which you can use to write the content in your browser itself. A well-proofread content less of grammar, punctuation and sentence format errors, make sure the readability of the content is superb.

The third blogging tip I want to put here is the content originality, uniqueness, and audience engaged content.

Tip #3. Original And Engaging Content

If you learned to write such content, you could attract the repeated audience and more search engine content.

Write the content from your perspective, do not see others content and rewrite it. Do not write what you read in a book or a blog.

Write the content from your experience; do not write theories, opinions. Write always practical content. This is the single most important factor differentiating the mediocre content and excellent content.

Now I tell you the secret how to achieve this.

The words “I” or “You” or “You’re” must be in almost all paragraphs. Force yourself this rule when you write the content and accomplish this. I bet now your content is original, unique and audience engaged content.

Hint: Go above to my all paragraphs and see if you can catch one of the three words in all paragraphs.

The fourth tip is, I want to give you is that swear yourself to grow linearly.

Tip #4. Linear Growth – Slow And Steady

My dictionary explains the word “linear” this way.

Arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line.

(“linear movement”)


progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential.

(“a linear narrative”)

You should not try to get any spikes in traffic or earnings. If you do this wrong thing, in the short term you will get some benefits, but you won’t be working on this blog after a couple of years or so, I would bet.

I have been in the blogging industry for a decade now. I have seen many bloggers came, did something and sometimes few did great within a short duration and then disappeared. They didn’t follow this essential blogging tip – Grow Linear.

To achieve linear growth, I have two secrets for you.

4.1 First one is, do not try shortcuts. This includes but not limited to writing reviews so often, writing affiliate promotional content, writing discounts, coupons, etc. For a short duration, you will earn only to fall later and don’t know how to do the right blogging way.

4.2 Secondly, linear growth doesn’t have any spaces for spaces (gaps). You must be consistent to avoid gaps to get a linear growth map. In my experience, I can say confidently that many professional bloggers followed this for many years and achieved authority.
My Fifth tip is “write benefits not features.” The most significant difference between so-called successful bloggers and not so successful bloggers is both write content, the former write benefits, the latter write features.

Tip #5. Benefits Sell Not Features

Try to connect to my words so carefully for understanding this. Pick few successful bloggers and not so successful bloggers you know.

Analyse their content. Not so successful bloggers write reviews (where they try hard to show the product features, pros, and cons).

Successful bloggers write what they tried to do, what they achieved and what they used to achieve (this will be their final focus. Resources are not their primary talk. Attempt and results are their main talk and resources they employed are their last talk.)

My Sixth tip is about who are your readers in initial times.

Tip #6. Audience – Who & Where They Are?

You must know who your audiences are and where are they. If you see this right before starting your blogging journey, then half of your job is complete already, I should say.

If your content format is text, search engines are the only source. If it is images, then image sharing platforms are your holy places. If it is videos, undoubtedly YouTube is where you should be.

Wherever your audiences are, you must go there. I keep it this simple.

I take the “text” for example. Search engines are then your ultimate source of website traffic.

Google search engine uses the complex algorithm to rank a million related pages in the web within nanoseconds and give the best pages to each search keyword, Google user inputs in the Google search box.

Though you can’t hack Google algorithms to rank your pages at the top of the first results page, you can do what you in control of ethically.

The decent option available to you is “Search Engine Optimization.” You can google to learn more about “SEO for beginners.”

If your content is “images,” you may learn to optimize it for search engines. Search google for “Image SEO for beginners.” For videos, search “Video SEO for beginners.” There are tons of tutorials you will find out.

My seventh tip is, learn to use the easy things you can do as a beginner for Search engine optimization.

Tip #7. Easy Search Engine Rankings

I have already pointed you to Google for learning SEO in my sixth blogging tip. Then What I am going to tell about it here.

There are some basics you should learn before publishing your first content or even before start writing content.

7.1 Having your blog URL as https:// instead of HTTP:// is now one of the search engine ranking factors. SSL is the name of this feature. Some hosting companies give it for free. If not free, buy it and set up, not costs much.

7.2 Website Speed is an essential signal in search engine ranking. How fast a page load is what we measure and call as Website speed or page speed.

Hosting is the #1 factor in page speed optimization. Choose a host that delivers the fastest website speed. There are other ways to reduce page loading time like using cache plugins and distributing content through CDN.

Nowadays Hosting servers come with inbuilt caching mechanism and CDN included in the hosting plans. That is why the Hosting is the #1 factor in fast loading page speed.

7.3 Content Publishing Format – Search engines read the format of blog posts on the front end and read the coding format on the back end. To make sure to have a clean coding in the backend, use an SEO friendly WordPress theme. (Assuming you self-host your blog using CMS)

In the front end, the WordPress theme won’t do much help for formatting the content. You need to do that with care.

Divide the content into short paragraphs, use sub-headings, small-headings, bullet points, tables, go to quick-navigation links, quote boxes, small notes boxes, big boxes.

Use Google rich snippets for some content formats. For example, Ratings rich-snippet is useful to show star ratings in the Google search result pages.

My eighth tip is about building an email list.

Tip #8. Build An Email List

You have to capture the email addresses of your audience from Day one.

You can put an email subscription box on the sidebar of your blog.

You can prepare a free eBook and offer it for the email subscribers. This way of email list building is more potent than standard email subscription boxes.

There are tons of ways to improve the conversion of email subscriptions. You can read about it later as a beginner you need not break your head on complicated things immediately now.

Every professional blogger or internet marketer would say this “Build an email list from Day 1 of your blogging”.

Because they all started as the novice and went on to make more significant things later, but they regret that they didn’t build an email list from day one only to learn then that how powerful the email lists are in making money for you.

If you think of skip this, I ask you to imagine this way; each email subscription is worth $10 per month income for you, would you still leave the money on the table? Don’t.

Email building service providers are charging the very nominal cost, and you can avail free services also in case you don’t want to pay as you are just starting to blog.

Once started getting email subscriptions, send them useful content, any information which they find interesting, and do not carry them only promotional content at any cost.

My ninth tip is to Copy what the successful bloggers do.

Tip #9. Copy The Successful Bloggers

I didn’t mean to copy the content they write. I intend to learn how they achieve success and replicate the same on your blog.

Most new bloggers leave blogging in just less than a year. They couldn’t taste success. They didn’t do it right.

Don’t be one of them.

See what the successful do, how they do, and repeat the same on your blog. This is the safest way to get success.

Thankfully most of the successful bloggers do write about how they do it all. Follow them, take action, do the same, don’t dream just sitting there, do the same, and achieve awesomeness.

My Tenth and Final tip is, monetize your blog from the very beginning days.

Tip #10. Making Money Through Blog

You will learn a lot by this way. You will start learning how to do affiliate marketing, improving conversions, what works and what doesn’t.

You need not over-promoting anything. Concentrate on producing quality content and do the monetization on the pipeline slowly.

Start promoting a few products first that you think would be fit for your audience. If it sells more, you can give related content more often and gather strong leads.

Once, I was giving away an eBook for email subscribers. I was doing this just for the sake of improving email subscription conversions. The eBook was like a premium/paid eBook because I had put a lot of information inside that.

But it was free.

A few days later, I saw one person had been selling a similar eBook for the cost. I joined as an affiliate and then promoted it. It was often sold. This gave me the confidence to expand my free eBook into more quality paid one.

I priced it double than what I was promoting as an affiliate. It sold double quantity than what I was selling the product as an affiliate.

If I do not promote the book as an affiliate, then I wouldn’t know its potential, created my own, and finally sold.

Monetize your blog from the early days of your blogging and learn to make money.

To Summarize

As a beginner in blogging, there is a lot to learn. From setting the goals right to writing quality content to monetize the blog, you can learn many things.

On top of all the things you need to learn, from my experience seeing many blogging failures of hundreds of bloggers, I would say taking action, implementing the things you learned, and copy the successful bloggers – are more important than anything.

Think blogging as a long-term career, have the right goals, write original content, build email lists, monetize from the early days, learn a little bit of SEO, copy the successful blogging strategies and progress linearly. You won’t look back.

I wish you more blogging success!

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