Best CCleaner Alternatives for Mac

Best CCleaner Alternatives for Mac OS 2023: Free Cleaning Apps

As we all know that there are loads of free cleaning apps for Mac is available. Among all, are you not convinced with the CCleaner for Mac? Then check out this post on best CCleaner alternatives for Mac OS X and go with your best.

Any household items or electronic gadgets or automobiles needs consistent maintenance for its proper functioning. Likewise, cleaning up your mobiles and PC is significant to extend its life and performance. Cleaning your Mac system is not only to free up its disk space. It is also crucial to maintain its faster performance. Moreover, it is advisable to clean up the system regularly, to keep it safe from malware and virus attacks.


Hence, the tool we are using must be the best Mac cleaner app. Through this post, you will get an opportunity to explore the features of various paid and free Mac cleaner tools. It’s time to switch over to a best Mac cleaner software from CCleaner.

Need For Best Mac Cleaner Software In 2023

Certainly, recent Mac books will have solid state drives. In case, it always alerts you that ‘the disk is almost full’, then it’s time free-up the space. It is significant to keep your Mac hard drive clean. There are no industry tests that using cleaning utilities on your Mac system will directly boost its performance. Still, de-cluttering your disk space can help you maintain your Mac files, and app active and updated. Why to waste your disk space for unused or obsolete files?

That’s why you need powerful cleaning apps for Mac to free up huge disk space – it’s just a matter of minutes. Make sure to go for a multi-purpose utility for disk cleanup, virus scanning and removal, disk cloning, data recovery, etc. Installing separate software for every purpose would again kill your disk space.

In case, you don’t use any Mac cleaners or frustrating using CCleaner, then this best CCleaner alternatives for Mac article is for you.

Why Best CCleaner Alternatives For Mac OS X?

Though CCleaner is devoted to detect unnecessary junk files and clear it to free up the disk space. The typical tool that is easy to use and available for Windows, Mac, and Android. Still, why Mac users are not happy with CCleaner and looking for best Ccleaner alternatives for Mac OS X?

CCleaner is not the fastest cleaner app for Mac. The junk removal tools are very basic. The tool rarely detects only common entries that can easily be handled manually. Hence, writing this post on best alternative to CCleaner for Mac OS X.

Best CCleaner Alternatives For Mac OS X – Paid & Free Mac Cleaners

Being a Mac user, I love to dig my life into it. Hence, I wanted to keep my Mac in a proper condition to accompany. For which, I have been using a few cleaning apps to clean my Mac and other Apple products that I have. Also, I wish you to try these tools to make your PC clean and refreshed ensuring the best performance and long life. Anyways, you don’t need to invest more in this. I am sharing here a few of the free cleaning apps for MacBook. Also, I am including some ultimately paid tools for incredible features and benefits. Go for it!

Important Note: Not just the cleaning apps for MAC. If you are looking for several other Mac products to get rid of duplicate files, set custom desktop backgrounds, unpack the archived files, discover and experience new apps every day, Mac drive management, protect your files with AES-256 encryption or even more – get it from MacPaw. The one-stop solution platform for MAC OS users.

#1. CleanMyMac3 – Best Mac Maintenance Software

CleanMyMac3 is the latest version of CleanMyMac cleaning program by Mac Paw. And, this is the Mac cleaning tool that I use and hence, I recommend. Since CleanMyMac3 is an all-in-tool tool for complete Mac protection and care. The tool detects every corner of your Mac system and removes junk in 2-clicks. It has all the built-in tools like full cleaning, health monitoring, optimization and much more to optimize your Mac OS for the challenging performance. CleanMyMac3 is not one among the best Ccleaner alternatives for Mac, but it is also a comprehensive Mac cleaning and maintenance app.

CleanMyMac3 outstands for its set of features –

  • Multilingual cleaning program for Mac OS
  • Take out the photo junk, unused language files, etc.
  • Removes the local copy of email attachments and downloads
  • Runs maintenance scripts for optimization
  • Wash out DNS caches
  • Get you alerts on your Mac health
  • Monitors CPU usage & battery health
  • Schedule your Mac cleaning


  • 100% safe to remove files
  • Deletes junk in just 2-clicks
  • Free version available
  • Extensions management
  • Empty Trash and much more


  • Sometimes, its alerts might be annoying

User Opinion

“Works like a charm, simple & beautiful UI – CleanMyMac3 still the best way ever to make your Mac as speedy as heck. I’m so happy about it.”

#2. AppCleaner

AppCleaner is the most popular free cleaner program for Mac OS. This tool uninstalls or deletes the unwanted programs on Mac leaving no marks of it. It detects all its support files like cache, cookies, launching agents, etc. and removes completely. So that, you can avoid these obsolete files eating up your hard disk space.

You can simply drag and drop the software into it. The tool will start locating all its hidden files and notifies you before deleting. You can also remove the unnecessary browser extensions and add-ons with AppCleaner. AppCleaner is a free program, is highly preferred by users looking for best Ccleaner alternatives for Mac at no cost.

AppCleaner is popular with its incredible features –

  • Free Mac cleaner tool
  • Preview all installed apps
  • Uninstalls programs with no trace
  • Manages extensions
  • Reset app preferences
  • Blocks even banner ads


  • Easy installation
  • Drag & drop to uninstall apps
  • Find the disk space statistics
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Serve only as a cleaner and uninstaller where other tools can do multipurpose

#3. Daisy Disk

Daisy Disk is a professional cleaning program for Mac users. While working on your Mac, you will create or download new apps or files every day. Unfortunately, you won’t be deleting the unwanted things. Finally, you will be lacking your startup disk space. Daisy Disk can show you real-time data of all your connected disks. It includes Macintosh HD, network storage, flash, Thunderbolt, etc. As a professional tool to boost your Mac performance, Daisy Disk deserves to be as the best Ccleaner alternatives for Mac.

Daisy disk scans your file and folders and previews the data as a visual interactive pattern. Daisy Disk is a choice of preference by photographers, IT professionals, filmmakers who deal with large-sized media files.

Set of features that determine Daisy Disk popularity –

  • Latest version adds the Italian language
  • Both stand-alone and Mac app store versions available
  • Displays Purgeable space taken by local snapshots in the hidden space
  • Compatibility with APFS and Mac OS High Sierra


  • Featured in plenty of Mac App store
  • Supports many languages
  • Easy to access keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick Scanning
  • Free trial to experience its features


  • It has multi-step file deletion phenomena
  • Does not display file elements like date created or modified

#4. MacBooster 7

If you are a Mac user looking for a complete solution for your Mac maintenance or best Mac cleaner software, then it is MacBooster 7. The tool can detect and clean up 20 types of junk files. Moreover, MacBooster 7 removes the malware threats and virus to optimize the hard disk boosting your Mac speed and performance. You can it as your Mac performance booster. It has five built-in tools to clean up every edge of your Mac OS and ensuring it to function smoothly.

MacBooster 7 technically goes in-depth and resolve disk permission issues, high RAM consumption, and login startups.

Unbeatable features that MacBooster 7 can offer you –

  • Real-time protection against malware attacks and viruses
  • Free up space with deep cleaning
  • Identifies and removes the duplicate files
  • Fix disk permission issues to neglect 3rd party caches
  • Lightning booster to improve the data read & write speed


  • Has seven inbuilt tools
  • Serves multipurpose
  • Supports 14+ languages
  • Single-click solution to clean up your Mac
  • Cleans up around 20 types of junk files
  • Acts as a Mac performance booster


  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • System requirement: 70+ MB free spaces
  • Unregistered version has only limited functionalities

#5. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is an easy-to-use and fast hard drive cleaning software for Mac. The tool can smartly detect even hidden clutters that may slow down your system. With one-click, it can remove application caches, iphoto library trashes, trash bin, junk files and more.

The AVG cleaner tool can also identify hidden duplicate files that are sucking your space. It can either be photos, documents, music or video files. Though it is not a Mac maintenance program, you can use it as both hard disks cleaner and duplicate finder for Mac devices.

The features that AVG users admire by –

  • Extremely fast scanning
  • Clear overview of your hard disk storage
  • AVG Zen panel integration to access your Mac from Windows PC remotely
  • Guide on free performance tips to clean in a flash
  • Protects your Mac against viruses and spyware
  • Top rate by various popular Mac App Stores


  • With a single-click, clean your hard drive
  • Perfect tool to find duplicate files in any format
  • Removes gigabytes of file within no time
  • Detects and removes hidden clutters too


  • No undo delete option. Hence, make sure before deleting any files
  • Does not available for other languages

#6. Onyx

Onyx is a favorite Mac maintenance utility for most of the Mac users. Since the tool is available for free with abundant features. It is not only a Mac disk cleaner, but it is also a multi-specialty tool. You can verify the system file structures, run maintenance & cleaning tasks, configure parameters in Dock, Finder, and much more. Onyx allows you to uninstall the unnecessary Mac apps, delete caches, manage extensions, rebuild databases, and remove certain problematic files and folders.

Onyx has two individual applications named Maintenance and Deeper as a part of it for specific needs. I am sure that while using Onyx, you will admire with its set of features at no cost.

Onyx features that favor Mac users –

  • Performs multiple tasks in addition to hard drive cleaning
  • Runs maintenance tasks regularly
  • Configure dock parameters too
  • Deletes web caches and application caches
  • Blocks malware and ads
  • CrashReporter reports
  • Confirm before closing multiple tabs in Safari


  • Free Mac maintenance utility software
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No registration required


  • The tool is translated into multiple languages by localized service providers and volunteers. Some translations might be incomplete


I love to use cleanMyMac3 by MacPaw to clean my Mac OS hard disk. Since, the tool can serve in multiple ways like offering complete Mac protection, monitoring storage spaces, etc. I just wanted my Mac readers to give out a try with it.


Before that, I was using AppCleaner like most of the Mac users. As it can serve only limited functionalities, I was about to switch over to CleanMyMac3. And, I am happy with it in terms of boosting Mac OS performance and speed. CleanMyMac3 proves its championship among other best Ccleaner alternatives for Mac.

Best CCleaner Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

The undeniable emperor of cleaning apps, the CCleaner have always been the world’s first choice to keep better their Mac Pc’s running smooth. But over the last years, we had some newer players enter the arena

In today’s FAQ, lets breakdown some of the most popular questions ever levied against these newest CCleaner Alt – apps

Read on;

1) Why replace CCleaner? What’s wrong with it?

Make no mistake: CCleaner is still an undoubtedly powerful tool. And for a mac user, it can always be a nice Go-to cleaner in every sense. However, with Mac getting more advanced with the last generation, CCleaner has had a terrible decrease in its speed. In other words, though it cleans well, the whole thing is now slow as a snail.

Besides that, many have complained CCleaner Junk kill tools to be basic. Plus, its malware detection too is anything but great.

2) Are these apps really safe?

Used by millions world over, every single Best CCleaner Alternative for Mac OS apps we’ve mentioned above are completely safe to use, with all boasting class-leading safety features and nicer functionalities.

After all, Apple is known to keep a tighter grip on their app stores in terms of malware protection/removal. So yeah, as long as you download it from official sources, we don’t reckon you’ll have any security issues whatsoever.

3) Paid Vs. Free – which is best for me?

Obviously, the paid ones are always better, as they offer increased security and features and better yet, nicer care support. That said, indeed, most everyday users can easily get by with a freemium or a free variant.

Still, always try & go with the premium ones, as they serve better in the long run.

4) Will these apps affect my important files?

No, they don’t. In fact, most of the popular Mac cleaners feature a manual review system where you can precisely pick and choose what files to keep & what to delete. Besides, they have smart algorithms that can also keep the junk killing teeth from getting to your important files but protect them instead – great, huh?!

That said, we’d advise always keeping a good backup of all your important files nonetheless, as it’s a good habit to get in too.

5) Will they slow down my computer?

No. with most being lightweight applications, we don’t reckon you’ll experience any slowdowns with your Mac whatsoever.

In fact, with all the junk cleaned, you can readily expect a speed jump instead.

Over To You: Best Ccleaner Alternatives For Mac

Don’t drag further to clean up your Mac system to maintain its smooth functionality. Don’t let such cluster of obsolete files to occupy your disk space and slow down your Mac OS X. Meanwhile, don’t pick your tools based on pricing. Though there are free cleaning Mac utilities available, prefer a tool that can help you in complete Mac maintenance.

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