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5 Best Comma Checker Tools 2023 – Semicolon/Apostrophe Errors Got You Covered!

If you are planning to start a blog or your brand new job requires you to churn out top content on an everyday basis – go, do yourself a favor and invest in the best comma checker tools. Don’t forget: punctuation errors happen even to the best writers. It’s unavoidable. But if left unchecked, even the simplest errors can be costly in terms of academic scoring, professional reputation, and even your credibility.

The point is: Punctuation errors suck. But with the best comma checker solutions, their “suckiness” is now something you can avoid entirely – easily, no less. Yup no more wasting time (fruitlessly) double or even triple-checking your content. No more dealing with human proofreaders who, frankly, can make your wallet goes “why?”

Below, you can find our list for the best full stop checker online and punctuation proofers that are currently available out there – some free, some paid, but all can make your contents super awesome!

So yeah, without any further ado,

Let’s begin;

Best Comma Checker Tools – Here’s Why They Matter!

Hey, here’s an example;

  • I love cooking my children and my friends
  • I love cooking, my children, and my friends

As you can see, just two commas were all it took to turn me from a blood-thirsty, killer cannibal into a loving ray of parental sunshine. The point is the punctuations matter. From changing the context/meaning to being just an eyesore, they can mean the difference between a great piece of content or an alphabetical mess.

Look at the above 2 sentences. How a missing comma can make your content rude and merciless.

The first sentence says that you love to cook your friend. On the other hand, with the 2nd sentence, you are telling your fiend that you love cooking.


“I’m sorry I love you.”
“I’m sorry, I love you.”

Generally, commas are used to merge or separate words, phrases and sentences. When we don’t it properly, the content falls short to deliver your intended message. Similarly, punctuation marks like period, exclamation marks, semicolon, colon, comma, apostrophe, ellipsis, parentheses, quotation marks, etc. have their own significance and purpose.

Here are the best comma checker tools online to help you use the proper punctuations based on the objective of your piece of writing.

A mistake is still a mistake – yes. But errors in grammar, flow, tenses, etc… can often be overlooked as long as you get the meaning straight. Punctuation errors are different as they go right to the meaning itself, destroying it.

A lack of punctuation says that you don’t have proper knowledge for the mainstream language, that you don’t know how to communicate. A single mistake can stop you from getting your dream job, grabbing a promotion, or worse yet, can even irrevocably damage your professional or even personal relations to the grave.

Annoying right? We thought so too…

Best Comma Corrector Tools Online – Perfect Your Content Today

Sure, you can always check your own content. But the issue is that since you’re the one who wrote it, you may often get oblivious to your own mistakes, and might end up skimming over them carelessly.

This leads, of course, to glitches slipping through the cracks.

So, unless you have the luxury to hire an editor or a proofreader (as is the case with most of us), this leaves us with one option: best comma checker apps – hand tools meat to free your contents from typos & punctuation errors.

To that end, here are the best of the brood;

Best Comma Checker Online Tools – Our Top 5 Choices (2023 Edition)

We have a code: we don’t recommend anything that we aren’t personally satisfied with. In that sentiment, we’ll start with our favorite – our everyday choice. For every tool, we’ll reveal their pros, cons, etc…

Well, let’s begin;

#1 Grammarly – Best Comma Corrector Software

Grammarly Online Checker

The king of grammar check apostrophe fixing tools, Grammarly is our most favorite of all the best comma checker tools out there. In fact, this very article itself has been proofread by its awesomeness.

Available in both free and paid versions, the tool is gorgeous to look at, thanks to its minimal greenish interface. Just write your contents within the apps word editor itself or upload your content document (PDF, text, Docx, etc…) and it will scan it and alert you of all the errors – both typos & punctuations – along with fixes. Under the hood, we further get a plagiarism checker, a readability indexer, sentence re-aligner, etc…

As a comma splice corrector & proofreader, the tool is available as a plugin for both chrome & safari. There is an android app and even an add-on for MS Office for optimum convenience.

The pros

  • An all-in-one proofreading solution
  • Patented Grammarly commas fixer and proofreader with 400+ custom checks and built-in plagiarism detector
  • Works on almost every platform imaginable
  • Highly customizable – choose between US and UK writing styles, content nature; add new words, etc…
  • awesome free version

The cons

  • Steep short-term pricing
  • No MS Office integration for Mac users (yet)

User opinion

“I love it. Thanks to Grammarly, all my clients are raving about the quality of my contents. It helped my business shine.”

#2 ProWritingAid


Want a comma inserter? Need to fix apostrophe mistakes? If yes, look no further than ProWritingAid – the top free comma separating tool for all your proofreading needs. Their punctuation and grammar checkers are trailblazers.

For starters, ProWritingAid goes beyond the typical editing and proofreading route as it functions as your grammar advisor, style checker, and writing coach in a single solution. With it, you can free content from typos, check comma splices, semicolon check, etc… the interface is simple enough for first-timers & experts alike.

On average, PWA can generate a total of 25 reports ion writing issues such as sentence structures, passive voice, excessive reliance on adverbs, redundancies, and boost word selection, among others. Yup, we loved how it educates you as you check your w-contents, coaching you to be a better writer.

A versatile best comma checker & corrector, the ProWritingAid auto comma placer works on both Windows & Mac, and in offline apps like MS office, Google docs + open-source word processors. And web browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc…

The pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly in-depth grammar & punctuation proofreader (can also work as a vocabulary builder & writing style coach.
  • Multiplatform compatibility (windows, Mac, Browsers, etc…)
  • 14-day money-back trial
  • Affordable

The cons

  • Lacks a plagiarism checker
  • Performance issues, especially with larger documents

User opinion

“ProWritingAid is a wonderful way to ensure you’re writing at your best. I am a huge fan of it. And as a writer, you should be too”

#3 Ginger Software

Ginger Software

Third, on the list, we have Ginger – an innovative free semicolon checker and best comma checker that can also double as a pretty capable content translator, now with over 65 international languages to choose from.

Put bluntly, Ginger is nowhere close to Grammarly splice free and online proofreading capabilities. However, what it does, it does okay. Starting at $30 a month, the Ginger is designed to provide expert guidance both online and offline for all your writing tasks. To that end, you can troubleshoot an extensive range of grammatical errors, including style, sentence structure, word usage, punctuation, subject-verb errors, semicolon use checker, and more. As far as OS compatibility goes, this best comma checker runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, android keyboard app (like Grammarly) and safari and chrome web browsers.

Finally, as a productivity solution, the Ginger also features additional writing tools such as a dictionary (for a better vocabulary), a sentence rephraser, a text reader, contextual translation and a personal language trainer.

The pros

  • Built-in global translator – convert your contents into 65 global languages with the precision & total contextual integrity
  • Virtual writing tutor (only with a premium subscription)
  • Built-in text reader
  • Offers deep integration with MS Office
  • Extremely affordable

The cons

  • 120 – word limit on the free version
  • The accuracy of punctuation checker results could be far better

User opinion

“A helpful tool to avoid grammatical embarrassment, Ginger is, by far, one of the best proofreaders I have ever used – period! 

#4 WhiteSmoke


Don’t be fooled by its clutter-free, sleek interface. Under WhiteSmoke’s hood; we have a powerful fix comma splice/best comma checker that uses AI and neural language processing to provide “expert” lingual assistance to both newbies & experts alike.

Offering a full line of semicolon corrector + proofreader solutions for both individual and business uses. Aside from a standard fair grammar checker, the tool had built-in editors for correcting sentence structures, punctuation, and spelling errors. Furthermore, you’re also getting a plagiarism checker, a thesaurus, and a translator. Akin to a full-blown word processor, WhiteSmoke further carries a ton of pre-built templates for letters and various other documents to make your life that much easier.

As a complete online app, WhiteSmoke has extensions for almost every popular web browsers now and also, mobile integration for both android and iOS. The free version offers most of everything a casual user would need.

The pros

  • Multiplatform compatibility (with full-blown mobile apps)
  • Free document templates
  • Pretty powerful grammar checker with handy plagiarism detector and sentence rephraser
  • Support word-to-word translation across 55 languages
  • The free version is quite good

The cons

  • The interface is very outdated
  • When compared to Grammarly, the Punctuation checker falls comically short

User opinion

“After 5 years with WhiteSmoke, I can definitely say that its easily the best proofreader, ever! – easily worth another 5 years!”

#5 AftertheDeadline

Last on the list; we have AftertheDeadline. An open-source comma detector, ATD is unique in the sense that offers all of its impressive grammar checking powers to the user who, in turn, can customize it & use it however he wants.

Built using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, ATD is available now as both a nifty add on for WordPress as well as an extension for chrome. Under the simplified UI, we get the standard suite of perks. The grammar and punctuation checker is pretty good. You can also use it to find the passive voice, redundant phrases, jargon, double negatives, hidden verbs, etc… yup; rather impressive considering it’s a free tool.

One of the coolest about this particular comma splice corrector and the content reviewer is the fact that you don’t need to get an account to use it. Just open ATD, paste your content, and get your proof checked results – so easy.

The pros

  • Powerful grammar punctuation checking prowess (with support for the same also in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Easy to use UI
  • Open-source and highly customizable
  • No account needed for use
  • Completely free

The cons

  • Customer support is almost non-existent
  • Too barebones

User opinion

“For a free tool, AftertheDeadline punches well above its weight. Just try it out, and see for yourself how cool it is.”

Top Semi Colon Sentence Checker – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it: as ubiquitous as semicolon use checker tools are, chances are that you still may’ve a few doubts or misconceptions about them.

Here’s your chance to get some of them answered;

1) What are the fourteen punctuation marks?

Period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon & colon. The other ones include dash, brackets, hyphen, braces, apostrophe, parentheses, quotation marks, and finally, we have the ellipsis.

2) Are the best comma checker tools worth it?

Obviously yes! Designed to spot & fix every typo, every punctuation errors, and every little grammatical blunder, they can definitely help you take your content quality to the next best level with the least cost & effort.

So yeah, they are definitely worth every penny you throw at it.


3) Can best comma checker solutions work offline?

Yes, and no – it depends. While some of the more powerful proofreaders like Grammarly require an internet connection to work, let alone even load, other ones like WhiteSmoke &Ginger can be used offline, albeit with limitations.

4) What is the best way to improve my punctuation accuracy?

The answer is simple: keep writing.

At the end of the day, both punctuation and grammar checkers are nearly short “scaffolding” solutions. While they are awesome for spotting & fixing errors you may have missed; you must need to learn how to fix them yourself.

In fact, that’s the reason why best comma checker tools in this list offer proper explanations for each alert they spot.

5) Are these tools safe?

Yes absolutely! With every tool here protected by top security measures and tight privacy laws, you can surely use them sans any fears.

Winner – Grammarly

As we all know, even a misplaced comma can change the meaning of any complete sentence. Grammarly grammar checker or sentence checker feature makes sure that all your punctuations are used in the right place and at the right time.

Compared to its competitor’s like ProWritingAid or Ginger software, Grammarly spots more punctuation mistakes in a sample piece of writing. So, when you wanted to make sure your writings are punctuations-perfect, Grammarly wins!

Don’t just go with my words. Try using the free versions of any of these comma checker tools to scan a sample text and realize it in real-time.

Best Comma Checker & Corrector Tools – The Conclusion

Hey, did you find the tool you were looking for?

That’s great: our team did spend a ton of energy and time putting together this listicle, after all.

Same as writing an email or a stellar marketing content, picking the right, reliable, and perfect comma checker isn’t easy – we get it. But the good news, however, is that there is no dearth of top grammar/punctuation checking tools in the market today, as the ones featured above boldly announce to the world.

Take your time and go through each tool, try them out and see which one suit you best. Remember to work on your writing skills and keep improving. Although these inserter commas and proofreaders can be quite helpful, they can’t make you an awesome writer unless you put in the efforts and work yourself.

So which tool did you pick? What are your thoughts on using them? We’d like to know. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the comment section below & share this listicle so others too may benefit.

So yeah, until the next time

Keep on writing!

2 thoughts on “5 Best Comma Checker Tools 2023 – Semicolon/Apostrophe Errors Got You Covered!”

  1. Christian Steinsworth


    I feel, proofreading is more challenging than writing a blog post – especially correcting these fun-sized writing mistakes like missing comma, typos, misplaced hyphens, etc. I have been already using Grammarly to make my job easier. I don’t think I need an alternative. Still, I’ll give other comma checkers and correctors a try.

    1. Christian,

      You said it right! Proofreading is on high-demand. These writing tools can’t be as perfect as human proofreading. Still, when some of the efficient tools like Grammarly comes close to it and serves the purpose – good-to-go, then! Thanks for commenting here!

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