Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Bloggers

Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Bloggers 2023 {Expert’s Choice: #1}

Best content writing tools for travel bloggers. Should you really need it as a travel writer?

Life is frustrating!

Have you ever been thought of leaving all your ills and inspired to visit the places you dream about?

Travel writers are blessed. They don’t have to leave their actual jobs to engage them in such expeditions.

As long as they have a laptop and writing assistant tools, they can convert their experiences into words and be productive like always.

From a tools standpoint, choosing the best content writing tools for travel bloggers is significant since they often write something on the go.

In this post, let me help you with awesome content writing apps that help travel writers all the way in creating alluring content.

Content is King – Always & Everywhere!

Now and then, creating content is a crucial task in blogging. Fortunately, in the travel niche, pictures can help you instead of writing complete text content. Still, content can be a boon or ban on your blogging success.

So, content quality matters. It must be authentic, inspiring, tempting, and enjoyable. Creativity on a side, keep your audience’s heart and expectations front. Let your content takes them to the places they admire, virtually. Build credibility.

Of course, all comes in the form of content. It can either be weekend warriors, special events, travel packages, a list of destinations, stories, or anything. Content is all you need to write well.

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Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Agencies

Dreaming about your writing career? Do you picture yourself sitting at a cafe, scribbling something on the menu card?

If you have inspiring travel stories, experiences, destinations, and tips to share – then you are most welcome. You don’t need to be historical or epic writers. Publications are often eager to hire travel writers who can talk about the valley an hour, tweaking people to spend their weekends over there.

Travel blogs, magazines, and companies are in spirit to vet the creative writing team for their travel business. Writing for the travel niche claims more than just sharing general information about the place.

Be artistic in breaking down your daily itineraries. You should not only be informative but engaging too.

It’s all about your personal experience. You have the liberty to include fun elements in your write-ups. But, one who is capable of putting it in words casually is made easier with good travel writing assistant tools. Indeed, travel writers need those to better writing tools present their travel adventures.

Need For Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Bloggers

People are fascinating these days to spend their days travelling around. Money is no matter since the travel blog greatly helps them to make lump sum money. Hence, passion turns out into a profession.

Indeed, you should be writing good content and monetizing it. Otherwise, you can neither be a successful blogger nor a traveler.

Traveling round the clock, the blogging tools they use must be effective in simplifying their tasks.

Travel bloggers are not salaried. Income and success depend on the blog reputation, traffic, and branding (awareness). Content forms the core for all these pillar points.

So, stick to a writing assistant tool that helps you with great content to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Here are the top 3 content writing tools for travel bloggers are discussed. 

Best Content Writing Apps For Travel Websites

Not just to help the blogger who owns a travel blog; but also for the freelancers who write for travel niches and companies. Say, travel content creators.

Here are the best writing tools for travel bloggers, writers, and publishers.

#1 Grammarly – Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Bloggers & Writers

As I said above, you have all the freedom to add humor to your content being a travel writer. But, how good are you in tweaking the emotions of your audience? Not sure?

Grammarly being a well-matured writing assistant tool often comes with frequent updates and features. Hence, millions of people trust Grammarly to improve their writing skills. It is just like a personal writing assistant rendering several things to help you in great writing.

I’m sure you must be good at drafting typical error-free content. So, the spelling, grammar, or silly punctuations wouldn’t be your writing barrier. However, Grammarly can also help you with those.

Being a professional travel writer, you must be looking for the best writing tool that can catch more complex writing mistakes.

The travel writing tool that comes with advanced writing features to tune your content to your audience appropriately. Most importantly, it must be user-friendly, allowing you to write from anywhere you are.

The compromised travel writing app must be accessible from your multiple devices like smartphones & desktops (both Apple & Windows). Traveling to various countries, you must be accessing multiple web browsers.

Grammarly comes handy anywhere you write online.

Of course, the travel bloggers would be glad to share their stories instantly over the web. Whether it can be to your email subscribers or social followers, make sure it is flawless (using Grammarly) before sharing.

Grammarly tone detector feature helps you to get clarity about your content tone and voice to evaluate how it matches to its audience expectations.

Also, Grammarly allows you to set goals before you start writing or proofreading using it. Thereby, you can define your audience, tone, nature & purpose of writing. So, the tool can smartly offer tailored suggestions to fix the writing errors based on your writing goals. This feature greatly helps travel writers to come up with innate content that spurs.

Most importantly, Grammarly gets you detailed insights on your writing that inherently helps you understand your writing issues and allows improving. Grammarly is not just an English proofreading tool; it is also a writing tool to hone your writing capability.

Beyond its proficiency, Grammarly also values your efforts and hence, helps in having your creations protected. You can store your content in the Grammarly account. So, you can easily access it anywhere you are at home or travel.

Grammarly is available for individual writers, students, and corporate teams with easy integration and multiple access.

Let’s discuss some of the astounding features of Grammarly that assist travel writers in bring out their travel stories.


  • Assists you in writing everywhere online
  • User-friendly with several input options
  • Greatly support multiple platforms like email, social media, etc.
  • Native desktop app for Mac Os
  • Seamlessly works with popular browsers
  • Helps out fixing complex writing issues
  • Comes with extensive features like plagiarism, tone detector, vocabulary enhancement, etc


  • Available for free
  • Quick & reliable results
  • Helps in improving writing skills over time
  • Comprehensive English proofreading tool
  • Easy switch between different English slangs
  • Pricing slabs are flexible & available even for months (to evaluate the tool)


  • Quite overlooked. Not all the writing suggestions are necessary to be fixed.

User Opinion

When writing content, drafting an email, or submitting a research paper – having Grammarly tool as a proofreader can be a lifesaver, always.

#2 ProWritingAid – Best Proofreading Tool For Travel Blogs

Indeed, it gives a fierce competition to Grammarly since it comes with almost the entire features that the preceding one offers. You will a complete package of writing assistants purchasing ProWritingAid. It includes a comprehensive grammar checker, writing style editor, and a virtual writing mentor.

Obviously, for travel writers, style editor is a highly essential feature since you will be narrating your travel experiences all the time. When you tend to write a conversational content, the writing tone and the writer’s voice is ever critical.

If a proficient writing tool can help you, freelance travel writers, then opt for it. Like Grammarly, this tool also available for free as a Chrome Add-on.

Also, the ProWritingAid tool allows you to use MS Outlook, MS Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, etc. And, it seamlessly works with most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

However, Grammarly comes free to access it on MS Office suits (free app download). Still, millions of authors, freelance writers, editors, copywriters, publishers, students, and professional writers already use ProWritingAid to improve their writing.

This English proofreading tool for travel bloggers automatically suggests 1000’s style improvements to make your content crystal-clear.

Even after your content is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes, it might look awkward. Not easy to follow.

Hence, the tool helps you improve your writing style correcting the style issues like repetitive words, usage of vague words, passive voice, sentence length variation, etc.

Further, with its dictionary, thesaurus, alliterations, etc. you can better improve your vocabulary using a wide range of appropriate words. Like every other writing assistant tool for writers for travel, ProWritingAid also gives a clear explanation of each mistake, letting you know and learn from your mistakes.

You can also go for ProWritingAid Business for your team of travel writers to enhance your brand reputation, and build readership. Here are some of the incredible features of ProWritingAid writing to state why it is one of the best content writing tools for travel bloggers.


  • With helpful articles, videos, etc. make writing fun & interactive
  • Formulates your writing simpler & easy to read
  • Premium version is compatible with MS Word, Google Docs, etc.
  • Corrects 1000’s of style issues
  • Contextual thesaurus reports & highlights
  • 20 different and detailed reports generated


  • Desktop app available for Mac users
  • Your content is kept safe
  • Easy integration with other platforms to retain links, formatting, etc.
  • Visualizes sentence length & variations
  • Plagiarism checking feature


  • Very limited options in free version

User Opinion

Glad that I have exposed the ProWritingAid program to my team. Many of them find it profitable as it greatly helps them in evaluating their own writing and facilitate revisions.

#3 Ginger Software – Best Tool For Content Writing For Travel Blogging

I never mean that Ginger Software gives the least competition to its alternatives. With its free Chrome add-on, sentence rephrases, and text reader options, it just overtakes the other best writing tools for travel bloggers. So, let’s see what its other benefits are using it as a comprehensive proofreading solution for travel writers.

Like Grammarly, Ginger Software also allows you to write flawless texts everywhere online. It includes email platforms like Gmail and social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It also allows you to get access to other writing tools like a translator, contextual dictionary, sentence rephrase, etc.

More than just the best tool for content writing for a travel blogger, it has text reader to read back your text to you. You can understand how your readers will pronounce and read your content.

As a travel blogger, you must be traveling to various countries and likely to share your experiences with multiple sets of audiences speaking different languages. Ginger Software allows you to translate your content to 50 other languages. With this free content translation feature, express yourself to the audience naturally in your choice of language. Hence, I suggest this as one of the best content writing tools for travel bloggers.

Or if you are just starting travel writing or practicing, then use its Personal Trainer tool. It analyzes your writing, identifies your weak areas in English writing, and provides lessons on a particular topic. So, take it as a learning curve and be a better writer tomorrow. Likewise, let’s see its extensive set of features and highlights.


  • Automatically corrects the misused words & grammatical errors
  • Produce distinct content with exciting words using its Sentence Rephraser
  • Extensive knowledge resources are available to improve English writing
  • Compatible for Windows, Mac & iOS
  • Translate your content to multiple other languages


  • Helps you writing on social media & email platforms too
  • Use hundreds of characters like emoji’s
  • Word prediction to make your writing easy and save time
  • Identifies even complex grammatical errors
  • Quick to proofread, improve and share


  • No plagiarism feature available

User Opinion

Simple to use (non-Americanised) English writing assistant tool. Even UK native people said that my content is good since I proofread it using the Ginger Software.

Free Content Writing Tools For Travel Blogs

If you are a start-up or budget blogger, gradually improve your content writing using free tools available out there.

Almost all the above three writing tools for travel writers have their free version. Maybe you will lack in free versions of ProWritingAid and Ginger that Grammarly offers in its free itself.

Sure, depending on your writing expertise level, audience, vocabulary, writing style, etc. your choice of writing tools would be distinct. Go with your best tool for content writing and produce reputed content that lasts in the heart of your readers forever.

Best Writing Tools For Travel Writers FAQ

When it comes to travel content writing, there are too many touchpoints to engage the readers. Several ways to facilitate customer’s journey on your travel website. Indeed, as a travel blogger you know your job is not just writing tales of fun and posting some awesome snaps from the destinations. There are so many pain points you should address, and help your readers to overcome.

You will struggle to compete in the travel industry. So, concerning your content, focus less on what you offer as a travel business. Don’t compel people to come to your favorite destinations. Unlike any other industry, timing and seasonality play a bigger role in travel marketing. So, tactically increase the demand for particular you serve. That is always possible with your content.  So, make your content stand-out.

1) Why should I use such content writing tools as a travel writer?

You must be good at English writing. No offense. Still, to make your content highly readable, and interactive – you are supposed to go for a proficient English proofreading tool.

2) How content writing tools help me writing when I’m on travel?

Most of the writing assistant apps come user-friendly. You can access it anywhere online and via any devices you use. While traveling, you can write on the go, store it safe and share it to others – with no flaws.

3) How efficient the free content writing tools for travel bloggers?

Though, you lack some advanced features, you can check spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Grammarly if available for free to use it on Chrome, MS Word, etc. Also, you can write directly to its editor wherever you are online.

4) How it helps improve my writing skills as a non-native English speaker?

In Grammarly, you can easily switch between US & UK slang. Also, you will get detailed explanations on every error to learn & fix naturally. With genre-specific writing style checks, vocabulary enhancement feature, etc. you can see exponential progress in your content writing.

5) Do these best content writing tools for travel bloggers worth using?

Certainly, these tools are proficient in fixing your simple to complex writing mistakes. You can check content plagiarism, improve writing style, and make it conversational engaging your audiences.

Winner – Grammarly

Grammarly pricing is wisely designed keeping all the writers like students, online publishers, magazine writers, bloggers, and PhD scholars. You are liberal to choose between its monthly, quarterly and yearly plans as and when you need it. Also, there are Group buy option (save BIG) for Universities, corporate for their students and employees respectively.

Start using free Google Chrome add-on and realize how efficient it is eliminating your writing errors and polish it. Also, there is a native desktop app available for Mac OS. Don’t miss it!

Let’s Wrap Up On Best Content Writing Tools For Travel Websites

With all this information, pick your best writing tool as a travel writer. Or, if you are still in a dilemma, then go with any free tools like Grammarly. Use it in real-time and understand how it helps you in travel writing. Get hands-on and get premium.

That’s all Okay. It’s now your turn to set to go round and create your next article using any of these best content writing tools for travel bloggers. Speak out your travel occurrences and tempt others to go for trips like you through your expressive writing.

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