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Top 5 Best Free Writing Software 2023 – Apps & Tools For Any Writers!

As a blogger and an author, one of the most common questions I often get asked is: what is the best free writing software? Sure, some might argue that the “medium” is not an issue – they will probably tell you to don’t worry about any fancy writing tools & make do with what you got & start writing – to let your talent handle the rest.

Of course, we beg to differ. Talent matters – clearly. However, no matter how gifted you are, writing can still be a taxing affair. So yeah, unless you are a prodigy like JK Rowling who had written (legendarily) her first harry potter book on pieces of napkins, investing in a good old best free writing software is easily a no-brainer. Luckily, below you can find our list for the top five best writing software 2023 tools that are currently available out there – some free, some paid but all can keep you organized & inspire you to keep writing until the last page.

So yeah, without any further ado,

Let’s begin;

Best Free Writing Software – Your New Writing Companion!

Let’s face it, writing can be a big part of everyone’s life. Yup, Even if you are not a professional writer, chances are you’ll spend a hundreds of hours in your life writing project papers, documents, proposals, memos, contracts, etc…The more efficient you are at writing, the better results you’ll get, and the more time you spend with family, friends, or other work.

So yeah, keeping productive is important. However, writing books isn’t just about putting words on paper. You need a way to organize and structure your thoughts, something that’ll allow you to research ideas, collect it in one place, allow you to access your work across multiple platforms, and keep it safe and secure.

Yeah, for all that and more, there is only thing today that can help you, make you keep on writing till the ink (battery?) dries: a best free writing software, of course! – Why? Because writing alone is plenty hard enough!

Best Writing Software For Authors – Every Writer Needs Them!

Designed to better streamline your life as a writer, there are more modern best free Writing Software solutions out there now, bringing nicer UI & perks like cloud backup, word tracker, typo & grammar/punctuation fixer, etc…

To that end, here’s a look at some of our favorite best writing software free solutions

Let’s count them down;

Best Writing Software For Students –Top 5 Tools To Level Up Your Writing Game (2023)

Before you ask, yes, you can write a book using MS Word. It has all the options. The interface is familiar and, most of you may already got it purring on your computer. That said, it’s not the only (or better) option out there.

Yup, we now have more amazing options like these;

#1 Grammarly – Best Writing Software For Mac

Grammarly Online Checker

Easily the most popular word processor ever created, Grammarly is our most favorite of all the best free writing software tools out there. In fact, this article itself has been written & edited by its awesomeness.

Geared to keep you better focussed on the task at hand, Grammarly features a very minimal greenish UI that’s easy on the eyes and distraction-free. Log in with your Google ID to access the built-in word editor and start writing. With every word you type in, Grammarly can – in real-time – check &fix its typo, grammar, and punctuation errors, faulty word choices, poor sentence structures & passive voices, among others. In fact, it even has a readability index to better help ensure that your hard work will be a joy to read.

Available both in free and paid versions, Grammarly’s biggest highlight, of course, is its multiplatform support. With plugins for chrome & safari, an app for android, iOS, Mac + an add on for MS office for that seamless writing experience

The pros

  • Simple, stylish interface
  • A built-in fully-fledged word processor with real-time tracking, cloud backup, word counting, error proofer, etc…
  • Excellent multi-platform support (android, iOS, Mac, Windows)
  • A free version is available

The cons

  • Steep short-term pricing
  • No MS Office integration for MacOs users (yet)

User opinion

“as a best-selling author, I can confidently say that Grammarly is, by far, the best Writing tool I have ever used, period”

#2 ProWritingAid


Faulty sentence structures, typos & punctuation errors? ProWritingAid to the rescue! A popular best writing software for free amongst modern writers, PWA is a top choice to consider if you want a hassle-free writing life – we’ll explain.

For starters,the interface is crazy simple – no distractions at all. With smart algorithms, ProWritingAid can format your book as you are writing it. With it, you can edit fast, fix punctuation & typo errors, find alt to words, boost readability, etc… in fact, it can even help you become a better writer itself, as it highlights your errors and offers fixes in a way that lets youeasily learn from your mistakes as you go. Working on top-secret projects & sensitive reports? Don’t worry as ProWritingAid’s secure 256-bit “bank-level” security can protect your data from any and all prying eyes with due diligence.

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid too is available across all top platforms, including plugins for chrome, firefox, apps for Windows & macOS, as well as an MS office integration. And oh, its also crazy affordable too, at $90 a year.

The pros

  • Simple, sleek Ui
  • A powerful word processor with a built-in proofreader (can also work as a vocabulary builder & writing style coach.
  • Multiplatform compatibility (windows, Mac, Browsers, etc…)
  • Highly secure 256 – bit content protection
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • affordable

The cons

  • The free version is almost useless
  • Sometimes lag when dealing with huge, single documents

User opinion

“My school and writer lives have never had it easier. Thanks, ProWritingAid for making everything I write error-free & cool”

#3 Ginger Software

Ginger Software

Another popular best writing software for android, iOS, Mac, windows, chrome &safari, Ginger has a unique ace up its sleeve – yup, we are of course are talking about its ability to translate any contents to & from 65+ languages.

Putting its lingual prowess aside, Ginger is also a pretty nice word processor too, with grammar/punctuation error fixing, including trouble-shooters for c-style, sentence structuring, word usage, subject-verb errors, semicolon errors, and more – all with unmatched accuracy. In fact, Ginger is by far the best word processor we have in terms of proofreading quality. Yup, It’s almost as good as a human proof checker. For writers on the go, this best free writing software is now available as an app for windows and mac, browser plug-ins for chrome and safari, and there is even a keyboard app for both Android & iOS.

Being more writer centric, the Ginger also features additional writing tools such as a dictionary (for a better vocabulary), a sentence rephraser, a text reader, a contextual translator, and a personal language trainer.

The pros

  • A powerful word processor with a full suite of grammar/punctuation fixers and other content improving tools
  • Built-in global translator – convert your contents into 65 global languages with full precision & contextual integrity
  • Virtual writing tutor (only with a premium subscription)
  • Deep integration with MS Office
  • Affordable

The cons

  • The UI could’ve been a bit better and user-friendlier
  • No plagiarism checker

User opinion

“Perfect for avoiding grammatical embarrassment, Ginger, as a writer, is easily the best tool I have in my arsenal”

#4 WhiteSmoke


The penultimate entry in our list of best free writing software tools WhiteSmoke may look all ancient with its interface. But hidden behind the old façade, we have one of the most powerful word processors ever created.

Geared for expert writers, the tool leans into the retro style, with a very light interface that’s perfect for all those long writing sessions. To aid in your literary crusade, the text editor comes with a grammar & punctuation checker built-in, which together can free your content from the clutches of sentence structures errors, typos, passive voice, etc… in addition, you’re also be getting a plagiarism checker, a thesaurus, and a translator built into it. Finally, like a proper word processor, WhiteSmoke further carries a ton of pre-built templates for letters and various other documents to better make your life easier.

Another area where WhiteSmoke shines is cross-platform support. With extensions for both chrome & safari as well as apps for android and iOS, you can easily continue your work whenever or wherever you want.

The pros

  • Pretty powerful grammar checker with handy plagiarism detector and sentence rephraser
  • Support word-to-word translation across 55 languages
  • Multiplatform support
  • Hundreds of free document templates

The cons

  • The Retro UI is quite polarising
  • No free plan

User opinion

“5 years ago, I published my first novel with the help of Whitesmoke. Now I am in my third and I am still using it – says a lot, right?”

#5 Hemingway App

Named after the famous literary genius, the Hemmingway best writing software for Writers is pretty unique in the sense that it is tuned to better fit around the eponymous writer’s unique style of writing – bold, simple, and clear.

To deliver the same, this best writing software for iOS, Mac, Windows & Android comes with a quite powerful word editor that can scan and clear errors in your writing in real-time, including bad, complex sentences, passive voices, poor word choices, etc… Furthermore, Hemmingway also allows you to tune your writing to certain readability levels, ensuring that your target readers can easily understand them & is clear for all.

Available in both free and premium versions, they both offer the same exact features but with a key difference: The free one requires an online connection to work whereas the premium one can function without it.

The pros

  • Built-in text editor with pretty powerful word checking and optimizing qualities
  • Easy to use, minimal UI
  • Can customize it to target specific reading levels
  • Affordable, one-time purchase option
  • Pretty good free version

The cons

  • Often tend to over-simplify contents
  • There is no way to save or import/export your work with the free version

User opinion

“Perfect for beginners, Hemmingway app is an astonishingly great (and affordable) way to energize your writing efforts”

Best Writing Software For Windows – Frequently Asked Questions

You probably don’t know this. But writers can be a pretty fickle bunch when it comes to embracing changes. Mostly, this is about comfort. But rarely, their refusal to adapt may also be caused by certain worries & doubts.

Here’s your chance to put some of them to rest;

1) Can the best free writing software options really make me a better writer?

Yes, they can. Although they can’t substitute for pure talent, these word processing tools can help make your writing sessions easier, more focussed, and yes, productive too. This of course, directly results in better content.

So yes, these tools CAN make you a better writer, especially from a physical and productive standpoint.

2) Can I use MS word to write a book?

Although it’s created exactly for that purpose, MS word is still an excellent platform to churn out top novels and books. For once, everybody knows it + let’s face it, almost everybody with a computer already may have access to it.

Again, it’s not the medium that matters, rather your talent is. If MS Word is your writing Jam, then for sure, you can go for it

3) Okay, but do I need an internet connection to use them?

In most cases, yes. With most of these best free writing software tools leveraging their online databases to fuel their features like sentence rephrasing, plagiarism checks & cloud backups, etc., they must be used only online.

That said, some writing tools like the Hemmingway app can work in offline mode, albeit often in a limited fashion.

4) Are the best free writing software systems trustable?

Yes, of course, they are! With security like 256-bit encryption & hack-proof firewalls, all your content will always be safe and secure.

Best Free Writing Software Online – The Conclusion

Whether you’re trying to weave together a few jumbles of ideas, fix split infinitives, or nail down that hard to pronounce word, the best writing apps 2023 can easily help you churn out a literary masterpiece with ease.

Obviously, these tools in itself don’t guarantee that you’ll top any bestseller list (that’s where talent comes in to play) but they can, however, make your writing sessions easier, more focussed, productive, and a bit of fun too.

Take your time & go through each tool, try them out and see which one suits you better. Remember, it’s a personal choice. What works for one writer, may not work for you. So keep your comfort in mind when picking.

Thankfully, there end the hard part. Now with your new best writing software for iPhone& PC, you can now get back to what counts;

Yup, Filling the empty pages & creating lasting rapports with your readers!

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