Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers

Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers To Spruce Up Their Blogging In 2023 & Forever!

Are you a blogger?

Surprisingly, friend or family of any professional blogger?

Are you planning to present your loved ones, a precious gift?

What best gift you can offer your husband or wife, mom or dad, friend, or someone who is a blogger?

As a professional blogger, their wants will be unique from non-bloggers.

Today, in this article, I have got you covered the best gift ideas for bloggers – for real passionate and professional bloggers!

Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers – Be A Great Gift Finder!

Blogging is indeed a bizarre profession! It’s all about digital and online. So, your gifts must be in the form of digital things. You can’t even wrap the gifts for them, Lol!

As a blogger, you will have some clues. If you’re not a blogger, you probably have NO IDEA to gift a blogger or what they actually need.
If you are not sure about the best gifts for such blogging friends or family members, become a good gift finder today!

Consider these awesome gift ideas for bloggers. Sure, you can surprise them!

Best Gifts For Bloggers On Their Special Day!

With this list of best gifts for bloggers (from their wish list), I hope to save you from the shopping headache.

You may choose the best gift for bloggers in your life.

#1 Lifetime Deals On Their Favorite Digital Blogging Tools

Though blogging success is all about one’s passion and interest, blogging tools help them to some extent to achieve it.

Most of the growing bloggers would find it hard to invest in blogging tools until they make some money from their blogging. Let this not stop their blogging growth.

Your gift can be a lifesaver, even! Yes, gift them the lifetime deals on their blogging tools.

It may cost you just a few dollars. This gift can be a remarkable one in their blogging journey, especially when they struggle to come up!

It can be anything – content marketing tools like MarketMuse or SEO tools like SEO SplyGlass or everything that makes their blogging ease.

It’s quite challenging to get their blog noticed by both people and the search engines during the initial days. Creating outstanding articles would be a great place to start. So, helping them with a lifetime deal on their favorite copywriting or content creation tool would greatly help. Besides, they would be more surprised to get such incredible gifts on their special occasions.

#2 Give The Gift Of Hosting & Premium Blog Theme

Several bloggers start their blogging career with free resources. Especially, the free hosting servers or free blogging platforms like blogger, BlogSpot, etc., for their blog. They were compromised just to get started!

But, once they are determined and take blogging as their long term profession – free resources could limit their blogging accomplishments. So, they are supposed to upgrade to premium to become a successful one.

I suggest you gift them a custom domain name along with a reliable hosting service to house and store all their blogging files. However, you will find amazing discounts on hosting services like Bluehost on first-time purchases.

Further, it’s good to go with any free themes and templates for their blog. But, make this an opportunity to gift them a powerful theme like Astra for WordPress to make their blog looks stunning. I also recommend checking StudioPress Genesis themes for more theme options.

#3 Present Them The Gift Of Stock Photo Memberships

Considering the engaging elements for any blog page – images, illustrations, GIFs, like media files are imperative.

Not all bloggers are good photographers. But, they love to use photos on their blog sites.

Plenty of stock photo membership platforms like StockUnlimited, UnSplash, Pixabay, etc. available out there in the market to help them.

You pay for it on behalf of those fellow bloggers quarterly or get them access to the entire library of stock images, icons, fonts, illustrations, etc. That means a lot to those aesthetic-loving bloggers.

These platforms, indeed, keep adding more and more new collections often. Let your lovable bloggers download and use those visuals on their blogs.

#4 Offer Them The Opportunity To Learn From Blogging Experts

In the exciting world of blogging, there will always be something new to learn every day. That’s indeed the more special thing I love about blogging.

Based on their blogging expertise, gift them some valuable online blogging courses, eBooks, webinars, and premium resources for learning.

It can be anything about driving traffic to their blog, optimizing blog performance, promoting their blog on social sites, monetizing their blog for more income, and so on.

Teach the man to catch a fish instead of giving him a fish for the day!

He/she will be a successful blogger for a lifetime.

You can offer effective blogging courses by the experts as a gift to the beloved bloggers in your life. Even there are some lifetime membership deals available on certain webinars and e-learning platforms.

Also, getting passes to the blogging conferences and meet-ups is amazing. This would greatly help them learn new things and meet their blogging pals and make new friends.

#5 Blogging Table Supplies Or Accessories (Non-digital)

At last, the non-digital gifts that you can wrap and deliver to surprise them more. Technology makes our life easier, and that’s indeed applicable for bloggers too. To help them work efficiently, gift bloggers with the home office or blogging desk supplies like laptop stands, microphones, storage devices, keyboards and mouse, earphones, etc.

Having their blogging stuffs organized and being productive would be some of the major qualities of a blogger.

Inspire your blogging friend with blog planners, notebooks, pens, highlighters, and so on.

Most importantly, bloggers who are especially the coffee-lovers love blogging-themed coffee mugs. When you find them always doing even their little blogging tasks with a cup of coffee – this would be the most lovable gift of those bloggers.

Give your blogging enthusiasts the best, feature-rich music player that offers them an opportunity to keep them relaxed while blogging.

Indeed, these office supplies and gadgets can help them stay relaxed as well as productive.

Let’s Wrap Up – Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers!

That’s it, for now. I agree – I have not covered more specific gifts like cameras, tees, or travel kits for niche-based bloggers.

But, the above-shared gifts are almost blogging essentials—such inspiring gift ideas for any dedicated bloggers irrespective of their blogging topic or niche.

Any blogger would like to receive these gifts from you!

Sure, anything from these gift ideas for bloggers would make them happy! Worry not!

So, comment below on what you have decided to gift your blogging friend or someone significant in your life who is a blogger. More excited to see your choices!

8 thoughts on “Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers To Spruce Up Their Blogging In 2023 & Forever!”

  1. Wow, it’s a unique article. I like the way the ideas are described in the post. I don’t remember ever reading an article like this anywhere. So this is really impressive.

  2. Hi Admin,

    Your blogger gift concepts are outstanding. I never thought of these, and it’s fantastic reading this post and reflecting on how pleasures of giving out such wonderful gifts.
    All the gift items above can create wonders.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi there, You have some great ideas here for bloggers! I have a few that do freelance work for me and this would be great for the 2021 holidays.
    Premium versions of Canva or a tool like Missinglettr or Agorapulse.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea and have a great day.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You are right! The Premium version of Canva is having various better features and Missinglettr or Agorapulse is really awesome to improve the work.

      Thanks for sharing these impressive tools.

  4. What a great idea. These are truly useful gifts for bloggers. I think everyone will be very grateful to get gifts that he can use to improve his work.
    Awesome, to remind to give gifts like this which we usually do not think of.
    Thank you for this suggestion.

    1. Yes. If you are planning to give a gift for bloggers use can use these ideas and help them out on improving their work. It will make them more happy.

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