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3 Best Grammar Checker Tools & Software Online 2023 For Perfect Writing!

In real-time, there are many cases where bad grammar impacts some good brand’s name, credibility and even sales. Indeed, just spending a little money on any proficient best grammar checker tools can guard your reputation. Don’t let the typos, spelling and grammar mistakes costing your business and its credibility.

At the same time, you don’t need to be a grammar geek to get rid of those common writing errors. Some best online grammar checkers out there to help you out on this. Using which, you can represent yourself or deliver your thoughts confidently.

So, what’s the big deal, then?

There is. It’s all about finding the best grammar checker for your specific writing needs.

Should I Need Any Best Grammar Checker Tools, Really?

It makes less sense assuming that only the bloggers and the online publishers would need such proofreading or writing assistant tools. The grammar checker apps can also help –

  • Students & any academic professionals
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Email marketing professionals
  • Individual website owners
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Authors & e-book writers
  • Freelance writers & Copywriters
  • Magazine writers & journalists

Not just the list ends with these. If is your passion, hobby or daily tasks – it’s good to accompany a right spell and grammar checker tool with you. You need it, right?

In this article, I’ll help you to choose the best online grammar checker software that reduces your writing mistakes without a glitch.

So, let’s roll-out!

3 Best Grammar Checker Software 2023 – Find Your Suitable One!

Here, I am going to review only 3 best spelling and grammar check tools – intentionally, to make your job easy. Sticking to one from three is quite easy than putting a lot into your head and overwhelming. Isn’t it? So, here are those top 3 open source best grammar checker tools.

#1 Grammarly – Best Grammar Checker Software

Grammarly Online Checker

Grammarly comes first when you think about writing flawless project thesis, web content, emails, research papers, e-books, social posts or anything. And it deserves it.

From my years of experience in using Grammarly Premium version, I’m confident that I could personally review its ups and downs for you.

Grammarly, as a comprehensive proofreading tool, has all the essential features that any writers and online publishers need. Grammarly comes to you in various forms – free chrome add-on for online users, desktop apps for Windows and Mac users, keyboard for smart phones, web interface and so on.

Grammarly, as a smart grammar checker tool, checks any text against 200+ grammar rules. Apart from these typical features, Grammarly aids you with some more strategic options. You can set your goals based on your purpose of writing, type of projects and audience to get more personalized suggestions.


Let’s test how good Grammarly is to detect, fix and educate you about your grammar mistakes. Not just the grammatical errors; spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, style issues too.


You can see so many alerts (that I intentionally injected) on a variety of grammatical terms like subject-verb agreement, usage of phrases and articles. We all know that using more passive voice sentences in a piece of text will lead to poor readability. Grammarly alerts you on the occurrences of passive voices too.

So, all you have to do is, just click on the Green alert card to apply the changes. To learn and avoid the repeated mistakes, tap ‘Learn more’. Indeed, Grammarly offers detailed explanations on every mistake with appropriate examples.


Beyond spelling, typos, grammatical and punctuation errors under ‘Correctness’, it also lists down more relating content clarity, engagement, and delivery under “All Alerts”.

You can set the tool to auto-jump to the next errors-alerts automatically one after the other. With no much efforts (not even taking your hand from mouse), you can fix all the errors rapidly just by clicking on the alert cards.

You will find no list on the web about grammar checkers or proofreading tools that don’t include Grammarly in it. Grammarly Edu is popular among the schools and universities since it greatly aids improving student’s writing ability. So, as the best grammar checker software, Grammarly proves its ability. What other features of Grammarly can compel you to give it a try?

Other Features

  • Seamless integrations with Google Docs, MS Office, etc.
  • Detailed insights on your write-ups
  • Vocabulary enhancement for right words usage
  • Plagiarism checker to make sure your content is original
  • Mobile keyboard apps for iOS and Android
  • Easy switch between US, UK, Australia & Canada English


  • Free chrome add-on available
  • Neat GUI and enhanced settings
  • Flexible pricing plans for short term projects
  • Rich-text formatting options


  • Monthly plan’s pricing would be quite unaffordable for students
  • Need internet connectivity to perform checks

User Opinion

Grammarly helps me a lot to improve my writing since I started as a novice. And, understanding the English grammar is somehow made easy for me using it.

#2 ProWritingAid


Next to Grammarly, indeed, ProWritingAid bangs to be the best among the plethora of best free grammar and punctuation checker tools. You can simply sign-up a free account and start using its Web Editor or Chrome add-on. The tool has a neat and simple dashboard with all its tools displayed (almost like your MS word). Like Grammarly, you have multiple data-input options – copy & paste or upload a document or directly write on to the editor.

ProWritingAid toolkit

The very next second you feed content to ProWritingAid editor, the tool captures your mistakes diligently in real-time. By the way, clicking on ‘Grammar’ from its top banner, you can just access the grammatical errors.


Hover over your mouse pointer over any error to deal with it. You will find multiple options altogether – suggestions to fix the error, option to ignore the alert & disable the rule (permanently).

And, then clicking on the ‘i’ icon, you will find more information about the particular error, grammar rule and examples for better understanding. Learn from your mistakes. All good!

But, from the test results above, though it performs well in spotting several grammatical errors in your content, it missed out few errors that Grammarly caught.

Despite the grammatical errors, on the plus side, ProWritingAid aids you with more insights and reports on repeated words or phrases, overused words, sentence structure and even more – all pertain to the style improvements.

ProWritingAid Repeats check

Also, I would say, ProWritingAid wins Grammarly as a style editor. As a manuscript editing software, ProWritingAid checks your material against hundreds of hand-coded rules to further improve your writing style and content readability.

Further, like any other proofreading tools, ProWritingAid allows you to integrate it with your favorite writing editors. It has native apps for Google Docs, MS Office, Scrivener, and Windows. Sing-up a free account and start proofreading your content using its web editor. Otherwise, check your writings online on any platforms like Facebook, Gmail, etc. with its browser extensions.

Another great thing about ProWritingAid is – it has a tailor-made version for students, teachers and all education-related professionals. Not to surprise, over 500 schools were already using ProWritingAid Education to improve their student’s writing. So, what are its other incredible features?

Other Features

  • Ideal for simple spelling, grammatical & punctuation checks
  • 20+ in-depth reports on different writing aspects
  • Visual representations on sentence variations
  • Hassle-free integrations and desktop apps
  • More focused on writing style improvements
  • Option to set the writing style like casual, business, academic, etc.


  • Free extensions for Chrome browser
  • Suitable for students and authors/novel writers
  • Lifetime plans to save some bucks
  • Quite an affordable pricing


  • Compared to Grammarly, the tool sometimes fails to detect entire mistakes
  • Plagiarism checker is charged extra

User Opinion

As a freelance writer working for clients from various countries, I find ProWritingAid adapts to my every project gently and provide suggestions for improvements. I loved it.

#3 Ginger Software

Ginger Software

Don’t underestimate this tool, Ginger Software, since I mention it at last. Grammarly is indeed, a leader in the writer’s arsenal, ProWritingAid is certainly the best alternative to Grammarly, especially for beginners and students. Likewise, Ginger Software almost has the similar set of features, reliability and trust among its users.

Literally, Ginger software aims to support beginners who struggle to improve their writing skills. With its distinct features like –

Personal Trainer analyzes your content and gets you more personalized practice sessions based on your weak areas in English writing. So, it’s like your personal coach to teach you the language.

Text Reader allows you to read the text louder to understand how it sounds to your readers. By which, you can also improve the ability to speak English fluently with proper word pronunciations.

Translator aids you to write in your own native language, perform checks and then translate to between 40+ other languages. So, you can express yourself in better ways as bring-out your ideas in your comfortable language.

That’s all inspiring! But, how effective Ginger Software is in correcting your grammatical mistakes? Let’s test that too!

I’m sure you don’t be happy with Ginger software free grammar checker online since it allows only 450 characters to perform checks. However, you can add its free extension to your Chrome browser to get its assistance writing emails, commenting on social platforms, etc.

Alternatively, using Ginger software desktop app, feed your texts to check. Soon, the tool will detect most of the mistakes you made.


Hover over the error and then, click on the highlighted word to autocorrect the mistake, or ‘X’ to ignore or ‘+’ to add words to the dictionary. One bad thing is you don’t get instant explanations on each error.

But, the great thing is, Ginger Software allows you to fix all the mistakes at one shot just by clicking ‘Accept All’. Your job is done!

Ginger software options

Also, just by clicking on any error, you will see a contextual box with options to translate, find definition and synonyms altogether. And, its application menu provides you access many of tools like Personal Trainer (discussed above), phrase of the day, personal dictionary.

It has a Sentence Rephrase option to suggest some better and easy-to-read sentences with no alternations in your messages. Rephrasing the sentences with the right words could improve overall content value and readability.

Most importantly, adding your materials to Favorites will sink the data in all your applications like desktop, and web account. So, you can access your content from any device anywhere.

Other Features

  • More tools & options to learn a language
  • A simple dashboard with its toolkit displayed
  • Translation between 40 languages
  • One-click error correction
  • Hassle-free integration with other writing platforms
  • Data synchronization to access the documents from everywhere


  • Free Chrome add-on & desktop app
  • Ginger Page for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
  • Chrome & safari browser extensions for Mac users
  • Highly-accurate with contextual analysis


  • No desktop app for Mac users
  • Detects only fewer mistakes compared to Grammarly
  • No explanations on each error

User Opinion

I love to turn out my junk times to learn English writing with Ginger Software online practice sessions. My writing partner, always!.

FAQ on Best Online Grammar Checker Tools

Not sure about which ONE to choose right now? Do you just need the best free grammar and punctuation checker? Take a while, check out the FAQ’s too and then make decisions.

1) Which is the best grammar checker free?

All three grammar checking tools listed are available for free. Comparatively, Grammarly wins as it detects the utmost errors, no intrigued word limitations, gets you detailed explanations on each error and so on. ProWritingAid is yet another best free online spell and grammar checker next to Grammarly.

2) Grammarly vs ProWritingAid: which is better?

Grammarly and ProWritingAid being the leaders in the market, it’s hard to choose one between. As a Grammarly premium user, I would personally recommend Grammarly since it is a full-suite tool with a plagiarism checker. In the case of ProWritingAid, plagiarism checker comes as an additional service. ProWritingAid has no monthly or quarter plans for short-term projects, but Grammarly has.

3) Which grammar checker tool has a plagiarism checking feature?

Both Grammarly and ProWritingAid have plagiarism checking option. Grammarly plagiarism checker comes by default for its premium subscribers whereas, in case of ProWritingAid, you have to buy it separately. That’s good or bad – it’s up to you! But, Ginger Software doesn’t have it at all.

4) Are there any lifetime options available for schools & universities?

Yes, ProWritingAid has a lifetime plan for all and especially, special discounts on group plans for schools and educational institutions considering the student’s career in mind.

5) Can I buy any grammar checking tool just for 2 months?

Yes, Grammarly has very flexible pricing plans. Choose it monthly plan for 2 months or quarterly plan to deal with your short-term or occasional projects.

Final Verdict

I hope you got an idea about your best grammar checker tools that resonate to your writing needs. Make your digital toolkit a complete one with a proficient writing assistant app or proofreading software. Choose Grammarly for more reliable results, user-friendliness, and enhanced writing features. On the other hand, you write better but struggling to improve your writing style, ProWritingAid is ideal as a style editor.

Not just grammar, good writing deserves to be original, good-to-read, and engage the readers with clarity. So, give all the tools a try using free editions. Then, go with your suitable ones!

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