Best Lifetime Deals For Mac

Best Lifetime Deals For Mac – Get Membership, Subscription Services At Killer Discounts

Without a doubt, Macs come with plenty of power and potential, especially the latest ones. However, getting the most out of these Apple-made beasts means getting the right apps. Power and professional users are well aware of this fact, and that just what today’s best lifetime deals for Mac software are recommended for.

Offered by, these software deals can save you up to 90% OFF the App price, which amounts to massive savings. Eleven better, all the software listed comes with lifetime access other perks like and money-back guarantee Interested to know more? Keep on reading & start saving;

Best Lifetime Deals For Mac – Love Deals? AppSumo Is Your Best Friend!

Beyond the apple AppStore, AppSumo is one of the biggest sources for buying high-quality software and services for Mac devices. Aside from the vast collection of mainly utilitarian tools, the biggest highlight of this store is the crazy deals they often offer.’

Indeed, you can enjoy up to 90% off (and even 100% off in some cases) on many premium software and services if you buy from Yup, massive savings are abounding!

Also, if you buy from AppSumo, you can enjoy other perks like;

  • Get a 60-day money-back guarantee with all the best  lifetime deals for Mac you buy from
  • Best lifetime deals for Mac even on products that don’t generally offer it
  • Highly reliable customer support
  • Access to founders & CEOs of the tools directly, allowing for easier conversations

Best Lifetime Subscription Deals For Mac

Mac software and services are generally expensive. This holds true even with the lowest subscription plans and membership costs as they will add up in the long run.

This is where AppSumo and their best lifetime deals for Mac come in. So, what does lifetime offer discounts for Mac do? Well, With their help, you can now buy your favorite Mac software at insane discounts & enjoy lifetime access to them. This means that by availing AppSumo’s help, you’ll be free from pricy annoying subscription and membership plans for the foreseeable future.

Top Lifetime Deals For Mac – Enjoy Forever Access To Your Favourite Mac Software

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the best lifetime deals for Mac you can enjoy from All of these cool deals are live right now are available for purchase. Hence, we urge you to grab them ASAP pr avoid missing out;

Best Lifetime Software Deals For Mac

Never pay full price for software again. Often, puts high-value Mac software solutions at extremely low prices to our surprise. Below, you can find some of those crazy discount deals now up for grabs;

1) LingvaNex

With support for over 100+ languages, Linvanex promises to translate everything everywhere. The tool works with text, images, documents, and even speech with excellent accuracy. It can massively change the way you communicate globally.

The tool works cross-platform with further support for Windows and Android. LingvaNex also works to translate on Safari, iMessage, and spotlight.


  • Speak, translate hear any voice data in real-time
  • Supports over 100+ languages
  • A special keyboard helps you to translate the text as you type
  • Learn new words with the Memory card feature

Type: language translating tool

Actual price: $399.00

AppSumo price: $79.00

2) VMaker

Do you use a lot of screen recording in your line of work? Then Vmaker is the tool for you. Using this robust tool, you can easily create high-quality screen and webcam (up to 4K resolution) recordings and share them with ease.

Edit and annotate your videos with the robust built-in features. The app can also record internal and external audio with options for easy syncing & editing.


  • HD recording support (up to 4K)
  • Powerful built-in video editing, annotating, and sharing features
  • SSL secure encryption
  • Available for both Mac and chrome (with a plug-in)

Type: Screen recording and sharing tool

Actual price: $149.00

AppSumo price: $4500.00

3) Domain Book App

Essentially, the Domain Book App works as a manager for your domain collection. It can help you monitor your current domains, add and edit information and track their expiry dates. It will alert you timely if a domain is nearing its end.

Once installed, the tool will auto collect your domain details straight from the registrar. You can also attach notes to each domain stating their main intentions, or if you are planning to renew them.


  • Auto collects data regarding your domains from the registrar
  • Effective, minimalistic interface
  • Manually edit your local domain data and add notes to them with few clicks
  • Alerts you of upcoming domain expirations

Type: Domain management software

Actual price: $14.99

AppSumo price: $7.99

4) Timetrack Apploye

An all-in-one professional time management tool, the TimeTrack lets you create custom time sheets for you & your team & get the best out of your working hours. The tool works in real-time and can even function offline (in a limited capacity).

Along with accurate time tracking, you can create & track invoices and payrolls straight from the application itself. The tool also lets you “peek” into how an assignment is faring in real-time.


  • A single, clean dashboard gives you all the key information in one place
  • Built-in payroll and invoicing functions
  • Track your team in real-time (individual tracking is available)
  • Cross-platform; Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (iOS & Chrome soon)

Type: Time and team management software

Actual price: $504.00

AppSumo price: $0.00

5) Watch Net Speed

If the name doesn’t give it away, the Watch Net Speed App is designed to do one thing: to help you monitor the bandwidth rate of your Mac in real-time. Super lightweight, the app sits on your Menu bar and can alert you of the data rate wherever you are in the system.

Notably, you can switch between KBps and MBps to track. You can also see the upload and download rates independently. The native MacOS style design further adds to the charm.


  • Small, fast to install, and non-resource intensive
  • Highly accurate
  • The UI looks clean and goes well with the MacOs design
  • Easily accessible from anywhere

Type: Bandwidth monitoring software

Actual price: $8.99

AppSumo price: $7.99

Best Lifetime Deals For Non-Mac Users – Save Big With These Offers!

Along with great software for Mac, AppDumo has a big range of pro-grade software (and deals) meant for windows, Android, and even Linux as well. Below, you’ll find a categorized list of some of the best AppSumo deals for Non-Mac users;

Best Lifetime Deals For Bloggers

As a blogger, you need the right tools to help you put out quality & creative content consistently without facing burnout mentally & physically. Here are a few AppSumo killer deals on blogging software that’s worth checking out;

Best Lifetime Deals For WordPress Tools

WordPress is used by millions to create great websites to meet their work & personal requirements. To get the best out of WP though, some high power tools are needed – tools like the ones we have listed below with Lifetime AppSumo deals;

Best Lifetime Deals For Digital Marketers

To do their best possible work, digital marketers often require the assistance of certain premium software and services, whether they are tuning social media or running web ads. Below, you’ll find some killer DM tools at huge savings;

Best Lifetime Deals For Freelancers

With the freedom to do what you love & get paid for it, being a freelancer is awesome. Buying premium tools for your work though? Not awesome. Here’re some best deals for freelancers from AppSumo that’s sure to bring you a smile;

Best lifetime deals for Saas Software

Cloud-based SaaS services are amazing since you get the same exact range of features of software but without installing or worrying about hardware needs – it just works. Below, you will find the best AppSumo lifetime deals on a few popular SaaS products;

Best Lifetime Deals For Tech

On many occasions, you might be forced to buy a certain software to make full use of a tech product you purchased. Thankfully, you can minimize the extra cost with some best lifetime deals for tech from AppSumo – like the ones featured here;

Best lifetime memberships for Mac

As you can see from the bet lifetime deals for Mac and other discounts listed above, there are massive savings to be enjoyed here, not to mention the sheer benefits these tools offer,

If you want to save even more bucks, consider investing in AppSumo Plus –’s exclusive reward program which will grant perks like an extra 10% off on all products, early access to deals, and discounts, giveaway offers, etc…

FAQ On AppSumo Free Upcoming Lifetime Deals For Others & Mac

If you have any concerns or doubts about the best lifetime deals for Mac we’ve listed, you might find the answers below in our FAQ. If not, let us know & we will help;

1) How long will the best lifetime deals for Mac be live for?

Most AppSumo deals are quick to expire, especially lifetime deals. Hence, we recommend you grab them as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

2) How AppSumo returns work?

If you are not satisfied with an AppSumo software or a service, you can easily return it within 60 days and get your money back – no questions asked.

3) How to claim the AppSumo lifetime deals listed above?

You can grab these awesome deals by going to, searching for the product (or click the links given above), and buying the product. The deals will be auto-applied on checkout.

4) Are there any free lifetime memberships or Mac or other deals?

Yes, there are plenty! You can indeed get many awesome software’s and services for Mac from

The Final words – Best Lifetime Deals For Mac

If you are looking for the best lifetime deals for Mac, chances are that you will be very satisfied with the AppSumo discounts we have listed above. They are indeed super money savers!

Want even more amazing deals? Well. Make sure to bookmark and check back on this page frequently as we will be adding new AppSumo best lifetime software deals for Mac as soon as they go live – and guess what? There are plenty more to come!

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Did we miss any good AppSumo deals? Have any opinions to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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