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Top 5 Best Mac Blogs To Follow {2023} – Bookmark Today!

Ah, Mac computers – the pinnacle of personal productivity machines. As much as we love the awesomeness and affordability of windows, the Macs will always have a special place in our hearts for all things Apple. Indeed, many (including us) are rabid Mac fans & follow Apple news pretty religiously, so much so that we are always on the lookout for best Mac blogs 2023 to follow for all the latest scoops.

And hey my friend, we got just what you are looking for!

As fellow Mac lovers, here we are listing some of our most favorite best Mac blogs 2023 to help you easily keep on top of everything Apple & Mac.

Some super famous, some much-hidden gems – here they are!

Best Mac Blogs 2023 For Apple News!

If you own Apple devices, you know crazy interesting a company Apple is. They are always up to something in their Cupertino HQ. Whether it’s regarding the upcoming iPhone, iPad, their audio range, or their popular Mac computing range (or their obscene pricing), when Apple does something, the world just wants to sit up and take notice.

The best Mac blogs 2023 can serve as your gateway to the wonderful world of Apple and its products and services. They also can be great places to meet & interact with other “Apple Fanboys” who share your love for the half bitten fruit.

Here are some of our favorite best apple Mac blogs to follow in 2023;

Top Mac Blogs 2023 – 5 Best Mac Blog Sites To Follow

From how-to guides, troubleshooting tips, product reviews, news, or as a place to engage with like-minded apple fans, these best Mac blogs 2023 have something for everybody.

Starting with our favorite;

#1 9to5Mac was born in 2007 and is the brainchild of Seth Weintraub, who created it to keep up with the latest in technology and nurture his writing career.

A part of a tech network sites including 9to5Google and 9to5Toys, the focuses mainly on all things apple. They mostly cover apple software and hardware releases – their recent work on covering AirPod Max was especially praiseworthy. That said, they also often pay close attention to Apple’s business side of things, including stock prices, corporate strategies, personnel changes, and top announcements. is often amongst the first to breaking news on apple. They often post rumors, leaks (reliable ones), and renders regarding Apple’s upcoming projects. They are often cited by the likes of the New York Times, Bloomberg, and many others, so it’s obvious they are a very trustable source. They also mark sponsored posts clearly as such, so that’s nice as well.

They also run a pretty nice YouTube channel where they post device reviews, camera breakdowns, and details on all Major apple news’s. You can catch them rambling on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with all the breaking news.

#2 Cult Of Mac

Headquartered in San Francisco, is another one of the best Mac blogs out there with a wider focus. Aside from the usual plethora of breaking news articles, product reviews, and guides, the website further has a dedicated session for app development and a shopping session where you can buy old apple products and exchange them for cash. Heck, they even have a whole session dedicated to offering awesome deals on all apple gears.

It’s a well-regarded website with a loyal fan following, much of which they got from posting reliable leaks on upcoming Apple products. Their trusty team of reporters has worked with the likes of Wired, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, MacLife, NYT, BBC, etc… They also often post verified tips from readers, so they are a thousand ears if you got something interesting.

Like most of the best Mac blog sites out there, they too have a YouTube channel where they post device reviews and how-to guides. They also run a podcast dedicated just to Mac news – it’s pretty interesting. You can find them on Twitter & Instagram.

#3 MacRumors

Apple is known for its secretive nature. However, that doesn’t stop many best Mac blog sites from speculating apples next big hits. Chief amongst them, we’ve

Yes, they post apple leaks, and that too pretty accurate ones. That said, Macrumour also covers aspects of the Apple ecosystem, including macOS, iOS, Apple’s various paid services, and its non-computing devices (like Apple TV); needless to say, Macrumour attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest tech products & services.

Macrumour is quite notable for posting all the time, even multiple times a day. They publish hot news, tips and tricks, and app reviews. They also run a forum where you can interact with fellow apple fanboys to your heart’s content. If you have any juicy tidbits about Apple, is the best place to share them.

As usual, they have a YouTube channel that hosts product reviews, how-to tips, etc. They are also quite active on Twitter and Instagram.

#4 Macworld

Macworld started life in 1984 as a printed magazine, and in 2014, they axed the print division and turned fully digital and has remained since.

Often updated, you get the same magazine-like format (with news, product reviews, how-to’s, announcements, etc.) but only online. You can also read past articles from their glorious printed days, which are great for a walk down memory lane. Their discussion forums are a great place to catch up on the latest Mac rumors and inside banter. The website is quite well maintained despite the age – it feels very retro yet modern enough.

Notably, they also post tons of articles on third-party accessories for Apple devices: cases, adaptors, cables, dongles, mice, wireless earphones, and literally anything else that complements the Apple product’s experience. They focus on practical information offer “penetrating analysis that only true Apple experts can deliver” as per them.

A YouTube channel is obviously present where they upload Apple reviews & guides weekly. You can check them out via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

#5 MacMost

If you are not a big fan of reading and want your Mac content “video-fied,” check out, which posts interesting videos about, well… Mac computers.

Founded by Gary Rosenzweig, who is also the producer and host of this killer best Mac blogs operation, is keen to teach the world how to use their Apple Products – find guides, how-to tutorials, and app reviews, breaking news, etc. He is a bit of a nerdy apple enthusiast and a fast talker, but his videos are pretty information-rich and rather enlightening. You can find his video podcasts both on his website as well as on his dedicated YouTube channel. He also runs a patron where he posts more in-depth videos Mac guides for premium.

Interestingly, there is no hint of advertisements on his website, which is very appreciable from a consumer standpoint. If you want to support him, you can buy exclusive merchandise like T-shirts and Caps from the site. You can also subscribe to his online courses on Udemy if you want to upgrade your Apple expertise further.

Bonus: Brand Sparko

An up and coming promising player among the best Mac blogs, is all about bringing you the latest in tech, especially… you guessed it, Macs!

They host tons of articles, how-to guides, reviews, and more on Apple devices and services with insightful, engaging writing. You can also find business-focussed articles on SEO, blogging, online marketing, and business promotion tools related mainly to Macs and other platforms. We found the reviews to be unbiased and informative, offering unbridled analysis of the tools/service performances.

They also run dedicated sessions for the hottest deals, software, and other tech essentials to improve your everyday Mac experience. You can sign up for their newsletters to easily stay up-to-date on the latest product launches, best-in-market tools, product/service reviews, upcoming How-to tutorials, and the best apple deals.

Best Apple Mac Blogs – The Conclusion

There you have it – these are the top 5 (+1) best Mac blogs 2023 to follow for true apple fans to better get the best out of their Macs and other Apple offerings.

Indeed, if you love apple, you must bookmark these awesome top Mac blogs 2023. They’ll keep you informed of all the latest happenings inside the Cupertino Giant when on the go. You can also log on to if you want the news straight from the horse’s mouth – You can find software updates, video tutorials, post queries, read press releases & consult the knowledge base.

At the end of the day, you can follow any of these sites to appreciate better the company that made the computer you love so much.

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