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Top Best Plagiarism Checker Tools 2023 For Guaranteed Copy-Free Writing

As a writer & a blogger, I often get asked: what are the best plagiarism checker tools & whether or not they need one? You see, there is nothing even more damaging to a writer’s reputation or a student’s record than being accused of plagiarism. Even a tiny hint of it can destroy your goodwill, grades, or livelihood to smitherin’s.

It’s now super essential that you only turn in contents that are truly, reliably, “plagiarism-free” in every sense. And of course, the best way to do it is by utilizing good, top best online plagiarism checker tools.

But alas! With hundreds of supposed “best” web plagiarism checkers out there, the choices can get confusing, especially for newbies.

To help save you the trouble, find below 5 of the best plagiarism checkers you can buy today – as advised by experts & users.

Let’s get right in:

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools – They matters!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To a degree, that’s correct. But when inspiration crosses a certain line and wades into outright copying/thieving, that’s where plagiarism comes waltzing in.

Granted, in most cases, it’s unintentional. After all, no thought is ever original today. However, there are those who also– for the sake of saving time or for the luck of creativity – turn to the evil of plagiarism. If left unchecked, this can destroy lives, crush reputations &, of course, can even turn into costly legal disputes and more.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the internet, no content is safe anymore, with just a few taps; anyone can steal your work & peddle it as their own. And the worst part? The chances are that you won’t even notice it until its too late.

Or hey, at least that was the case till now.

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

With the best plagiarism checker tools below, you can now easily protect your hard works from getting plagiarized by unscrupulous guys, find & act against those who have already robbed/plagiarized your work, etc. for editors, these can be a lifesaver if one of your writers ever decide to take the low road.

Yup, they are a no-brainer, and it’s very important that they should be in every writer’s and editors’ everyday workflow.

To help fulfill the same, here’re 5 of their best choices of best plagiarism checker software tools;

5 Best Plagiarism Checker Software Tools 2023

Quick disclaimer: while this is a review for the best plagiarism checker software tools, most of the tools that’ll be reviewed below can do more than just stopping your work from getting stolen/misused but can also better help refine your writings itself, improving their quality, making them more appealing.

In other words, you are getting two (or several?) birds for one stone here!

Excited? Let’s start with one of our top favorites;

1) Grammarly

Grammarly Online Checker

You know Grammarly as the best grammar/punctuation checking tool available today. However, did you know that it also features one of the most robust best plagiarism checker tools in the business? Well, now, you do!

For starters, the plagiarism checker is deeply integrated into Grammarly’s framework, sharing even a part of its main UI. Drawing upon ProQuest’s database of 16 billion web pages, Grammarly exceptionally highlights any and all plagiarism in a jiffy.

Fully automatic, Grammarly will cross-match your writing with billions of web pages, detecting and highlighting sections that may’ve been published elsewhere before. You will also get detailed feedback on word choice, clarity, sentence structures, and conciseness.

The only gripe? Its plagiarism checking capabilities are hidden behind a pay wall. But hey, considering how good it is & the number of extra perks like proof readier, sentence rephrases, vast OS support, etc. it’s well worth the premium.

The pros

  • All in one proofreading solution
  • Powerful, snappy plagiarism checker with a database of 16 billion web pages and growing
  • Works on almost every platform a student uses
  • Ensuring maximum quality, you can choose between US/UK writing styles, content nature, add new words, etc.
  • Impressive cross-platform support

The cons

  • Only “Pro” Premium users can access the plagiarism checker
  • It’s not exactly foolproof

User opinion

“As a writer, being plagiarized is a big no-no for me. Thankfully, Grammarly is all I need to prevent that from ever happening”

#2 ProWritingAid


With ProWritingAid, you can now take comfort in knowing that your writings are safe, secure, and are free from getting copied to hell & back – all thanks to its impressive inbuilt best plagiarism checker software.

So what do you get? The usual, really. With ProwritingAid, just enter your writing by copy-pasting or uploading it as a document (Docx, pdf, txt…). Immediately, the p-tool will cross-check all your writings with a billion others & shows you the results. It’s a bit on the slower side, and yes, the overall accuracy may also be on the lower side.

However, given that plagiarism checking isn’t ProWritingAid’s main forte (that claim goes to its powerful punctuation and grammar checker with consistency proofer, sentence rephraser, etc…), that’s a quibble most casual users (not professionals) can easily forgive.

Besides, costing only $50 a year, you can’t complain much, especially with other best free online plagiarism checker tools. Finally, all your contents in PWA is protected by high-grade 256-bit encryption – nice.

The pros

  • Minimal easy to use interface
  • The built-in, solid plagiarism checker can help your writings fight against copied contents with absolute ease
  • Extremely capable grammar and punctuation checkers (with inbuilt a vocabulary builder & writing style coach
  • Highly secure 256-bit content protection
  • Quite affordable

The cons

  • The accuracy of the plagiarism checker leaves a lot to be desired
  • Rarely has some performance issues, especially when dealing with huge, single content and documents

User opinion

“Under a budget? Needs great plagiarism checking? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than ProWritingAid – period!”

#3 CopyScape

Long considered one of the nicest best plagiarism checker tools, CopyScape offers a free service that searches for plagiarism to identity theft. The pro version further offers extra perks such as batch and offline searches, private index, API, etc.

Perfect for freelancers & writing professionals, CopyScape utilizes the power of Google & Bing to fuel its plagiarism checking powers. Just copy-paste your content & you’re done – CopyScape instantaneously will highlight any & all plagiarism, if present. CopyScape also supports almost every common alphabets and languages (with the exceptions being Chinese, Japanese & Korean). Meaning that no matter what language your content is in, CopyScape can read it and then point out the plagiarism no matter how well hidden. With an extra plugin called “CopySentry,” this best online plagiarism checker software can initiate automatic plagiarism checking for your contents & can alert you if someone tries to plagiarize your writings.

As far as pricing goes, CopyScape works in a pre-pay fashion, which varies from $0.05 (400 words) to $5.00 (4900 words). In other words, it mighty cheap. Finally, it’s worth noting that CopyScape is exclusive to PC only among other flexible best plagiarism checker tools.

The pros

  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful plagiarism checking with inputs from Google and Bing (works across almost every global languages)
  • WordPress integration with the auto alert for plagiarism attempts (needs CopySentry add on to function
  • Very affordable pre-pay pricing system
  • Free version available

The cons

  • Lack of devise/platform support (works only with PC)
  • No backup or save support for your reports

User opinion

“After I started using CopyScape, never a client rejected me for plagiarism. My editor is pleased, I am pleased – thanks CopyScape”

#4 SmallSeoTools

100% free! SmallSeoTools is mainly aimed at casual users & marketers. It can be useful for checking small snippets for plagiarism, no installation, no account needed – just copy/paste all your writings & you’re good to go!

Sounds amazing, right? Well, not quite. Like every other best plagiarism checker tool, SmallSeoTools too have some big issues. For example, SST isn’t exactly geared to detect plagiarized writings that are a tiny bit changed. Because of this, a ton of plagiarism may remain undetected, as we find with our document test: only 5% got tagged. Completely online, SST’s plagiarism reports have three different views: first, we have the “document view” which highlights all the plagiarized contents. Next, we have the “matched sources” view, which cross-matches and connect the plagiarized sentences to the real sources. And finally, we get the “sentence wise result,” which works to analyze each sentence separately for max accuracy.

In addition, this best online plagiarism checker software works in several global languages, can check writings by their URL’s, offers cloud storage support, and offers WordPress a plugin. An Automatic rewriter is also included for easy para-phrasing.

The pros

  • 100% totally free (no login needed)
  • Capable multi-lingual plagiarism checker with different color-coded views for refined, more accurate copy detecting
  • Extremely easy to use (just copy/paste or upload your documents & get checking)
  • Powerful WordPress plugin compatibility
  • Auto rewriting feature

The cons

  • Only detects the more obvious plagiarism errors
  • Word limit of 1000 words

User opinion

“Free, powerful, and convenient – I love using SmallSeoTools to kill plagiarism in my contents, and it has never let me down, ever!”

#5 WhiteSmoke


As the last entry on our best plagiarism checker software review, we got WhiteSmoke – yet another “All-in-one” checker with a plagiarism detector – tuned to search across billions of web pages at a click.

For starters, the design looks minimal, light & almost identical to that of Grammarly, which of course, is a very nice thing. The inbuilt plagiarism checker is a breeze to use – just upload your content/documents & WS will take care of the rest. Fast to work, the tool can immediately highlight you the plagiarized bits & their sources. And since the database is ever-growing, the far more accurate, it’ll get overtime. The other perks of WhiteSmoke include grammar, spell, style, and punctuation checkers + a powerful WhiteSmoke translator that now supports over 50+ world languages (to & from)

Finally, the best part about WhiteSmoke is that you can access this tool regardless of the platform or device you use. It works on chrome, safari, macOS, Windows, and they even have apps for ios & android so you can check on the go.

The pros

  • Easy to use
  • All in one proof checking tool
  • Powerful plagiarism checker with smart, AI – fuelled algorithms for faster, more precise copy checking results.
  • Built-in translator (supports over 50+ languages)
  • Cross-platform support

The cons

  • The plagiarism checking is not as powerful as Grammarly
  • No free plan

User opinion

“One of my clients pointed WhiteSmoke to me, and I’m glad they did. It’s easily the best plagiarism checker I’ve ever used – love it!”

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools – FAQ

Now that you know all about the top 5 best free online plagiarism checker tools in detail, how about we wrap it up with a quick FAQ session on the same? We know you have a ton of queries, here are their answers;

1) What are the best plagiarism checker tools? How do they work?

A plagiarism checker is a piece of software that’s available over the internet that can check a document or a certain portion of a document for duplicate or copied/plagiarized contents wherever they are.

It works by scanning the web for other uses of the same phrases, terms, or quotes. In some cases, it can also detect similarities in wording and para-phrasing. The more “sensitive” the plagiarism checker is, the more accurate it’ll be.

2) What is the best plagiarism checker software?

Well, it depends. If you want high-quality plagiarism checking with all the bells & whistles and don’t mind paying a premium, tools like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, ProWritingAid, etc. if budget is perhaps is your biggest concern and you’re okay with a drop in accuracy, free tools like CopyScape, SmallSeoTools will be more apt for you;

Again, the choice changes depending on who you are and how much you’re expecting for the price (or the lack thereof).

So yeah, choose accordingly.

3) Okay, but do I need the internet to use them?

Yes, absolutely, since they mostly leverage their vast web pages database to power their plagiarism checking powers. All the top best plagiarism checker tools need a constant, uninterrupted network connection to work properly

4) Are my writings safe with them? Can these tools be trusted?

Yes, you can trust them. With top security & tough privacy policies, all your P-checked contents will forever be safe with them.

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools – The Conclusion

Yeah, I’m not going to sugar coat it: plagiarism is a stain on the literary world. When a writer shamelessly steals the work of another and tries to peddle it as their own, they are committing a sort of fraud, essentially.

Obviously, this is a big problem in both the business and academic worlds. And if left unchecked, it can lead to severe problems, even legal repercussions. So yeah, investing in good free best plagiarism checker tools are a pretty much a no-brainer these days, especially if you want to succeed in these hard, digital times.

As for the best plagiarism checker tools for you, go through the reviews again, consider their perks& choose the right one for you.

It’s not easy – mind you. But once you pick the right tool, you’ll never have to worry about your hard work getting stolen ever again.

Hey, how cool is that? (Spoiler: very cool!)

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    Yes Grammarly is one of a best and all-in-one plagiarism checker tools to detect & sort out several grammatical mistakes, punctuations, commas and spellings mistakes. Using the Grammarly tool will helps a lot and will perfectly make the writing error-free. Copyscape is also a helpful & an easy-to-use tool that helps user to detect any plagiarism that exist in content very easily, whereas copscape can also be used to detect and copied content. Your all the listed tools are effective to use and having their own function but according to me Grammarly, Copyscape and pro-writing aid are good options to use. Using these tools will be a great helping hand especially for writers & bloggers.

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