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5 Best Proofreading Tools 2023 – Ensure Flawless Contents, Every Time!

Hey, what are the top best proofreading tools to use today? – With thousands of “best” proofreading software popping up, this is the question that’s on every writer’s mind – And honestly, I totally understand why.

The best proofreading tools can offer you an edge. They can help you write faster and do your work better than you could ever imagine. They can spell doom for any misspells, kill punctuation errors and grammatical blunders, refine your writing style, etc. – all with a single click. And yes, they are miles better than what anything MS word has to offer

But alas, with the web awash with these tools, the question (again) arises: what are the best online proofreading tools?

Well, to answer the same, let’s take a look at five of the best proofreading tools today that can easily take your writing up a notch – explaining everything from their tool features, pros, cons to user opinions, and more

Best Proofreading Tools: Why You Need Them?

Writing errors suck – big time!

Make no mistake: they literally can be career-ending– just ask old Karen from marketing who famously wrote, “Pubic relations is very different from public relations” yup, it really was a big fiasco (good times…)

To avoid such embarrassments from happening to you, it’s essential that you start editing your own writings, but this – as you probably know – is a lot easier said than done. In fact, it can be very difficult to be an honest judge of your own work, as you’ll be both biased & may’ve a deadline or two stopping you from being thorough.

Not for the sake of writing, from the heart, I insist you to proofread any content before bringing to its target users. Here are the reasons why –

  • As a publisher, or writer or marketers, it’s your sole responsibility to deliver flawless content to the web.
  • The content should reflect your values. It should never mislead your ideas and intentions.
  • Don’t let people to laugh at your writing mistakes and hence, your credibility will be under risk.
  • Most importantly, editing and proofreading before publishing content would differentiate it from other regular piece of writings.

To test or get hands-on with any tool, you can use free proofreading tools. But, proofreading is a key task in pruning your content. So, never compromise. Go for the best proofreading tools that renders premium editing and proofreading.

So what’s the solution then? How can a writer ensure that his/she’s her content is fully clear from errors & a breeze to read? Unless you have the luxury to hire an editor or a human proofreader, there’s only one solution left.

Best Online Proofreading Software – No Brainer, Seriously

Whether you’re writing blog posts, news articles, novels, or just professional-sounding emails & social media posts, the top best proofreading tools can your top first-line of defense against grammar, spelling & punctuation errors.

Yup, they can be lifesavers, and of course, they are a “must-have” for every writer and bloggers’ flow, period!

To that end, here are the top 5 choices.

Top 5 Best Proofreading Software To Clean-Up Your Writing Today (2023)

Whether you are a blogger, writer, or a student, creating flawless content is important if you want to succeed. Hey, worried about typos and errors? With the top best proofreading tools below, say goodbye to such quibbles, forever!

Let’s count ’em down;

#1 Grammarly

Grammarly Online Checker

The hottest proofreader on the planet right now, Grammarly is a word editor, grammar & punctuation checker & plagiarism finder all rolled into one – making it one of the best proofreading software for both newbies & experts.

Wrapped in an inviting, minimal interface, using Grammarly is simple – just upload your writings, tap okay & voila! Instantly, the tool will highlight all the errors in the document, give a clear explanation of where it went wrong & offers to fix them. It can flag everything from grammar, punctuation, writing styles, typos, and even sentence structures, etc. For the pro subscribers, the tool can further check for tones, plagiarism, consistency & even access to a human proofreader, among others. You can also choose between both British and American writing styles for precise tuning

With plugins for popular browsers like chrome, safari, etc. apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android + and add on for MS Word, Grammarly can further be used to proof check your mail & social media posts on the go.

The pros

  • The perfect “all-in-one” proofreading solution
  • Patented Grammarly grammar fixer and proofreader with 400+ custom checks and built-in plagiarism detector
  • Works on almost every OS platforms currently in use
  • Extra perks like; choose between US and UK writing styles, content nature; add new words, dictionary, etc.
  • A feature-packed free version (unlimited)

The cons

  • Doesn’t work with Google drive (update: its currently in beta testing)
  • Costly short term plans

User opinion

“As far as proofreading tools go, Grammarly is by far the best I’ve ever used. Definitely worth the bucks – period!”

#2 ProWritingAid


A proofreader, grammar checker, and a writing mentor, the online best proofreading software from ProWritingAid, can ensure that your writings will never be clumsy or awkward – all within a reasonable budget.

Armed with a distraction-free interface, PWA can – with just a single click – scrub your content clean of everything from typos, missing words to grammar errors, faulty punctuations to issues in structures like repetitions, clichés, passive voice, etc. – all the while creating detailed reports on every error it highlights & fixes.

In fact, the reports are so in-depth that the tool makes it easier to learn from your faults so that you can avoid them the next time. Besides, you’ll also get a breakdown of your overall reading level and the vocabulary you’ve used throughout – data you can use to boost the quality of your writing further.

PWA has support for all major platforms (Windows, Mac, and browser plugins, etc…) for writers on the go. It also integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, and even Scrivener so you can easily edit whenever you want.

The pros

  • A powerful word processor with a built-in proofreader (can also work as a vocabulary builder & writing style coach.
  • Strong Multiplatform support – Windows, Mac, Browsers, G-docs, and even scrivener, etc.
  • Highly secure 256 – bit content protection
  • Built-in plagiarism checker with ever-improving database
  • Quite affordable

The cons

  • No android or iOS support
  • Rarely has some performance issues, especially when dealing with larger, more detailed documents

User opinion

“ProWritingAid is a truly wonderful way to ensure you are writing at your best – all without breaking your bank, no less!”

#3 Ginger Software

Ginger Software

Third, on the list, we have Ginger – the best free online proofreading software that helps fix any errors from your content and enhances them – thanks to the built-in sentence rephraser, passive voice fixer, etc.

Featuring a familiar, MS Word – ish UI, Gingers patented proofreader works to cover a vast range of errors, from simple typos, severe punctuation errors and sophisticated grammar mistakes & wrong use of words, and more.

The tool has a text reader feature that can read any content of your choice for premium users, allowing you to hear better how your writing sounds so you can spot any errors beforehand. It’s worth noting that there’s no plagiarism checker built-in here – bummer, right? Thankfully, they DO have a pretty good Android/iOS keyboard offering, so it’s not exactly a major loss per se.

Finally, Ginger also has a super useful feature that can translate your writing across 60+ global languages. The best part? It contextually quite accurate too, which makes Ginger an invaluable tool for clients with multi-lingual targets.

The pros

  • Minimal, user-friendly interface
  • Highly accurate grammar and punctuation checking capabilities
  • Built-in global translator (60+ languages), handy text reader and a slew of other productivity tools
  • Awesome keyword app for Android & iOS
  • Extremely affordable

The cons

  • No plagiarism checker
  • Doesn’t have support for Google Docs directly

User opinion

“Up to mark and high accuracy, Ginger offered me everything I would ever want in a modern proofreader, and then some”

#4 WhiteSmoke


From general fixes for grammar, punctuation errors to advanced proofing for spelling, syntax, sentence flow of sentence & even rephrasing, WhiteSmoke is one of the best proofreading tools that have got to be on every writer’s radar – we’ll explain.

For starters, the tool is designed to work in real-time, pointing out all your mistakes as you type your contents in. In fact, the tool is so sensitive that it’s very adept at spotting/fixing errors that are often subtle in impact, like missed words, fused sentences, comma splices, etc. the most accurate best online proofreading software ever created.

And hey, if that’s not impressive enough, the built-in translator can accurately transcribe your contents across 55+ global languages, and there is even a plagiarism checker built-in. And oh, there are also android & iOS companion apps for WhiteSmoke, but it’s hidden under a pay wall.

With support for every modern platform, including mobile, WhiteSmoke further comes packed with hundreds of pre-built templates for letters and a ton of various other key documents to make your life that much easier.

The pros

  • extremely powerful grammar checker with handy plagiarism detector and sentence rephrase, and more
  • Awesome Multiplatform compatibility (with mobile apps as well)
  • Free pre-built document templates
  • Support word-to-word translation across 55 languages
  • Free trial available

The cons

  • The UI looks dated
  • To use the mobile applications, you need to pay extra (on top of premium)

User opinion

“Thanks to WhiteSmoke, all my clients are raving about the quality of my contents. Worth recommending!”

#5 AfterTheDeadline

The final entry in or hunt for the top free best proofreading tools, we’ve the AfterTheDeadline, which – unlike the competition – leverages the power of AI and natural language processing to proofread your content.

So how does it fair? Pretty amazing, actually! Just go to their website (it’s totally web-based & exclusive), copy-paste your content & that’s it. Instantly, the tool can be used to highlight & fix errors in everything from passive voice, redundant phrases, jargon, double negatives, hidden verbs, etc.

Along with the usual dose of basic grammar & punctuation checking – there is no installation or no subscription required. It’s worth noting that the tool is totally open source. You can literally customize every aspect of it for your max convenience. The tool also supports, along with English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese too.

Being free, both performance and accuracy are a bit “disappointing” with ATD. However, the overall experience is still pretty adequate. Put simply, it’s awesome for casual users. Anything else, we advise you to look elsewhere.

The pros

  • Reliable grammar/punctuation checking powers (with support for the same also in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  • Slick, easy to use UI
  • Totally open-source and highly adaptable
  • No login required
  • Fully free (unlimited usage)

The cons

  • For advanced, more demanding users, ATD will surely be a disappointment
  • No customer support

User opinion

“I love the simplicity of it. It’s free yet offers quality proof checking – yes, AfterTheDeadline is the real deal, my friend. Get it!

Best Free Online Proofreading Software – FAQ

Even the best writers make mistakes. It’s literally unavoidable. But with the classiest best proofreading tools above, you can easily tame and fix these mistakes from wreaking havoc across your content.

What? Have some queries about them? Well, look below for a quick FAQ session where we address the same (the top ones only)

Let start:

1) Why do you need the best proofreading software?

Whether you write a blog, a lengthy report, or is authoring an e-book, good grammar & being error-free is vital to making your content seem credible to the readers. To that end, a reliable best proofreading software allows you to check, edit, and error-free your writing on the go, making them a pleasure to read.

Unlike humans, these tools can comb through all your content with absolute precision, ensuring that no errors are left unconsciously. And the best part? They are plenty of affordable too, ideal for newbies & experts alike.

Long story short: if you are a writer, going for best proofreading tools is a no-brainer – yup, no two ways about it!

2) Human proofreader vs. best proofreading tools – which is best?

It depends. While it’s true that human proofreaders are more adept at spotting errors that are tiny & subtle and offers more precise, personal proofreading solution, they can be quite expensive, like very. The more “affordable-ish” top best online proofreading software, on the other hand, uses the power of AI & databases to fuel their proofreading powers, which are just as effective as their human counterparts.

In other words, the choice is yours. If absolute quality is a “must,” go for human proofreaders. If you don’t mind a little less thoroughness but want high-quality proofreading at affordable pricing, online readers will do you just as good.

Just pick accordingly.

3) Okay, but do I need an internet connection to use them?

In most cases, yeah. With most of the best online proofreading software relying on their online databases to fuel their features like sentence rephrasing, plagiarism checks cloud backups, etc., it’s a must they be online always!

For reliability, make sure the connection is stable, speedy, and continuous. Otherwise, you may face some lags or crashes.

4) How do I check my grammar on chrome?

It’s easy! By adding plugins of popular proofreading tools like the great Grammarly, ProWritingAid, etc. you can easily proofread everything you write into browsers like chrome, safari, Firefox, etc. – be it your emails, comment entries, social media posts or even your own blogging entries, and more.

5) Are these tools safe?

Yes, really! With every tool here protected by top security measures and tight privacy laws, you can definitely use them without fear.

Best Online Proofreading Software – The Conclusion

As you can see, there’re plenty of choices when it comes to the online best proofreading tools these days. So to choose the “right” tool, you need to be smart about them, understand your writing needs, comfort & familiarize yourself with their features. If the tool is too simple, it will fail in advanced error checking.

Take your time and go through each tool, try them all out and see which one suits you & your needs better. Even with the best online proofreading tools at hand, don’t ever forget to work on your writing skills and improve. Although these tools can be quite helpful, they can’t make you a better writer unless you put in the work!

Hey, found the right tool? We’d like to know. Throw us your comments down below, and let’s get talking, ASAP!

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