Best SEO Tools for Travel Bloggers

3 Best SEO Tools For Travel Bloggers {2023} To Win Search Traffic!

SEO is indeed, the interest and importance of these travel bloggers. If you are a tech-savvy travel blogger who aims to win the web traffic, then you must be employing some strategic marketing inputs. Research says that organic traffic is the major source of traffic for the majority of travel websites. Without using any comprehensive SEO tool, it’s never been easy. But, what are the best SEO tools for travel bloggers?

With the mix of fear, passion, awe, and confusion, SEO is always a misery for beginners. Between the big tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, SEO PowerSuite and Majestic, and hundreds of other small SEO tools like Serpstat, it’s hard to know which one is appropriate to invest in.

Should You Need Best SEO Research Tools For Travel Bloggers?

Unless or until you use SEO tools for travel blogs, you are holding back it from receiving consistent organic traffic from the search engines. Most importantly, you should keep tracking your blog’s performance on the search engine results.

Even though your blog or travel website has got a good presence and SEO in place, you can neglect using these tools to spy your competitor’s SEO inputs.

Keywords are the crazy and crucial things for any blog or website. At least, to research and find the most potential keyword to target, you should use these best SEO tools for travel bloggers.

Beyond which, there are several other features and reasons to use any SEO tools for travel websites.

  • To understand your website performance online with analytics & data
  • To research and use the more profitable keywords
  • To know the content gap and get suggestions to improve your content
  • To make sure your on-page elements are proper
  • To audit and analyze your link profiles
  • To prospect more link building opportunities
  • To spy your competitor’s keywords and backlinks
  • To maintain your website health in terms of technical SEO
  • To organize your site pages and interlink the relevant pages

And even more.

It’s just a bare minimum to do SEO basics and awaiting results. With the growing competition, you should be properly executing SEO for travel blogs using any or some of these amazing SEO tools for travel websites.

Best SEO Tools For Travel Bloggers

But, before getting to know about these powerful SEO tools for travel bloggers, you must skim through this SEO guide for travel blogs. Identifying the best practices of SEO for travel agencies, the significance of these tools in improving your travel SEO, you can utilize it to the maximum. Here are the best SEO tools for travel bloggers, which I use too.

1) SEO PowerSuite – #1 Among Other Best SEO Tools For Travel Blogs

Let’s call it one of the best SEO management tools for travel websites. It comprises a bundle of various SEO tools meant for different purposes. Ultimately, SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive SEO solution for travel bloggers. This would be the only powerful SEO tool that supports 400+ search engines.

The four tools of SEO PowerSuite handle all the cores of SEO like keywords, backlinks, content, site architecture, on-page, local SEO, mobile SEO, SERP rankings, analytics, and reports.

Fortunately, SEO PowerSuite comes at no cost to you. You can use SEO PowerSuite free edition with almost everything unlimited features. You can research an unlimited number of keywords, analyze the infinite number of websites, and so on.

Every other SEO tool for travel companies will have limitations. You can SEO audit your website for 500 URLs, even using SEO PowerSuite free if you would love to try SEO PowerSuite before making an order, the download and install SEO PowerSuite to your desktop.

Being downloadable SEO software, you don’t need an internet connection to use these best SEO tools for travel bloggers. Anywhere you are with your laptop or any blogging device, use SEO PowerSuite for your SEO needs.

Here are its four different tools –

 Rank Tracker

Ranks check your unlimited keywords with essential proxy rotation, user agents, and human emulation delays. Identify geo-specific rankings for any location in the world and on any of the search engines.

Not only to track keyword rankings, has it come as a useful keyword research tool too. You can integrate 19 other keyword tools to generate a massive list of keyword suggestions for any seed keyword. You can analyze keywords to pick the best based on plenty of keyword metrics and also group keywords into the projects.

Website Auditor

Whatever SEO efforts you put it – it becomes essential to check your website SEO health often and to optimize further. This SEO spider crawls and scans your web pages like exactly how search engines do for On-page auditing, technical SEO, etc.

You will get thorough technical audit reports like if there any broken pages, too many redirects, heavy pages and scripts, thin content, poor mobile usability, and so on. You can easily generate robots.txt and sitemap files at a click. Above all, it visualizes your site structure for easy understanding of your links between the pages. And, make changes to your content within the app with no toggling between the applications.

 SEO SpyGlass

Crawling more than 7 billion web pages every day, SEO SpyGlass can locate any newest backlinks faster than other link audit tools.

It seamlessly integrates with your Google Analytics, Google Search Console to provide the complete backlink reports of your travel blog.

There are several other extensive features like scheduling backlink audits, domain comparison, one-click penalty risk update, disavow file generator, etc. to make sure your link profile is safe and strong.

You can generate customizable backlink reports choosing the custom fields and factors. Being an enterprise user, you can even access the SEO Spyglass API to integrate it with your own dashboard.


Every SEO knows that the search engines don’t just rely on content and keywords you put in your travel pages. They also care about the external votes to your travel websites. Backlinks are such votes!

Indeed, we all know that it’s hard to build valuable backlinks. SEO PowerSuite understands your struggle and has this LinkAssistant link building tool. Unlike other link building tools, it integrates with multiple other tools and helps you with massive link building opportunities.

Of course, any website needs to diversify its link building sources. You cannot just build through directory submissions often. You should have varieties in earning links to your travel blog. Then, it looks natural, relevant, and makes sense.

So, LinkAssistant is flexible in choosing any of the links prospecting method, outreach within the app with default email templates available for specific purposes. You can keep your email conversations organized within this SEO tool for easy follow-up and outreach management.

With these high-quality prospects, build organic backlinks and ensure that your link profile is of high-quality, natural, and powerful.

Here are some of the highlighted features of all these best SEO paid tools for travel bloggers.


  • Unlimited & geo-specific keywords ranking checks
  • Seamlessly integrates with 19+ keyword tools
  • Visualizations of site structure with links data
  • TF-IDF analysis & reports for content topicalization
  • Comprehensive backlinks audit with freshest data
  • Thorough website audit with detailed reports & fixes
  • Easy robots.txt & sitemap files generation
  • High-quality link prospects & outreach platform with email templates
  • Allows to create custom and white-labeled reports


  • Unlimited keywords, backlinks, sites to audit
  • Free edition available
  • Desktop software, no internet required
  • One-time payment, no recurring fees
  • Neat GUI & easy to use features


  • No web version available
  • There are no combined reports from the four different tools

Customer Opinion

SEO is often complicated, but tools can make it simpler. SEO PowerSuite is one such comprehensive SEO toolkit for any niches.

2) SEMRush – SEO Tool For Travel Blog Beginners

Indeed, it deserves to be an all-in-one marketing toolkit, not just SEO. For any digital marketing professionals, it helps you with SEO, social media marketing, market research, paid traffic, etc.

Concerning SEO, its complete SEO toolkit includes technical SEO audit, search engine position tracking, backlink audit and analytics, and even more. World’s leading enterprises like eBay, hp, etc. and millions of other marketing specialists trust SEMRush to enhance their SEO.

With its excellent keyword research tool, find the right keywords to target and get phrase matches and related keywords to enrich your web content.

Being a travel blogger, explore multinational and multi-lingual environments using SEMRush to fetch keywords in its 26 regional databases.

With extensive features like domain vs domain comparisons, data visualization, SEO writing assistant, technical site audit, social media tracker, etc. it makes sense to invest in a single tool to handle all your travel SEO tasks.

SEMRush PRO 14-Day Free Trial – Deal Worth $99

If you dying to test SEMRush Pro features at free of cost, here is the great opportunity. Yes, Brand Sparko partnering with SEMRush, brings you exclusive 14-day free trial on SEMRush Pro plan. Within no time, get access to your dream SEO tool. Here you go – 

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SEMRush 14-day free trial

  • Then, click on ‘Start Your 14 Days Free Trial Now‘ and create your free SEMRush account with your professional email address. 

  • You’re just one step ahead! Enter the billing details and checkout. The promo code will be applied automatically. So, at zero cost, you have got access to SEMRush Pro and its features. 

Hope, 14-days is a good-enough time to test its 40+ built-in tools and confirm how good and worth the tool is. However, I insist you to cancel the subscription before the trial period 14-day ends to avoid last minute hurry-burry. Otherwise, simply keep using the tool. 


  • Generates massive keyword suggestions for a single seed keyword
  • Discover competitor’s ranking keywords
  • Create up to 50 target keyword lists
  • Conduct deep backlink analysis
  • Qualify leads, prospects, and potential users
  • Share & schedule your custom reports
  • Make your content original with its plagiarism checker
  • Find & fix hreflang mistakes and AMP implementation issues


  • Free trial available
  • Comprehensive marketing tool kit
  • Great tool for paid advertising too
  • Easy-to-use SEO tool
  • Comes with extensive set of features


  • No free edition available
  • Not the choice for outreaching like SEO PowerSuite’s LinkAssistant

Customer Opinion

SEMRush remains a solid online marketing choice for small to medium-sized business users and SEOs.

3) LongTailPro – Keyword tool For Travel Bloggers

May not be a comprehensive SEO tool for travel niche like the above two, but the most powerful keyword research tool that every niche bloggers prefer.

LongTailPro greatly helps to find the less competitive keywords that get you top rankings and high-converting organic search engine traffic.

Beyond keyword research and analysis, LTP also helps you track the ranking positions of your pages against specific targeted keywords. Being a tailored tool for keywords fetch, it has abundant metrics all about keywords. Determine keyword profitability with its rank value and make sure your keyword-optimized content does its role like what you expect.

Switch to competitor keywords mode, analyze your competitor’s page or domain, and dissect their keyword strategy. Be ahead in search always.

Especially, the travel blogs and companies drive it successfully with the organic leads from the search engines. So, targeting the proper keyword ensures your SEO to bring the expected results.


  • Discover thousands of keywords you can rank for
  • Keyword and competitor analysis based on 13 metrics
  • Determines keyword profitability with its rank value
  • Manual keyword entries are possible
  • Uncovers Majestic metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, etc
  • Fetches historical ranking data
  • Displays visual graph on ranking progress over time


  • Most trusted keyword tool by SEO experts
  • Suits any niche to empower SEO & content potential
  • Ensured ranking on the search engines
  • Free trial available
  • Has a library of video tutorials to become an LTP expert


  • No free edition
  • May be expensive for startup travel bloggers

Customer Opinion

LongTailPro accelerated my keyword research, and hence, I realized how efficient, fast, and accurate keyword research tool it is.

Common SEO Mistakes That Hurt Your Travel Blogging

Starting a travel blog, people make several mistakes concerning SEO. Here are some of the common SEO problems that they have –

Competing for big brands

The major concern in the travel industry is the sheer dominance of big brands like Trivago, Booking, etc. These big league sites will have millions of pages – that’s their competitive advantage.

In such a case, start-up travel bloggers tend to tap the trending search queries but not likely to compete with big players.

You will see some of the search queries that are highly competitive since the first page are backed by the authority domains. Even so, you have the option to go for long-tail keywords that are less likely targeted by others.

If you are a travel blogger, who wants to stay out of these SEO mistakes, then try using some powerful SEO tools. All these significant cores made easy.

FAQ On The Best SEO Tools For Travel Agencies

So, if you are a travel blogger who doesn’t care about spending money for the exponential returns, then go with your choice of best SEO tools for travel bloggers discussed above. Otherwise, being a wallet-friendly travel blogger, you must start using any free SEO tools for travel blogs, get hands-on, and upgrade to premium as your travel business grows. Here are some of the common questions about using best SEO free tools for travel agencies.

1) Should I use premium SEO tools for travel websites?

Not so, there are free SEO tools for travel bloggers with amazing features to handle your entire SEO tasks like SEO PowerSuite.

2) How to find the most profitable keywords for a travel website?

Go with the keyword suggestions from the proficient SEO or keyword tools, and pick the best profitable long-tail keyword that is less competitive.

3) What are the essential features of complete SEO tools for travel agencies?

Any SEO tool should help you to handle your entire SEO chores anything from keyword to content to backlinks to the website to competitor analysis to analytics. It should be flexible to use it anywhere you are traveling.

4) Can I share reports with my travel clients?

Yes, most of the SEO tools help you generate custom reports on various SEO aspects, export, or share it to your client white-labeled with the client’s brand name and logo.

5) Should I pay every month or year as a recurring fee?

You have both options – it’s up to you to choose between. Tools like SEO PowerSuite come handy with a one-time investment (small recurring fee applicable for algo updates). On the other hand, other big tools like Ahrefs, and SEMRush claims yearly recurring charges for the continued service.

Winner – SEO PowerSuite

Most importantly, SEO PowerSuite pricing is 3x times cheaper than any other SEO tools in the market. There are no recurring charges every year – absolutely one-time investment. Don’t just go with our words, just download and use its free version today. For both individual travel bloggers and travel SEO agencies, SEO PowerSuite is an ideal choice. Get started today!

Conclusion – Best SEO Tools Online For Travel Blogging

These SEO tools are in existence to make SEO easy and automate specific SEO tasks. On popular demand, such free SEO tools for travel blogs are out there. You should make use of it to win the search engine traffic strategically. Of course, not all the SEO best practices and features of these SEO tools are determined for travel blogs. Still, don’t complicate your SEO and lead away to your competitors, not using these best SEO tools for travel bloggers.

Travel niche is highly competitive than others for the last few decades. You should not get lost practicing random and improper SEO tactics. Use suitable SEO tools and be ahead of search engines and drive the most organic web traffic.


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