Best Web Hosting For Travel Bloggers

Best Web Hosting For Travel Bloggers 2023{Included Features, Pros & Cons}

In the competitive landscape of sites in the travel industry, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the online services we use. Especially when you start a travel blog, there are quite a lot of things to consider. It includes the domain name, hosting, platform to build a site, creating content, and then its promotions. Today, through this best web hosting for travel bloggers post, I will help you with some hand-picked hosts for your travel websites.

Indeed, it is super annoying to sign up for a hosting account just to test its performance, customer support, and reliability. Leave it to us. We have been using several web hosts for our various niche blogs and travel clients for years. With that, we are very much confident to recommend a curated list of top and best Best Web Hosting For Travel Blogsweb hosting for travel agencies. And, here it is shared for you.

By the way, why it is essential to choose a good host for travel blogs? How blog performance matters choosing the best web hosting for travel bloggers?

Why You Need The BEST Web Host For Travel Websites?

If you are serious about travel blogging, growing audience, and making money out of it, then you will have to spend some time to pick a super-best web hosting.

Never forget that web host is the foundation for your travel websites. Hesitating to invest some good money in reliable hosting would lead your travel blog into potential issues.

By the way, you will be busy traveling around. You can’t sit all the way to check your server and blog performance. Though the customer support team is available round the clock, you can’t hang with them for the blog illness often.

And, migrating a site to another host all the time is not just an easy task. So, do some research and settle your blog on reliable, fast, and affordable hosting servers.

Indeed, let me help you with some ideas on how to choose such best web hosting for travel blogs. Let’s roll-out.

Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Travel Bloggers

Starting a travel blog, once you have registered your blog name, it’s time to find the suitable web host. Especially for blogging beginners, it is scary to determine which web hosts are reliable.

The hosting industry now becomes more competitive, with plenty of players in the market. There are higher chances of falling sick with magical marketing words and choosing lousy hosting.

It might seem very technical and hard to understand the hosting terms. But, worry not. For any niche, the checklist to select a suitable web hosting remains similar. Here it is –

  • Server uptime & performance
  • Server resources & limitations
  • Security features
  • Site backups
  • Free add-ons and features
  • Customer support
  • Resources scalability
  • Pricing, of course

For travel blogs, there are only very few additional things to consider –

  • Datacenter locations – to host your blog on the nearest server based on target location & audience
  • CDN – for the fastest content delivery
  • Level of hosting management – being a non-tech savvy, you need a managed hosting solution for the hassle-free operations

Now, you are clear about what are the essential factors to look at as travel bloggers choosing the best web hosting for travel blogs. Sure, the below web hosting providers are top-notch in its server reliability and satisfying business hosting needs.

Let’s get started!

List Of Top Web Hosting For Travel Websites

Why document your travel inspirations and stories on a blog? There are plenty of social media sites available to post it. Why invest money in web hosting?

Blogs are easy to organize things. Indeed, it can take your travel experiences to more people. There are higher chances to make reach people from different countries and cultures. Above all, you can make money through travel blogging to lead your life. Also, earning some good money, you can fulfill your travel aspirations. So, it is just a little money investing in web hosts considering how much it pays you off. So, choose a suitable host for your travel blog today!

#1 SiteGround – Fastest Web Hosting For Travel Blogging

The best travel blog hosting company for serious people who wants to transform their travel blog into a business. SiteGround team dedicates to WordPress hosting and managing websites. Nobody can regret that site loading speed is one of the predominant ranking factors. In such a case, if you are looking for the fastest servers to host your travel websites, think SiteGround. It is entirely optimized for speed and performance with WordPress sites.

Keeping travel customers in mind, SiteGround creates a unique hosting solution for travel websites. The exciting thing is, it comes with more freebies and unlimited’s. The freebies include website builder, SSL, email accounts, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, etc. Besides all, you will 24/7 support, SSH access, unmetered traffic, etc. on top of it.

SiteGround Banner

So, starting a travel blog with SiteGround is made easier and affordable with add-ons. With SiteGround web hosting, your travel website is faster, safer, and supported better.

Get your domain name, click and install WordPress, and design the most functional travel blog with SiteGround, today. The SiteGround hosting might look pricey for beginners. But, I insist there is no offense investing in the right services, a little more.

Above all, as a travel blogger, we have the responsibility to save this earth from exploring adventures. SiteGround, its main data center partner Google Cloud consumes energy from the renewable sources for its entire operations. So, we should support and encourage their social contribution.


  • One-click WP installations & auto-updates
  • Free professional site transfer (in its GrowBig plans and above)
  • Site Migrator plug-ins for DIY site migration
  • SG Optimizer plug-in for improved performance
  • Built-in tools to build and manage websites
  • Advanced security options with WAF’s
  • SpamExperts for effective email marketing


  • Speed-focused hosting servers
  • Chat, phone & email support round the clock
  • Free SSL, CDN, email accounts, etc
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Little pricey for beginners

User Opinion

I always recommend SiteGround for their customer service. In my experience, the service I have received, has been nothing short of excellence. 

#2 Bluehost – Best Web Hosting For Travel Blogs

Bluehost offers a wide range of web hosting solutions for any online marketers. Being a travel blogger using WordPress as a base, its WordPress hosting must be an ideal choice. Indeed, Bluehost is one of the hosting services that officially recommends. Indeed, simply choosing any of its hosting plans, it automatically installs WordPress allowing you to start building your travel blog so quickly.

Certainly, Bluehost is the most popular web host among start-up bloggers. It has incredible benefits for budget travel bloggers. Keeping those beginners in mind, Bluehost offers more like a 1-year free domain, free SSL, cheap starter hosting plans, tools to build and manage sites, etc.

If you are just starting a travel blog and want to sign up at one of the most affordable but reliable web hostings, and then choose Bluehost. You are not alone as the Bluehost customer support team is readily available through chat, phone, and email around 24/7.

Being its Pro WordPress hosting plan user, you will get access to plenty of free and premium WordPress themes to build inspiring travel blogs.

Also, upgrading your hosting account to its managed WordPress or advanced plans, you will get more benefits. It includes multi-server management, CDN, Spam Experts for email marketing, domain privacy, site backups, etc.

Site backup is especially a good thing since most other web hosting for travel agencies would charge you for automatic site backups.


  • Auto WordPress installations
  • Free SSL for encrypted browsing
  • Spam protection to your emails
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain privacy & protection
  • Multiple data centers to choose
  • SiteLock security against malwares and attacks


  • Domain name free for one year
  • 24/7 extensive support
  • Affordable hosting for start-ups
  • Easy to scale hosting plans
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • No free site migrations

User Opinion

Thanks for its one-year free domain name. That greatly encourages me to start a blog with minimal investing saving some initial bucks on domain name registration.

#3 Cloudways – Best Web Hosting For Travel Agencies

A totally different hosting experience to you travel bloggers. Cloudways is a managed cloud server service that allows you to choose between multiple cloud providers and connects its platform for easy hosting management.

Cloudways renders a unique approach to web hosting. Why don’t you travel bloggers experience it? It works with top cloud-based companies like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. These five companies will have server infrastructure. You won’t be creating an account in those.

Cloudways, as a managed hosting platform, connects your travel blog with those cloud servers. Indeed, it is not only for WordPress, but also for Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PHP, and more other open-source platforms.

The interesting thing in signing up a hosting account with Cloudways is – it works on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ method. Hence, it becomes an affordable choice for any small to medium to large scale businesses.

Like any other WordPress hosting for travel blogs, Cloudways also have SSL, backups, easy WordPress installations, etc. Unlike the typical cPanel, you will have more intuitive Cloudways cPanel. From there, You can access servers, applications, projects, etc.

It uses an in-house caching tool called Breeze that can easily set-up and manage. It has its own content delivery network – CloudwaysCDN. So, there are more unique features and benefits it offers for the small monthly charges you pay for it.


  • Suitable for any open-source applications
  • Built-in Cloudways CDN
  • Dedicated firewalls for high-end security
  • Fastest servers &automated backups
  • Free WordPress caching plug-ins
  • One-click staging environment
  • Choice between 5 different cloud servers


  • Free SSL
  • Unique and easy-to-use cPanel
  • 24/7 support & live chat
  • Managed hosting services
  • Allows unlimited applications hosting
  • No contract
  • Free site migration


  • Doesn’t include email hosting

User Opinion

Cloudways gives us more control to scale and clone sites ourselves and install SSL certificates. Indeed, easy to maintain client’s websites with the tools they develop to make managing website easier. 

FAQ On Best Website Hosting For Travel Bloggers

Still, having a few questions about choosing the best web hosting for travel agency? Before I conclude, I’ll help you with answers to some of the common questions about the best web host for travel blogs.

1) Do the hosting providers offer domain names too?

Indeed, there are cost-effective hosting services like Bluehost that gets you 1 –year free domain name. Here is luck to save some bucks on purchasing the domain name.

2) How to migrate a travel blog to the new host?

Most of the hosting services help you with free and safe site migration services. Hosts like SiteGround have its own Site Migrator Plug-in allowing you to do it easily.

3) How to cut down the hosting renewals costs for travel websites?

You will get good deals while purchasing the hosting plans for more than one year. Purchasing the web host for 3 years, there will be no yearly renewals.

4) Do I get money back if I don’t like any web host for travel blogs?

Almost all the hosting companies offer money-back guarantee ads you discontinue its services within the certain days of purchase. So, you have reliable performance or either your money back.

5) How do I install WordPress after purchasing a web host for my travel website?

In typical hosting solutions, just log-in to your cPanel and install WordPress with just a few clicks. Otherwise, choosing specific WordPress hosting for travel blogs like Bluehost, it will be automatically installed.

Conclusion On Best Web Hosting For Travel Bloggers

Now, you have got an overview of the best web hosting for travel bloggers. Indeed, you can make an informed decision with this ultimate web hosting guide.

At the very start, choose a cost-effective hosting plan. As the travel blog grows and drives more traffic upgrade to a reliable hosting plan for the optimized performance.

Or, if you already have a travel website that falls short of fast loading or performing at its best, then switch to a new host. But, make sure to pick the right hosting this time referring to the best web hosts for travel blogs reviewed here.

I’m sure if you are a pro travel blogger, you are aware of the downsides of choosing a wrong host. You would have experienced as many as hosts until finding the suitable ones like SiteGround, or Bluehost for your travel blog.

Ultimately, for any level of expertise, once you get busy with traveling and creating stories, you will find a hard time looking at these hosting chores. So, set it once neatly and start exploring the world.

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