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Easy Ways To Build BackLinks For New Blogs & Websites

To build backlinks for a new blog, we need to work either hard or smart. Link building is not easy. Link building for a new blog is as same as climbing mountains.

So how to build backlinks for a new blog anyhow? That too in 2023?

However, link build is easy. But, attracting natural and quality backlinks is hard-hitting. Only by producing breath-taking content, you can attract more backlinks and social engagements. The number of links is no matter. How many of them are natural? That matters.

After a Panda & Penguin, all the backlink building strategies are dead. RIP.

Anything else changed?

We need to rank to the top in search engines to get a lot of visitors so that we can convert them into leads or sales.

There are no changes in that, still.

We need to rank on the first page of Google using SEO.

Still, Backlinks are more powerful in the search engine ranking algorithm. Google Search engine algorithm gets better only in identifying quality backlinks, not to leave them away.

Ok, how to build backlinks for your new blog? Is there any way to do that? Is there any easy way?

Yes, there are easy ways to do that. Let us see what still works.

I would assume the following three cases and give easy ways to build backlinks in all three cases.

  • You don’t know anything about SEO and have one excellent new blog it is your first blog online ever. You are a beginner in SEO & blogging.
  • You don’t know much SEO and have an excellent new blog, but it isn’t your 1st blog, you had many before. You are a medium level learner in SEO.
  • You know SEO; you start a new blog and think no longer your existing strategies work in SEO. You are an advanced learner in SEO.

We are ready now as we’ve learned where we are and where should we start.

Ways To Build Backlinks For Your New Blog As A Beginner

Way #1. Blog Comments

You should comment on the blogs that write about the same topics you write. Add your link to the URL section. You get the links on your name when the comments become public.

Don’t give much thought to the Do follow or no follow thingy. We don’t know how much weight Google gives for a do follow link seated in a blog comment. Write a quality comment.

As you care about optimizing your new blog for search engines, the blogs where you leave quality comments also care for their SEO and hence they will publish your comments only if they are useful and relevant.

As the comments surpass the blog owner’s moderation, search engine algorithm should find it non-spam and consider your blog content would be useful to the same audience of the blog where you published the comment.

Way #2. Forum Posts

Search for an online forum website and participate in meaningful conversations. Make sure the forum allows posting links in your posts to your blogs. If you see few of the forum threads, you can find whether the forum members posted links in their posts.

Do not go any forum; go to specific forums where the discussions happen related to what you write in your new blog. Relevancy is the key here. Google algorithms look into that.

As I said firstly to build backlinks, in blog comments, here, forums also moderate strictly what its members’ post, thus it is non-spam and search engine considers the relevancy between both your blog and forum.

Way #3. Do YouTube Videos

Create a video related to your content, upload YouTube and include a link in the video description to your related blog post. If possible, embed the video in the same blog post.

YouTube is the search engine for video content. Optimize your video by adding more description and add more relevant tags. A link between well-written description content is the best way to make the link related to your blog content.

Ways To Build Backlinks For Your New Blog as Medium Level SEO Learner

I assumed that you had a few blogs already in your hand and started a new one. As you have learned some basics of SEO and implemented them already on your blog, now you seek to build backlinks in other ways than what I mentioned in the above three methods.

Way #1. Do Interview Authority Blogger

Prepare 10-15 questions that you would like to ask when the interview goes air. Best try to do a podcasting interview. If you are not ready for that, just do a text interview where you will send questions via email, and they will reply with the answers.

Search Google what to ask when interviewing bloggers, template format to send questions and fill answers efficiently, how to do compelling interviews. You will get all the excellent ideas on your table now.

Once the interview ready, publish it on your blog and let them know the interview went live. You can politely request to share the interview on Social Media. You will get some easy social mentions and also in some cases a link from the interviewed blogger to the interview post.

Way #2. Run a Blogging Competition

You are going to organize a blogging competition which is going to bring you a lot of backlinks to your blog. Prerequisite is, publish a series of posts or a killer post or a review post or any post for which you want to rank on the first page of the Google search.

Next, launch the competition. The competition is to encourage a lot of bloggers to write a post on any one of the blog post titles given by you in the competition page (provide 3 to 5 titles maximum). Rules must be

  • Posts should have 2000+ words minimum
  • Posts should be published, and entry to the competition is with the post links.
  • In the post, they must link twice, one is to competition announcement page, and another one is to the post you want to rank top of Google search.
  • Winner will be selected as per the content quality, content structure, backlink quality
  • Winner will be cash rewarded – $200 to $500 would do the job best.

Way #3. Run a Tools Giveaway

You are next going to organize a tools giveaway which is going to get a lot of backlinks for you. Prerequisite is publishing a resources page where you list the products you use in your blogs/business. (Mostly affiliate links will be on this page)

Launch the giveaway. Encourage the bloggers in your niche to win the tools giveaway. To participate in the contest, they should write a post about what he likes in the tools and how he is going to use the tools to promote his blog/business.

Set the rules as similar to the blogging competition and the most important thing is the reward. Don’t give a single tool/software as the giveaway as it won’t provoke the bloggers to participate. Give away the collection of tools as a bundle which any pro blogger would use on his blog.

Ways To Build Backlinks As An Advanced Learner In SEO

It is normal. It is normal to think that all the backlink techniques so far seems no longer work as Google upgraded its algorithm with Panda and Penguin updates.

Then how can we build backlinks beyond Panda and Penguin? Is there any easy way still exist?

Way #1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a more effective way to build backlinks, and it is easier than buying links in top authority blogs. Moreover, these blogs don’t even sell links.

Write a lot of guest posts on the blogs which rank to the top of the Google search. Write an equal number of guest posts as you write on your blog. This will build an equal number of backlinks to your blog.

Guest blogging isn’t a new game anymore. Go to Google and search for it. You will find a lot of helpful resources for guest blogging and influencer marketing.

Way #2. Write a Lot of Authority Posts

Google ranks posts having longer than 2000 words at the top of almost all the keywords. This makes sure that the writing more extended posts, do not guess game, it Is realistic; you need to write long-form content which must be compelling to read with a lot of visuals like images and videos.

These kinds of posts often get more social shares and get more backlinks than any other posts. Bloggers link to content which beyond their writing ability and teaches a few things which they never learned before. Include statistics, prove it with analytics data, write case studies, and include visuals on how to use something, etc., in your posts. These are beyond the blogger’s whole mind and thus get more backlinks.


There is no push-button methods work as of today to build backlinks for a new blog. Each backlink must be created with care if it is a manual link building. If our content is worth to bookmark, share and reference later, it is going to get backlinks automatically.

While trying all the above mentioned easy ways to build backlinks as per your expertise level, I seriously suggest you write excellent content and build backlinks naturally.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Your post is always nice. Some people believe that traffic is hard but your consent and content is easy to get traffic. .thanks once again.

  2. Hi Sachkaro,
    Thanks for your appreciation. Once we understand the concept of building traffic we might able to ideas in building good backlinks which will help both old and new blogs.

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