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35+ Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind!

We all know this: effective marketing can help you effectively attract consumers, keep them engaged and be interested in what you have to sell. However, it’s also a sad fact that not all engaged consumers are guaranteed to shop from you. Indeed, shopping cart abandonment statistics is one of the biggest hurdles every online business is struggling to overcome.

In simple words: if a consumer adds a product to their shopping cart online but exits without fulfilling the purchase is called as cart abandonment. Are you an online retailer? If so you need to be very careful of this fact because high cart abandonment rates may point towards a bad user experience and reduced sales. Get the shopping cart abandonment statistics optimized and you’ll see a drastic boost in your profits.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics – Why It’s Important?

Unless optimized for, a typical online business’s cart abandonment rates can be anywhere from 50% to 80% – yup, that’s a LOT of wasted profit! And non-surprisingly, this same problem is present across almost all online industries you can think of.

Below, we have collected and compiled over 35+ Shopping cart abandonment statistics that should be able to give you a fair idea on where the problem lies with your business and what can you do to better address them & reduce your cart abandonment rates;

Shopping Cart Abandoned Statistics (Editor Picks)

  • By expert estimation, the global average for shopping cart abandonment rates stands now at 69.23%
  • Cart abandonment costs the e-commerce industry nearly 2 to 4 trillion a year
  • Slow opening websites can aggravate cart abandonment rates by over 75%
  • Around nearly 40% of shoppers add items to their cart without having any intention of ever buying them
  • A cart abandonment rate of 65% can leave a gap of 97.9% in conversions

Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics You Must Know Today (2021 Edition)

Here are some of the top and most surprising shopping cart abandonment statistics that may help you to plan and get more conversions for your business;

1) Studies show that cart abandonment is most prevalent between 6 and 9 PM.

2) Over 55% of shoppers abandon their transaction midway when facing high shipping charges.

3) Nearly 40% of consumers abandon their shopping cart because they are just browsing around for fun.

4) 80% of shoppers refrain from making purchases if there isn’t a hassle-free return policy.

5) Nearly 35% of consumers leave their cart if the site doesn’t feel secure enough for them.

6) 27% of customers leave because of the complexity of the checkout process.

7) Cart abandonment rates are at their highest on weekends, with 9 out of 10 carts being dropped on average.

8) If a checkout requires registration, it can lead to CA rates as high as 35%.

9) Hidden costs are the reason for over 55% of consumers bouncing from the website.

10) 16% of consumers abandon their cart if the delivery times are too slow.

11) 25% of shoppers abandon a cart if the products are overpriced.

12) On average, most e-commerce checkout flows have around 23.48 elements on them.

13) Around 12 is the ideal number of checkout form elements.

14) 39% of mobile users will abandon their cart if they need to re-enter their credit/debit card information.

Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics – Sector Based

15) According to studies, the finance sector has the worst shopping cart abandonment statistics ever at 83.6% despite being a fluid industry.

16) Travel planning carts, with their shopping cart abandoned statistics rates of over 81.7%, are one of the worst affected out there.

17) Fashion e-commerce carts see an average of 68.3% shopping cart abandonment rate statistics

18) After finance, the charity sector is the worst hit with abandonment rates as high as 83.1%.

19) Interestingly, the gaming sector has one of the lowest abandonment rates at only 64.2% on average.

Statistics On Shopping Cart Abandonment – Region Dependence

20) Unsurprisingly, Asia/pacific countries like India and Japan have some of the highest cart abandonment rates at 76.3% on average.

21) The average cart abandonment rates in the Middle East are around 76.1%.

22) With around 75.3%, Latin America has the third-highest cart abandonment rates

23) Compared globally, North America and its cart abandonment rate of 74% is one of the lowest out there.

24) European countries have by far the lowest cart abandonment rate of 70.9%.

Device-Based Cart Abandonment Rates

25) A profit destroying 85.65% is the average cart abandonment rate that is present for orders from smartphone devices.

26) Tablets fare better with an average cart abandonment rating of 80.4%.

27) Desktop users are the most reliable consumers with 73% being their average cart abandonment rating.

Shopping Cart Abandoned Email Statistics

28) Only 21% of the follow-up emails regarding cart abandonments are ever opened.

29) Nearly 21% of follow-emails are effective at prompting the consumers to complete their purchases.

Cart Abandonment Email Statistics

30) as per cart abandonment email statistics,Only 48% of emails on incomplete purchases are ever opened.

31) Personalizing retargeted ads can result in ROI of over 1300 Percent.

Frequently Asked Questions OnShopping Cart Abandonment Statistics

Hope you have found the Shopping cart abandonment statistics we provided above informative and most importantly, helpful. To help add even more value, here is a quick FAQ where we will address some common queries regarding cart abandonment;

1) Which type of abandonment should I address first?

We recommend first addressing the issues related to the user experience that are causing cart abandonment. Often these are the main culprits and they are also thankfully the easiest fix. Get your site optimized as best as possible ASAP.

2) Is it possible to reclaim an abandoned cart?

Yes, however, your results may vary. You can try sending emails reminding consumers about their pending purchases. Sometimes, you can get them to complete the transaction.

3) How to calculate your site’s cart abandonment rate?

The easiest way to calculate your site’s cart abandonment rate is to divide the number of completed purchases by the number of carts created by the user. Subtract this value from one and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. This is your cart abandonment rate.

4) What is the ideal cart abandonment rate?

With the global cart abandonment average rating being around 60% to 75%, a good CA rate can be considered as any value below 40%, with 20% or less being noted as excellent.

5) What are the three golden tips to lower any site’s cart abandonment rate?

  • Get the website’s performance, speed, security, and stability optimized
  • Make the checkout process simple
  • Don’t shy away from offering deals, discounts, free shipping where possible

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics – Final Thoughts

It’s clear that cart abandonment is a big issue for all e-commerce platforms. We hope that the statistics on shopping cart abandonment we shared above give you a good idea to counteract this annoying bother. It’s important having the right information at hand as this can allow you to make sensible decisions that can help reduce your business’s cart abandonment rate statistics and finally get your hard-earned consumers to convert.

It’s not going to be easy, nor will it be quick. But with enough effort optimizing the purchase funnel, you CAN get the results you seek! If you have any further questions about shopping cart abandonment statistics, please let us know in the comments & we’ll do our best to answer them.

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