CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner 2023 – Which Tool Cleans Macs The Best?

Feeling confused between CleanMyMac vs CCleaner? You are not alone.

Indeed, CleanMyMac and CCleaner are both crazy popular and are well-regarded solutions for Macintosh cleanup. CCleaner has a free version that allows you to clear out browsing junk easily. CleanMyMac, on the other hand, can also do malware removal and speed the system up so that it runs snappier.

But between the two, which is the best Mac optimization tool for YOU?

You see, though they both promise similar results, CleanMyMac vs CCleaner, however, are worlds apart in both features and experiences. Let’s compare their op features, pros, cons, prices, etc. To find out which offer more bang for the bucks;

CleanMyMac vs CCleaner

Both CCleaner and CleanMyMac are crazy popular in the Mac world. Still, here’ a quick overview to help refresh your memory on what they are all about;

CleanMyMac X – The Popular Choice

Over 5 million mac users trust & use CleanMyMac from MacPaw– and for a good reason; It’s both a cleaning tool and an anti-malware guard. It can even uninstall unused apps with a click. CleanMyMac also has the rare distinction of being Apple notarized, guaranteeing safety & reliability – this is the first third-party cleaning app to receive this honor.

The Pros

  • Runs one-click scans to clean system junk
  • Custom optimization tools to enhance & optimize your Macs for speed and performance
  • Free download with trial option
  • Multi-lingual
  • Supports cleaning digital cloud systems – clean iPhoto junk, backups, iTunes, etc.

The Cons

  • The free version can only clean 500MB at one go
  • Only email support

CCleaner – Older Yet Wiser!

Originally created in 2004 by piriform, CCleaner is a cross-platform tool – it works on Windows, Macs, Android, iOS. It even has a cloud, network, and technician tool to boot. CCleaner works great for detecting unwanted files on a Mac. The premium version unlocks even more perks like real-time Mac monitoring, auto-updates, etc.

The Pros

  • Intuitive, clean, and simple interface
  • Unique perks like online privacy guard, browser cleanup, and overwriting unused space
  • Compatible with other key platforms besides Mac systems
  • Lightweight App
  • The free version itself is pretty good

The Cons

  • Anti-malware features are sadly missing
  • Not frequently updated
  • When compared overall, CCleaner simply has lesser features

CCleaner vs CleanMyMac X (2023 Edition)

CCleaner acts as a maid to your system, whereas CleanMyMac works as a Mac optimizer. Clearly, they are poles apart in both design & features, making them even harder to compare – but hey, we did it anyway.

Here’s what we found from our comparison/review;

CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner – User Experience Reviewed

If being minimalistic is your game, CCleaner should satisfy you a lot. It epitomizes a hassle-free interface that’s both beginner & expert friendly. Everything is listed in a clean manner and has proper warning throughout the system, so you won’t do anything that may compromise system or file stability and safety.

You can access all the cleaning/optimizing features from the left pane and engage with them on the expanded right window.

We loved how CCleaner uses the same UI design across all the different platforms. This gives an air of consistency and makes it also easier for cross-OS customers to use. The navigation is no-frills, as you’d imagine. CleanMyMac x, however, paints a polar opposite picture. It’s rather beautiful with a gradient palate and the True-Mac design. That said, for the sake of aesthetics, they have sadly has opted for complicated Settings that hides useful features. Honestly, the overtly minimal dashboard and the tabbed results page is sure to confuse you if you are a beginner.

That said, once you get used to it, CleanMyMac can feel just as intuitive as CCleaner. Both tools list results in a clean yet explained format that makes them easy to deal with. CleanMyMac even goes a step further with the categorized result with individual explanations.

Accuracy & convenience

Both tools are fast to scan. And they both do a good job at unearthing hidden junks accurately from the system, even from internal folders. At the end of the day, the best user experience here comes down to personal preference.

If you want a super minimal, hassle-free UI, get CCleaner. Want something a bit more modern and technical? CleanMyMac is the way to go – which do YOU prefer?

CleanMyMac OS X vs CCleaner – Cleaning Powers Reviewed

When it comes to ridding your PC of clutter, both CleanMyMac vs CCleaner does a pretty damn good job. You can use the tools to free up:

  • Mac System, third party apps, and user-generated caches
  • Language files
  • Login items, browsing history, cookies, broken downloads, etc.
  • Old backups, outdated driver files, etc.

CCleaner has a slight edge here as you can focus your scans on specific folders or drives to get even more accurate results. CleanMyMac doesn’t offer this instead of settling for an overall view of our system’s junk files. Interestingly, CleanMyMac comes with a custom manager for the download folder. This is great as this folder, in particular, is often tends to have the largest concentration of old, unneeded junk files in the system.

Both apps allow uninstalling unused apps from the system. Both CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner employs deep clean algorithms so they can remove even residual files from the system. CleanMyMac’s shredder feature is notable in this regard as it can remove files even beyond the point of recovery – great if you deal with a lot of sensitive files.

Erase free space feature – A CCleaner exclusive

Even when you delete something from the system, its pieces may still remain in your system’s storage, albeit hidden from view. Over time, this junk accumulates & can impact your system’s performance.

CCleaner Erase free feature aims to solve this by giving a thorough wipe down of your storage drive, erasing the “file pieces” forever.

CleanMyMac X vs CCleaner Review – Optimizing Features Reviewed

Using CleanMyMac X built-in Maintenance suit, you can free and optimize your Mac’s RAM, clean system slowing junk files, and uninstall malicious or unused apps – all of which can give your Mac a serious performance boost. You can also force stop applications that might be misbehaving or are frozen from the app’s custom task manager. Further, the tool cleans out caches and re-indexes the Spotlight, which helps make the system feel and run far smoother and responsive.

In this regard, CCleaner takes a more conservative approach: you can uninstall apps and clear out junks – just like you did with CleanMyMac. However, you can also manage the background running applications with CCleaner “Start-up – optimizer,” which lets you prevent specific apps from auto running upon booting up.

Notably, if you have a windows machine that needs a bit of love, you can use CCleaner’s windows-exclusive registry feature to purge the system free of junk/broken registry entries. It will give a serious boost to the PC’s overall snappiness.

Malware protection & security

This round clearly goes to CleanMyMac as it comes with a built-in anti-malware scanning feature, whereas CCleaner just doesn’t. Sure, it’s not as good a dedicated anti-virus software, but hey, it’s better than having nothing (boo CCleaner!)

In CCleaner defense, it’s more of a privacy-focused tool, especially when it comes to internet browsing. CCleaner allows you to clear out logins, browsing history, cookies, caches, and ad trackers in one click for a safer web session.

CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner – Extra Features Reviewed

Like every other cleaning tool, both CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner too has their own unique set of features that gives them an edge. Here is a look at some of them;


Space lens – this perk offers a visual representation of your entire file system, showing which folders take up the most space and how much.

Shredder: This function helps you delete any files beyond the reach of any recovery tools.

CleanMyMac Menu – this service puts up a persistent tab on the Apple menu bar at the top of the screen. It will give you easy access to crucial diagnostic tools such as RAM, CPU, battery, and network usage & connectivity.


Scan scheduler – this feature lets the app automatically scan your device for junks and errors within a time window you have enabled.

Duplicate finder – this system lets you find if there are any unwanted duplicate files in your system that are taking up precious storage & lets you delete them.

Disk wipe – as the name suggests, this feature lets you delete all the files in a system drive of your choosing with just a click.

CCleaner vs CleanMyMac x – The Pricing Reviewed

With CCleaner, you get a brilliant free version that offers almost all of its main features fully functional out of the box, like junk cleaning, registry repair, boot up manager, etc… In fact, it’s so good; it’s even more than enough for most professional users. The premium license, which costs 24.95, will get you access to extra perks like automatic browser cleanup, junk management, program updating, and priority customer support.

With CleanMyMac, too, you get a free version with almost all the features but with one single limitation; you can only clean 500 MB at a time. To get the full experience, you need to fork out $39.95 or get 5 licenses to slash 55% from the overall cost. Frequently, the app also comes in bundles that offer other Macaw apps as well.

Indeed, the prices are plenty competitive, and since these tools are so different and are built for different user types, we’ll let YOU decide who the winner of this round.

Which Is Better: CleanMyMac vs CCleaner (The Conclusion)

As you just saw in our CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner review, both tools have vowed the hearts of Mac users with their cool range of intelligent cleanup/optimization features. Both tools help boost the performance & longevity of your Mac with ease.

That said, we feel that CleanMyMac, at the end of the day, offers a better deal than CCleaner in almost every meaningful way. For starters, it comes with anti-malware protection, which is a must-have in these times. CCleaner just focuses on privacy and junk cleaning. It can’t protect your expensive Apple devices from hackers & malware threats. Besides, it’s also been a while since it’s got updated, nor received any new features.

With CleanMyMac, you have assured a top-tier Mac cleaning experience. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than CCleaner, but you are getting some quality perks here that can realize your Mac’s full potential – worth every penny, indeed.

Hi there, satisfied with the results? Think otherwise? Let us know in the comments. Also, let us know if you have any doubts, opinions, or suggestions.

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