CleanMyMac Vs DaisyDisk

CleanMyMac vs DaisyDisk 2023 – The Best Tool To Clean Your Mac Revealed!

Both CleanMyMac vs DaisyDisk are extremely popular as far as Mac cleaning/optimizations go, with both boasting millions of happy users. CleanMyMac is like a full-scale control center for your beloved mac, whereas DaisyDisk shines as a lightweight solution to declutter your personal computer. Indeed, they are like David and goliath.

Naturally, this raises the question: between CleanMyMac vs daisy disk, which is the better Mac cleaning tool for YOUR needs?

To find out, we decided to get our hands dirty and set out to compare & check both CleanMyMac’s and DaisyDisks top features, top pros, cons, etc., to find the best tool to enhance your Mac – both in storage & performance.

Without any further ado, let’s get cracking;

CleanMyMac vs DaisyDisk 2023 – A Closer Look!

Both of these tools are crazy different. But their goals are still the same. Here’s a brief overview of both CleanMyMac & DaisyDisk and what they are all about;

CleanMyMac – The All-In-One Mac Cleaner!

CleanMyMac from MacPaw is like a maid for your Mac. It cleans cluttered files, optimizes RAM, and can even ward off malware attacks with the built-in anti-virus. The tool is pretty powerful. You can use it to defreeze hanged apps or even uninstall them with just a click. CleanMyMac is apple notarized, so it as safe and reliable as any third-party cleaner gets.

The Pros

  • Can clean Mac junk, even from internal folders
  • Custom optimization tools to enhance & optimize your Macs for speed and performance
  • Free download with trial option
  • Multi-lingual
  • Cleans digital cloud-based systems as well – clean iPhoto junk, backups, iTunes, etc.

The Cons

  • The free version can only clean up to 500MB at one go
  • Only email support

DaisyDisk: Tiny Yet Packs A Punch!

Put simply, DaisyDisk is a disk analyzer cum disk cleaner that can help free your Mac’s internal storage & help it run supremely faster. It tells the storage levels in colorful graphics, and it can detect and suggest unneeded old/large files for you to delete & clear up space. The app is crazy lightweight, as well as affordable.

The Pros

  • Lightweight app – installs fast, runs faster
  • Colorful interface with categorized junk files ready to be removed
  • Affordable
  • Works with external drives too
  • Integrates with Macs smart preview option

The Cons

  • Functionality-wise, DaisyDisk fall leagues behind its competitors
  • It doesn’t display date/time elements

DaisyDisk vs CleanMyMac X – Complete Review & Comparison (2023 Edition)

As far as differences go, both CleanMyMac vs DaisyDisk are as opposite as Earth’s poles get. So yeah, picking the right tool for your needs matters a lot:

The below step-by-step comparison should help in this regard;

CleanMyMac Vs DaisyDisk – User Interface (Aesthetics & Convenience)

CleanMyMac has the usual apple app interface style. There is the left pane, which carries all their major features in a listed format. When you click on them, they will expand to the right window, where you can easily engage and use them on the go. The App is rather pretty, with a dark-hued gradient color tone.

While CleanMyMac aesthetically nails it, we found some key features hidden behind dropdown menus & settings. This means that it can be a bit troublesome for beginners to use the tool efficiently – not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind. The interface on DaisyDisk, on the other hand, is its most striking feature. It displays files and folders using a very bright color-coded “Sunburst” representation.

From the core of the diagram, which represents your Macs file system, you get a hierarchical structure of your system’s file types. Color codes distinguish between various folders, and the files themselves are displayed in gray. Just drag and drop the files to delete them easily. There are also simple shortcuts for easier navigation.

Scan speed & overall accuracy

Both CleanMyMac & DaisyDisk allows a general scan as well as targeted folder focused junk detection. Either way, the scans are pretty fast, especially DaisyDisk’s. It completes scans in seconds and not in minutes like what CleanMyMac does.

The accuracy is crazy good. Both tools can detect even the faintest trace of junk in the system, even from internal folders.

CleanMyMac OS X Vs DaisyDisk – System Cleaning Qualities

Both CleanMyMac vs Daisy Disk boast of being the best Mac cleaner out there. Let’s see if there is any stock their claims (hint: there is).

CleanMyMac X comes with a 1-click cleaning solution that will remove system junk, empty trash bins, clean iTunes and photos, and shred unwanted mail attachments. It can detect large and old files and eliminate them from the system, thus improving system responsiveness. CleanMyMac even goes further and helps manages the downloads folders, organizing them. This is very important as this system folder is often the largest place where old, unneeded files accumulate crazy fast, slowing the entire system down.

Daisy disk, too, does all of the above, including 1 click junk elimination. You can set limiters/exclusions on important files, so they don’t get accidentally deleted. For junk cleaning, just drag and drop the files into the collector to target them for deletion.

DaisyDisk keeps a running a tab on the amount of junk in the system, and when it detects you’ve marked them all, tap on the delete button to take them out for good.

Multi-disk support

Both CleanMyMac and DaisyDisk aren’t just limited to analyzing your Mac’s internal disks. They can also give you a definitive breakdown on any drives connected to your Mac system, be it pen drives, SD cards, External hard disks, etc…’

You get all the same features, including both targeted and general scanning. CleanMyMac goes a step further and can also help clean your cloud apple libraries. You can use CMM to clean your old backups and unwanted/duplicate files & pictures to reclaim precious cloud space.

DaisyDisk Vs CleanMyMac X – System Optimization Qualities

Without a doubt: this round goes for CleanMyMac, as it comes with chockfull of Mac optimization tools, whereas DaisyDisk simply doesn’t.

Aside from cleaning and decluttering your file system, CleanMyMac can free up your RAM by killing resource-heavy unwanted applications and threads. In fact, The built-in start-up manager helps you prevent unwanted programs from running at boot in the first place – resulting in the faster wake up times. The tool can also check for file system errors and fix them and reorganize databases to loads faster. It even cleans the DNS cache so that sites load faster while you are online.

With DaisyDisk, you only get the performance boost you got from cleaning up unwanted and potentially system-slowing down files. It also lacks a feature to help you deep uninstall apps even though it’s marketed as a cleaner app.

But then again, DaisyDisk is only meant as a means to help clean Mac clutter, right?

Malware protection & privacy

Again, CleanMyMac takes the cake here. It comes with a built-in anti-malware program that can help keep your Mac safe from hackers and malicious files. The browser cleaner deletes your history, cookies & log-in items, so your data is safe while online or offline.

DaisyDisk, unfortunately, doesn’t have either of these perks. But since its deletion features are recovery proofed, it does score a bit on the privacy front.

CleanMyMac X Vs DaisyDisk Review – The Extra Features

While both CleanMyMac vs DaisyDisk are centered on cleaning, they can also do so much more. Here are some of their other top perks;

CleanMyMac X

Space lens – get a visual Map-like representation of your entire file system, showing which folders take up the most space and how much.

Shredder: This function helps you delete files beyond the point of recovery. Useful if you deal with a lot of sensitive files.

CleanMyMac Menu – an always-on tab on the Apple menu bar at the top which will give you easy access to diagnostic tools such as RAM, CPU, battery, and network usage & connectivity from anywhere in the system.


Purge hidden space – wipe down empty space in system disks to clear any and all traces of files hosted there previously. Useful for APFS based Mac disks.

List view – the same data present in the “Pie-like interface” but in a list form. Access it on the right top hand side of the screen.

CleanMyMac OS X Vs DaisyDisk – The Pricing Compared

With CleanMyMac, you get a brilliant free version that gets you almost all the features but with a key limitation; you can only clean 500 MB at a time. To get the full suite of features + unlimited cleaning, you need to shell out $39.95 or get 5 licenses, which slash 55% from the overall cost. This is a premium tool built for the premium audience. You can also get CleanMyMac as a part of MacPaw bundles, which also gets you access to other killer tools.

DaisyDisk, on the other hand, takes a far more affordable approach. The premium version only costs $9.99, which is clearly a bargain for what it offers. There is a free version too, but it lacks many of the main features that make DaisyDisk so compelling. Features like personal mail support, ad-free experience, and app deletion are reserved only for premium members.

Price-wise, they both aim to serve a different suite of consumers. However, they can offer bang for the bucks if you choose per your exact needs – buy accordingly.

Which Is Better: CleanMyMac Vs DaisyDisk (The Conclusion)

Over time, your Mac – like any computer – will get slowed down. Often extra junk files and system errors are what cause it. Both CleanMyMac and DaisyDisk help a lot to clean up the Mac, thus enabling it to run at its best for longer.

However, a good as these two tools are at their job: one clearly outshines the other in almost every aspect & has won this review: yup, it’s CleanMyMac!

Indeed, DaisyDisk is a great way to free storage on your Mac. But hey, that’s about all it’s designed to be able to do. CleanMyMac, on the other hand, can clean, optimize the system, and offers perks like malware detection, app updater, uninstaller, etc. Sure, it’s a bit pricier. But you are, without doubt, is getting so much more for it. CleanMyMac’s robust, assured Mac cleaning/optimizing qualities are second to none. It can easily help unlock your Mac’s full potential. It’s also often updated, so new features are coming out all the time.

Hi, feel satisfied with CleanMyMac? Think DaisyDisk is best? Tell us in the comments. Also, if you found it useful, share this article with your peers so they too may benefit.

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