CleanMyMac vs MacBooster

CleanMyMac vs MacBooster 2023 – Which Tool Can Speed Up Your Mac Better?

Though similar at first glance, both CleanMyMac vs MacBooster are miles apart in terms of functionality, offering different depths of MacOS cleanup. CleanMyMac has been a pioneer in the field, boasting 10+ years of Mac cleaning/optimizing prowess, whereas MacBooster 8 is a relatively new up and comer.

As a Mac user, this may leave you confused: which is the best tool to optimize my macs performance?

To answer this, here is a detailed head-to-head CleanMyMac vs MacBooster comparison, noting & comparing their top features, pros, cons, etc. This will help you find the best programs that best suit your requirements.

Without any further ado, let’s get started;

CleanMyMac Vs MacBooster – Tools Overview

In case, you are new to the world of Mac and Mac cleaners. Here’s a brief look art both CleanMyMac and MacBooster, so you’ll know what you are getting in to:

CleanMyMac X – Top-Rated Mac Optimizer!

Created by MacPaw, CleanMyMac has been in development for 10+ years, meaning that it’s now choke-full of handy features to optimize your Mac & has unmatched stability. You can uninstall applications, fight malware & delete histories – all in one click. It’s also been apple notarized for unmatched safety – no wonder 5 million users love this tool.

The Pros

  • Can clean Mac junk, even from internal folders
  • Custom optimization tools to enhance & optimize your Macs for speed and performance
  • Free download with trial option
  • Multi-lingual
  • Supports cleaning digital cloud-based systems – clean iPhoto junk, backups, iTunes, etc.

The Cons

  • The free version can only clean 500MB at one go
  • Only email support

MacBooster 8 – The New Mac Cleaning Prodigy?

MacBooster 8 from IObit can take due care of cleaning, securing, and optimizing your Mac so that it runs at its maximum best potential. The built-in duplicate finder gives it an edge over CleanMyMac and now comes with a new & improved interface. It even has a few privacy/cybersecurity perks pre-integrated & ready to go.

The Pros

  • Clean, modern, and extremely intuitive interface
  • Lots of MacOS optimization tools
  • Great junk cleaner
  • Lightweight, easy on system resources
  • Affordably priced: comes with a brilliant lifetime plan

The Cons

  • Not enough warnings before cleaning or uninstalling
  • No live chat support

MacBooster 8 Vs CleanMyMac X – Top Mac Cleaning Tools Compared!

No matter how similar, No two software’s are the same. Almost always, there will be key differences that separate them from one another.

Here’s our breakdown of such features of both CleanMyMac vs MacBooster;

CleanMyMac Vs MacBooster 8 – The User Interface (And Convenience)

As evident from their designs, both CleanMyMac VS MacBooster adopts an extremely similar interface from every corner. There is the left pane, which carries all their major features in a listed format. When you click on them, they will expand to the right window, where you can easily engage and use them on the go.

From an aesthetic standpoint, CleanMyMac is more beautiful. However, we found that it often hides some important key features hidden deep in the UI. This can be a bit too confusing – at least for the first few days – for Mac beginners. MacBooster, on the other hand, adopts a “simpler” approach. It highlights all its major features right in the line of vision for easy access.

Personally, we prefer the no-frills approach of MacBooster over CleanMyMac’s forced beautification. This is a subjective choice, so you do you.

Scan speed and results listing

Both tools offer a one-click system scan that will highlight the junks and other errors in your system so you can deal with them in one place. Both CleanMyMac and MacBooster offer crazy fast and efficient scans – it takes only a few seconds.

Once scanned, both tools will show the results in one place, categorized per file types, sizes, system impact, etc. You can tap on each result to get a preview, and you can also take direct actions against them then & there in a few clicks.

MacBooster Vs CleanMyMac X – Storage Managing & Junk Removal

Next up, we deal with the primary objective of both CleanMyMac vs MacBooster, i.e., junk cleaning the Mac. Both of these tools does pretty good in this regard;

CleanMyMac X comes with a 1-click cleaning scan to remove system junk, empty trash bins, clean iTunes and photos, and clean mail attachments. It can also detect large and old files and eliminate them from the system, thus improving the system performance at the same time. CleanMyMac even goes further and keeps a closer eye on your downloads folders, managing them. This is important as this folder is often the largest culprit in keeping old, unneeded files in the system, slowing the entire system down.

Both tools offer 1 click removal, and you also get complete control over which files to delete and which to keep. MacBooster claims to clean 20 types of junk files, including old, large files. It can eliminate caches as well as uninstall apps & their remnants. The tool can free your Mac from unrequired system log files, broken login items, localization files, Xcode iOS logs, old application updates, and iTunes cache.

Duplicate file detection and elimination

This is a feature that’s only available with MacBooster 8. When triggered. It will scan the system for duplicate or similar files and lists them out for you. You can then easily delete the unwanted ones, which can save you gigabytes of space in your system.

Do note that this feature is only useful to you if you are on macOS High Sierra or earlier as the latest versions can smartly stop duplicate accumulation all by themselves.

CleanMyMac OS X vs MacBooster 8 – System Optimization Capabilities

Macs need no optimization – this is a false statement. Over time, your Mac – like any computer – will slow down. Here’s how CleanMyMac & MacBooster can help;

First of all, CleanMyMac has a start-up manager that will let you prevent unwanted programs from running on boot. You can turn the resource-heavy background app on or off as you wish – together, this means your system will run crazy fast. The tool can also check for file system errors and fix them and reorganize databases to loads faster. Heck, it can even clean DNS cache so that sites load much faster, even if it’s your first time visiting.

Almost on par with CleanMyMac, MacBooster also offers loads of Mac optimization features. For instance, it cleans all caches, fixes disk permission issues, frees up inactive Mac memory, optimizes login start-up items, and perform DNS optimization. The tool further has a “lightning booster mode “that will speed up your online browsing experience.

Security and privacy

CleanMyMac offers a privacy cleanup that removes anything that will jeopardize your online privacy. This includes removing browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, message history, file transfer, and many other such things. In addition, there is an exhaustive database on malware so that it can detect cyber attacks from the first hint.

MacBooster also scans your system for malware and can clean your browsing traces in real-time to further enhance your safety, both online 7 offline.

CleanMyMac vs MacBooster – Extra Features

Aside from just optimizing & junk cleaning powers, both CleanMyMac & MacBooster sports unique perks that add value to the user in other areas.

Here’s a good look at them in detail:

CleanMyMac X

Space lens – get a visual representation of your entire file system, showing which folders take up the most space and how much.

Shredder: This function helps you delete any files beyond the ability of any recovery tools available. Great if you deal with a lot of sensitive files.

CleanMyMac Menu – a persistent tab on the Apple menu bar at the top of the screen, which will give you easy access to crucial diagnostic tools such as RAM, CPU, battery, and network usage & connectivity from anywhere in the system.

MacBooster 8

Turbo Boost – when triggered, your Mac’s internal storage, AKA disks, will be optimized quickly as well as disk permissions.

MacBooster 8 Mini – this is a mini-program that sits on your status bar. It will show you information’s in real-time like:

  • Current memory usage
  • Current network state with upload and download speeds
  • Available free space
  • Amount of junk detected

Duplicate finder/photo sweeper – find and destroy unwanted duplicate files in one click. It can auto-detect the best photos from similar ones & so you can delete the rest.

CleanMyMac X Vs MacBooster Review – The Pricing Comparison

With CleanMyMac, you get a free version that gets you almost all the features, but with one single limitation, you can only clean 500 MB at a time. To get the full suite of features, you need to shell out $39.95 or get 5 licenses, which slash 55% from the overall cost. The app also comes often in bundles that offer other Macaw apps as well.

MacBooster, on the other hand, comes with two plans: a standard, 1-year subscription plan the costs $29.95 to $49.95 (the latter unlocks premium support). There is also a lifetime plan that costs $79.95 that offers better value in the long stretch. All plans offer their entire suite of features, both present and upcoming. The Lite and premium plans offer licenses for up to 3 Macs, which makes them ideal for small concerns.

As you can see, the prices are pretty similar. So it comes down to your Mac preferences and requirements – consider them & open your wallet wisely.

Which Is Better: CleanMyMac vs MacBooster (The Conclusion)

Even today, the importance of Mac cleaners cannot be stressed upon enough. They’ll help run the system smoothly and increase your battery & device longevity. Both CleanMyMac and MacBooster are simply awesome in this regard.

As you saw, both of these tools aim to serve different consumer types. If your preference is junk removal & duplicate detection, MacBooster makes a lot of sense. But if you want tons of features, like malware scan, privacy guard, storage manager, etc., going with CleanMyMac will obviously be the better choice in the long run – and yes, we prefer the latter!

Indeed, CleanMyMac wins the showdown this time. It’s robust, assured Mac cleaning/optimizing qualities are second to none. It can really unlock your Mac’s full potential. It’s also regularly updated, meaning that new features are coming out all the time.

Without a doubt: you can go wrong with CleanMyMac – it offers everything your Mac device needs to run efficiently today, and tomorrow

Hey, satisfied with CleanMyMac? Think MacBooster is best? Let us know in the comments. If you found this useful, share it with your friends & colleagues so they too may benefit.

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