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Best Content Writing Guide For Travel Bloggers 2023 – Beginners & Pro Writers Must Read!

Travel blogging is a great way to share your travel adventures with your friends, family and fellow travel lovers. Also, blogging keeps the log from your trips to look back on for years. Indeed, you are also helping travelers to plan their trips with your tips and inspirations. But, how to write such inspirational travel posts. Here is our content writing guide for travel bloggers to explore.

However, these aren’t the hard rules to follow since you are writing your personal travel experiences. It’s just a kind of travel blog writing tips, hints and ideas to produce exciting content.

Content Writing Guide For Travel Bloggers

Travel writing has evolved a lot in a decade. The real catch is how to get your travel story featured on magazines to tract the attention of millions of target audiences. That isn’t a simpler one.

How to start a piece of travel writing?

Sometimes, after returning from your trip or in between, you will think “where do I start writing about this travel?”

Which posts to write after a long trip? How do I organize writing when you have too many memories to share?

Or simply, what kind of articles would bring in readers to your travel blog? What to write when you are not travelling?

Indeed, you will have several questions like this. Anyways, you just need to start.

Sure, let me help you with tips. So, let’s get started with this content writing guide for travel bloggers.

Various Types Of Content Writing For Travel Websites

Though many people like to explore new things and destinations – they would feel bored writing the same pattern of content. As an exciting travel blogger, it’s your vital role to engage them with content flavours. How to fuel up your writing minds?

Especially, what to write about when you are not traveling?

It’s hard to manage writing blog posts when you have no travel logs in recent days. But, you can’t sit idle; you will have to keep feeding your readers like before. At the same time, you should build the audience and interact with other travel bloggers. So, here are some of the blog post ideas to generate when you are not on the roads.

Use any of these travel blog content writing ideas to kick off today.

Lists type articles

It’s a global fact that lists post to gain more attention than others. It is famous for a reason – it is easy to read. Some websites out there generate only files kind of articles entirely. Indeed, if you are in a destination, you can write a list of the best things to do there, a list of nearby places to visit, etc. Ultimately, present a well-researched to-do list that stimulates people to plan a trip to the destination.

When you are not on a trip at that moment, then you can research and write a list of best places to visit in Florida, a list of best places to ice skate in the US, or anything you exciting to write.

Travel Tips for beginners, Pros

You may not be traveling now. But, you know several things to do while traveling from your previous experiences and journeys. What to do and not to, how to pack stuff for specific places, etc. It may be tiny things, but if you are more specific, that wins.

While you are not traveling, do some research and help others with great trips to make their trips successful. At the same time, draw their attention to your travel blog and its content.

Write about your first travel

It’s always a better idea to get started with your first travel blog post. Tell your followers about your first holidays or abroad trip. How did you feel when you first landed over there? In what way, the new breeze welcomes you? How was the accommodation, food habits, blah, blah..? How did you spend your nights? Is there any particular sight, smell, or sound that melts you? Sure, you will have unforgettable moments in detail. Take this as an opportunity to share with your readers.

Write about your locality

Any country you belong to, there would be several travel destinations. Living there, you will get enough ideas to write for even years. If you fail to describe your living location, then you are doing a big in your travel blogging. You can see other travel bloggers from different regions writing about unique events, places, and specialties in your area. That makes you feel guilt. So, write about your locale in your next blog post.

Write about your plans

It works even better when you have built avid followers on your travel blog. You may post things like the places you shall go to next quarter.

Also, write a blog post that lists entire reasons why one should go to a particular destination on holidays. The most critical aspect of travel content is persuasive writing.

From your travel experience in a particular destination, narrate what you loved there and what makes you visit again, etc. Because of that, you want your readers to go too.

Sure, if they like your blog, then they must love the destinations (you mention) too. Once they start believing in you, they will wait for your next travel blog post and more excitements.

Write distinct articles

It works well when you write essays that tend to solve user’s problems. Like how Vicky helped people on what to do in Qatar during the stopover. Maybe not all the readers wouldn’t be engaging in exploring it. But, it helps a very few in utilizing the stopover time, effectively. Also, the post works well in search engines too.

So, do some research and identify topics that not many travel bloggers have written about it.

Interviews to get inspired

Ask your inspirational bloggers in the travel niche to answer a few simple questions that you have to them. Don’t go random; check if they have already got so many excellent travel stories. You get content for your site, free promotion and of course, the loyal readers. When you are traveling, it’s hard to spend time researching those inspirations and preparing the questions to. So, make use of the time when you are not on the road and gain something effortlessly.

Also, you can interview the public from your travels, and present it to the readers with their profile. That helps track more attention towards your travel blog than anything else.

Anything you write – be yourself, open, and truthful. No offense. Don’t be scared or hesitate to put things and your creativity in front of the audience. At the very start, it may be hard to portray yourself to the users. But, be stubborn and stick to it.

Okay Then, How To Write A Travel Guide Content?

It’s a universal thing that every travel blog will have content about how to start a travel blog, travel writing tips for beginners, how to write a travel guide content, and so on. But, not all the travel guide content succeeds in meeting its purpose. So, make sure to research the subject or destination your write about, what you felt when you had been there, how it makes your trip more enjoyable. Along with that, refer to this content writing guide for travel bloggers and create yours.

Travel Writing Tips: How Often Should I Publish Content On My Travel Websites?

When you have got something to share, write about it. That’s the best answer even when it comes to travel blogs. Don’t get stressed out setting dangerous goals to lift your blog. It can also ruin your whole travel blogging. Pressure kills your fun and disturbs your travel content writing.

Indeed, you have certain types of travel blog content like interviews, list posts, etc. you can always pen down your writing. So, even when you are not traveling, you can contribute content to your travel blog. Nothing can stop you. But, make sure to be consistent for any reason.

What’s the ideal length of a travel blog post?

Along with these tips and content ideas for writing travel blogs, I also take responsibility to help you with ideas about the content length. Few travel bloggers would just write 500 words about their every destination. On the other hand, pro travel bloggers out there who write detailed articles around 3K words. I aim to write over 2K words per article though content length matters, the value you offer pays you off more.

So, be narrative and stop when it stops.

How To Write A Travel Blog Content & Proofread Using Writing Apps?

Writing a travel blog is something beyond just sharing the travel stories. Here are the travel writing tips for beginners. As we do with other niche blogs, the first thing is keyword research always.

Analyze your competitor’s site to know what keywords or phrases they are ranking. Input the particular seed keyword into a keyword tool and pick the potential keywords it suggests.

But, which keyword to target? Go with the keywords that people search most and variations other travel bloggers used on the same topic.

And of course, these variations or sub-topics help you to structure your content. You may also refer to Google related searches to use the predictive queries for sub-headings and include it in your content. Start writing, then.

Indeed, before start writing any piece of article, define your audience and purpose of writing. Think about if you write travel blog content like your academic paper. It’s a colossal blunder. So, keep your viewers in mind while content writing for travel websites.

Fortunately, there are many proficient English writing assistant proofreading tools available to help you with this. Indeed, I use Grammarly and hence I recommend you to give it a try. It greatly helps me polishing my content before publishing. Today, let me guide you on how to install and use Grammarly to make your content flawless and polished.

About Grammarly

You don’t believe, over millions of web writers, publishers, students, bloggers, and scholars trust Grammarly to enhance their content value. Eliminating typical and advanced spelling, grammatical, punctuation, genre-specific style issues, etc., Grammarly makes sure your content is perfect and highly readable.

Indeed, Grammarly comes easy to install and use it on the go. Head over to Grammarly’s official site and sign-up with your email account.

Grammarly Signup

You may also sign-up via Facebook and Google account.

Grammarly free account

During the process, before creating your account Grammarly have a feature to personalize to your writing needs (refer to the below image). If you’ll write a wide variety of content, then just skip for now and set your goals before start writing or proofreading every single article.

Personalize Grammarly

You are jut a step ahead. Grammarly welcomes you with two options to choose between Free and Premium.

Grammarly free vs premium

If you are new to Grammarly and not sure about its features and proficiency, just go for its free edition. For which, just open Google Chrome, and install Grammarly browser extension from the Chrome store.

On the other hand, if you wish to unlock its extensive features and make your content picture-perfect, then upgrade to Grammarly premium.

Grammarly advanced checks

Wherever you write online, you will get Grammarly assistance to highlight and fix your writing mistakes then and there. Likewise, for your travel blog content proofreading, you can either upload the document or copy-paste the written text to Grammarly editor or directly write on it.

Its smart artificial intelligence algorithm better scans your content and spots any English writing mistakes and helps you with detailed explanations and suggestions to fix it appropriately.

As a pro travel blogger, you might be looking for more perfection in your content to enthuse and build credibility among your expert readers.

So, Grammarly premium comes into rescue.

It helps you to correct more advanced grammar aspects like subject-verb agreement, wrong word usage, parallelism, passive voice, content vagueness, etc.

Grammarly Premium

Also, its tone detection feature helps you to know your writing tone and how it appeals to your readers. You can set your goals before proofreading a piece of content using Grammarly. Probably, for travel content, conversational and persuasive nature is subjective.

Being a travel blogger, traveling all around, anywhere you can write, proofread, and share it with your readers as you like. Nobody can stop you. Pat yourself back on.

Here are some of the travel writing tips for start-up travel bloggers’ pros. Not to mention, the travel writing tips for the pros too. Even those who struggle to build their blog audience can try this out.

  • Keep your content original
  • Stick to your niche keeping the audience in mind
  • Personalize your content
  • Establish strong content purposes
  • Keep your audiences inspired
  • Include engaging elements into your content
  • Keep your item intro cliff-hanged
  • Proofread every article before publishing
  • Make your content SEO-friendly

Above all, make sure to optimize your pages for fast loading. Build email subscribers from day one, and blast-out artistic emails to excite them often.

FAQ About Using Grammarly For Travel Blogs Content Writing

Travelling is generally stressful for people, but not always. There is always some level of planning, budget burden, and packing – whether it is a recurring vacation every year or once in a lifetime trip. As a travel blogger or travel content writer, it is your responsibility to keep your audience cool and out of fear. Equip them with your helpful content in every step of their travel planning.

So, assist your audience at their different phases of traveling like most of the popular travel blogs do. The tourism and hospitality industry has a great opportunity to help both novice and experienced travelers delivering amazing content. So, as a travel company, you should identify what offers them the most. Deliver your content to make them move on from stress to excitement. We are glad to help you with content tools, SEO guide, tutorials, and all you need to run a successful travel blog.

Here are some of the standard and frequently asked questions about travel content writing answered.

1) How to build an audience for a travel blog when I’m not traveling?

Only with real-time travel experience, you can build readership to your travel blog. Still, if you are traveling at times, you can post interviews, previous travel experiences, tips or lists kind of posts to keep adding readers to your fantastic travel blog.

2) How content writing differs for travel websites?

For any niche, however, you must be passionate about the subject to build an audience that trusts and lasts for a longer time. The same applies to travel writers. But, beyond which, as a travel content writer, you must be excellent in delivering your experiences in a way that stimulates readers to experience it.

3) How content writing tools help travel writers?

The writing assistant tools like Grammarly help you to polish your content in every aspect of writing. Using which, make sure your content is delivered appropriately in a way that it allures your fellow travel blog readers.

4) Can I use Grammarly free to proofread my travel blog content?

Yes, you can use Grammarly free on Chrome browser, MS Word, etc. with limited features eliminating typical spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. On the other hand, for advanced options like plagiarism check, style checks, and vocabulary enhancement, etc., go Grammarly premium.

5) What are the other recommended content writing tools for travel websites?

There are plenty of proficient writing apps for travel writers available. Grammarly would be a top-notch rendering of more accurate results and a set of features. Still, refer to our previous article that discusses the other writing tools for travel blogs.

Final Take Away On Content Writing Guide For Travel Bloggers

It makes a bit of time, effort, and research to grow your travel business significantly. So, content is the only medium you have control over to conquer the reader’s mind. Choose a distinct topic, start with keyword research, create content, and deliver it strategically to turn thousands of eyeballs around your blogs or travel websites.

Start exploring the different parts of this world, put it in words, and let your readers visualize it reading your travel content. Sure, this content writing guide for travel bloggers would help you in a way or either to come up with incredible content to your travel websites.

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