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Web 2.0 remains the best workable strategy for guaranteed link building. You don’t require relying on others approval to get a link on web 2.0 sites. You can tweak to get your backlinks. In this article, let’s see what web 2.0 is, its benefits and high authority free web 2.0 sites list.

You don’t necessarily be publishing posts on all the web 2.0 sites. Pick just 5 to 10 popular and authoritative sites like WordPress, Medium, Blogspot, etc. and contribute articles periodically. Like your primary blog, publish only plagiarism-free content and link naturally. Though there is no hard rule, still as much as perfect you do, higher the benefits will be.

Knowing About Web 2.0

Backlinks are to provide great reading experience linking to the well-informed content pages. But, backlinks are now generated only to grab the top position in SERP. User experience is reduced drastically. Google penalizes those websites if suspects such practice.

Even after all this, Google web 2.0 has never lost its significance. This is only because web 2.0 is the way that any user can interact with others online. Wikipedia is a good example. You can tweak the content, if you find anything contradictory and if you are strong about the topic.

Likewise, there are multiple platforms available where you can spread your ideas and suggestions tweaking the online content. Hence, web 2.0 refers to the advancement or evolution of internet web services. Indeed, there are plenty of blogs that holds free web 2.0 sites list.

Web 2.0 – A Gray Hat SEO Technique

Web 2.0 strategy is a gray hat SEO technique. The users can generate content, edit and tweak in the web 2.0 sites for SEO. If you are doing it to build links, then it is a gray hat obviously.

But, it is up to you in using it as a gray hat or white hat SEO for SERP ranking. If you do it properly similar to your primary blogs, then it is safer.

SEO Benefits Of  Web 2.0 Submissions

Web 2.0 is nothing but having micro-blogs as a sub-domain on other authority websites. The micro-blog or micro-site would be about your niche topic. Hence, link building will become natural and also it will be authoritative.

The major advantage of web 2.0 in terms of SEO is you do have control over the links. You can have any number of contextual links for free. Indeed, you will have to have better content quality and length to do so.

We could never refuse that backlinks do not affect SEO. If you do have power over those links, then you can get desired backlinks, obviously. Along with relevant backlink generation, web 2.0 is powerful in building your page authority promptly. You can take such free and real list of web 2.0 sites from the below huge complied web 2.0 lists. Leverage the benefits of web 2.0 listing utmost!

Other Benefits Of Doing Web 2.0 Submissions

People might think that web 2.0 submissions are not safe to do. Yes, it is, if you don’t do it properly. On the other hand, if you plan and execute your web 2.0 campaigns right, you can realize the below benefits. Make sure to pick top 5 domains from this free web 2.0 sites list and follow the best practices for the maximized results.

  • Compared to other link building, it is easy and simple
  • You have entire control over the links & hence, build contextual links
  • You can have keyword-rich anchor texts for the improved link value
  • Comes free to earn backlinks on authority domains
  • User interactions or participations are good in web 2.0 sites
  • Effective platform to share your ideas and recommendations
  • Web 2.0 sites will have faster crawl rates
  • Their high PR of the domain will pass some link juice & authority to your site
  • You will get organic traffic to your primary sites as well

So, step down to start your submissions today on any of these free web 2.0 sites list.

How Should The Web 2.0 Submissions Be?

Treat as your real blog

To start with sign-up for a few free web 2.0 sites that are mentioned in the web 2.0 websites list in this post. There are no hard rules on the numbers of web 2.0 site submissions to do. Depending on your target keyword competition, you can pick.

I would suggest you prefer manual practice. I don’t think there are no automation tools will do posts on web 2.0’s. Google expects the relevant, trusted and authoritative links. As if you are capable of building those, then you can obtain your desired SERP rankings.

For which, you will have to consider your web 2.0 as your primary blog or site. The blogs must be a genuine one. It should not be denoting that it is built to build backlinks.

Choosing the perfect matching domain name, web design, blog theme are the next crucial tasks to do that makes both users and search engines trusting your blog.

The first-tier linking must be a quality one. Hence, you will have to be never careless while employing web 2.0 technique.

It is better to have a separate email account for managing web 2.0 related tasks and co-ordinations. Effective email marketing never fails. If you work on loads of or all free web 2.0 sites list available, you can’t manage and make out of it. Pick few top web 2.0 sites and be consistent. By the end of this article, you can find such free web 2.0 sites list that helps you immensely to plan your web 2.0 submission campaigns.

Publish well-defined content

Writing unique content for every web 2.0 submission is absolutely required. For content creation, you may outsource or write it yourself best. If you have no budget for creating more content, then you might go spinning. But, I recommend going for it only if compulsion. Anyways, use some advanced spinning programs. One-click or fast spinners might be of low quality.

I don’t use spun content for tier-one link building on web 2.0. Use any of the above-said content creations ways, but make sure to have at least 500+ words each. Include primary keywords throughout the content, but don’t exceed the keyword density of 3%. Keyword stuffing is never appreciable in any content to get the properties natural.

All set put the content in the editor place whichever web 2.0 you choose. Don’t miss out to add necessary media formats like images, videos, examples, etc.

But, don’t have every submission similar. Keep it random like adding media to a few, leaving one or two with no images and videos, having single videos or images, and so on.

Proper linking

Once your content is ready to rock, it’s time to place links. One link to the page you are targeting, which is your uncovered primary goal. The other link will be pointing to any other relevant blog or webpage.

You can use multiple streams of outgoing links pointing out various information sources. The best part is, internal linking. Have multiple posts on a single web 2.0 site and link internally. Think about the relevancy and quality of the web 2.0 links. This practice will get you long-run benefits. Web 2.0 sites are valid to diversify your link sources. And obviously, the free web 2.0 sites list, which I will be presenting here, would be more helpful.

High DA Web 2.0 Sites List 2023

Take Medium, WordPress, BlogSpot, blogger, or anything; you will find these web 2.0 websites having good domain authority. Though you can build only nofollow backlinks from the web 2.0 submissions, it is worthwhile. Make sure you are treating your web 2.0 accounts like your primary site. While you Google using some keywords, you will notice Medium content ranks at the top.

Pro-tips For The Successful Web 2.0 Submissions On Top Web 2.0 Sites


I suggest publishing posts at regular intervals, even scheduling if possible. Do not post more web 2.0’s in a single day and left idle for days. Posting frequency is more considerable to make it natural.

Google will give more weight to any website or blog that is filled with huge content. Your web 2.0 submissions might get deleted as you left it with one piece of content.

Another great idea would be, don’t even place your links until you are publishing at least four posts on a web 2.0 website list. Posts first, place links then.

Latest & Updated List Of Best Web 2.0 Sites – 2023

With the above-said tips and ideas handy, harvest the entire benefits of web 2.0 technique using the below list of high authority web 2.0 sites for link building. Anyways, I have not tried all the sites. However, I have a consistent contribution in most of the below-mentioned free web 2.0 sites list and benefitted.

High DA Free Web 2.0 Sites List 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

A modern way to build high-quality backlinks, Web 2.0 might not be the most, let’s just say… the conventional strategy to boost your SEO game. But as far as sheer results go, many modern website masters swear by it – including us!

A more modern concept, here are some of the major questions aimed at Web 2.0 and their brilliant answers.
Let’s go;

1) Why Web 2.0 is good at building backlinks?

Sure, it’s a bit artificial. But with Web 2.0, you’re in complete control of your backlinks & their qualities, as it’s controlled by non-other than yourself. In a way, it is like farming: you plant the seeds, grow them out, and when they are ready, reap them up for profits, or in this case, high-quality backlinks for your site.

Again, it’s a bit of a shortcut, but with greater rewards at the end

We love it!

2) Why go for Top Best High DA Free Web 2.0 Sites List 2023?

Armed with greater domain authority, the web 2.0 links are spectacular at giving your primary websites a push up the SEO chain. And to get them, all you have to do? Just be consistent with the web 2.0 content & their link quality – no matter whether WordPress, StudioPress, etc. fuel your websites.

It’s not going to be quick – mind you. But with enough time & effort, you can enjoy top backlinks that are far superior to any other natural ones.

3) Some say it’s a black hat method – is it true?

Not really, no. At best, this is a grey hat method as you’re not harming any other websites or plagiarizing their contents.

In other words, as long as you don’t go over the top, Web 2.0 method is as legal & safe as any other backlink building exercises


4) Does content quality matter?

Yes, in fact, this whole strategy hinges on the assumption that your web 2.0 site will act as a catalyst to bring traffic to your site. To do the same, the secondary site needs something to help attract/engage readers, something that can make them keep coming back for more – something like high quality, reliable content.

The better the Web 2.0 content, the more readers it’ll attract. The higher the traffic rate, the more your primary site stands to gain.

In fact, for far better results, we advise you to treat it just as you would with your primary, mainstream website – quality and all…

5) Does Google approve of top best high DA free web 2.0 sites list 2023?

No, not really. But as far as you do everything by the book and take no unnecessary risks, you should be okay & not get penalized.

Still, a good amount of caution is advised nonetheless!

Over To You On Free Web 2.0 Sites List

Whenever you are about to generate backlinks, giving priority to the quality of the links than the numbers is significant. Indeed web 2.0 is best to meet both. Though, web 2.0 strategy is a white hat SEO technique; the links generating through which is authoritative. To assist you with this, I have compiled massive numbers of active web 2.0 sites and presented a free web 2.0 sites list.

Make use of the above shared top authority web 2.0 submission sites list, create valuable content, manipulate and have your links generated.

Make sure to do it perfectly not to caught by Google and get penalized. Share your experience in practicing web 2.0 in boosting your SEO and SERP ranking.

Moreover, use web 2.0 submissions to supplement your link building strategy. Don’t rely on the single tactic to meet all your link building needs to improve the link profile.

4 thoughts on “15+ Top Best High DA Free Web 2.0 Sites List 2023 {Dofollow}”

  1. Seems like these days the only way to rank well in search engines is to do greyhat SEO. Takes a little more work now, but absolutely worth it. As long as it’s not blackhat, right? lol

    1. Not exactly. Your ranking does not solely depends on any single factor. Web 2.0 submissions can contribute but not as a whole. Perhaps web 2.0 listing, is to supplement your link building sources.
      Still, i insist treat your web 2.0 posts like your own blog and offer quality content. Even though it is grey hat, do it like white.

  2. Is Web 2.0 backlink still works for SEO ranking in present days? Should we look for guest post or web 2.0? Which is preferable?

  3. Hi Richardson,
    On some websites, Web 2.0 will give a good SEO ranking for sure. But while comparing both guest posts and web 2.0, Guest posts will be the best. Since some of them are preferring high-paid guest posts, web 2.0 can opt.

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