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Top 25+ Google My Business Statistics For 2022 – GMB Fans Listen Up!

In a world that’s increasingly digital bounds, Google My Business Statistics listings help to level the playing field for offline local businesses and let them compete efficiently in today’s super competitive markets with good results.

However, as beneficial as GMB is for a local business, it does come with its own set of certain challenges. The biggest one perhaps will be its hardness for optimization. Since Google My business is still a young concept, there is only limited info available for guiding new local marketers on what GMB success looks like and how to achieve it.

As you know, having the right information available at hand is immensely critical to the success of any marketing effort, and not just Google My Business. To that end, below we have compiled 25+ interesting Google My Business statistics to help you benchmark & improve your SEO game;

Google My Business Statistics – Why Gmb Matters In 2022?

Think of Google My Business as an online business directory tool – one that, with the help of Google, will help your business get found online. Based on user queries, Google will auto list your business and populate it with relevant information (all editable) like contact numbers, addresses, opening times, etc… In essence, a GMB page can act as a calling card for interested online users to search and find your local business.

Done right, GMB can improve your business, bring more visibility through local SEO and connect you to newer audiences, helps you better understand what the customer wants, and more.

Key GMB Statistics 2022 (Editors Picks)

  • With GMB’s help, the average local business is found in over 1009 searches every month. with nearly 84% of them stemming from discovery searches.
  • 75% of businesses’ GM listing views are from search.
  • According to Google, Mobile devices command 52% of global internet traffic.
  • Car dealerships tend to receive the most number of calls and website visits from GMB.
  • A typical business receives 59 actions from their GMB listing each month.

Statistics On Google My Business Worth knowing (Expert Roundup)

Compiled by experts, these data-driven statistics can help you better understand the reach, power, and possibilities of Google my Business listings in detail;

Google My Business Listing User Statistics – General Stats

1) On average, over 3.5 billion searches are being made every day.

2) Google My Business statistics United States say that their domestic businesses receive 26% of their views from Maps-based GMB results.

3) Around 90% of the world’s whole population only looks at the first page results

4) In a GMB listing, the factors users care most about: rating (84%), legitimacy (81%), time relevance (80%), sentiment (79%), quantity (79%), review responses (78%), and photos (64%).

5) One in two people who conduct local searches tend to visit the store that day, especially if the search was made from mobile devices.

6) 84% of searches are for discovery, while 16% are direct.

Google My Business Listing Users Statistics – Calls & Website Clicks

7) There was a 61% increase in calls received from GMB from January 2020 to July 2020.

8) 16% of businesses receive more than 100 inquiry calls each month from their Google My Business listings.

9) 5% of Google My Business listing views is found to result in a website visit, an inquiry call, or a direction request.

10) Hotels have the most number of Google My Business views, both in Maps and Searches each month.

11) The most likely time to receive calls from GMB is 10 am to 12 pm.

12) Local businesses receive 94% of their GMB triggered calls between Mondays to Friday.

13) On average, 56% of actions that happen on GMB listings are website visits.

Google My Business Photos Statistics

14) GMB listings with Photo and other media are 2 times more likely to get noticed and trusted + they also get 35% more clicks.

15) Most local businesses have an average of 11 photos on their Google My business listing.

16) 6% of Google My Business listings only have one photo in their collection.

17) Hotels and resorts tend to have the most number of photos on their GMB listings, with a global average of 150 in each.

18) 60% of customers prefer images that will offer them a 360-degree view of the product/store.

Google My Business User Statistics – Reviews & Response

19) 88% of people refer to the reviews before purchasing.

20) When a user writes a review on GMB, 20% of all consumers expect a response within a day.

21) The conversion rates for high-priced products can be increased by 380% if reviews are presented.

22) Effective, timely response can translate 33% of bad reviews into positive ones.

Google My Business Statistics – Frequently Asked Questions

As promised, you just witnessed 25+ of the most interesting statistics about Google My Business everybody needs to know. We hope you found it informative. To cap it all up, below you can find a brief FAQ on Google My Business. Enjoy;

1) How much does it cost to set up my Google My Business page?

Nothing, it’s totally free! You can create and edit your Google My Business lings absolutely free, and it will also stay that way for the foreseeable future.

2) Is Local SEO & GMB important for a small business?

Yes. If your target customers are mostly local & you are facing heavy competition from other local businesses, having an SEO-ready facility like Google My Business can help give your business the edge it needs to succeed & win over consumers.

3) Should I use Google My Business if I already have a website?

Yes! Your Google My Business profile can effectively complement your website add offering more visibility to your current business on both Google search and Google Maps. The Google My Business listing offers a dedicated session to link your website for easy customer access.

4) Does Google My Business have a mobile app?

Yes, it does, and it’s free as well. You can almost do everything you do with your web GMB account (updating information, replying to reviews, etc…) and then some with your Google My Business app for Android and iOS.
The enhanced features and portability means that you can use the app to handle your business effectively while on the go.

5) Reason/Statistics showing why should I verify My Business listing on Google My Business?

Unless you claim and verify your Google My Business listing with Google, anyone can come and edit information on the listing. This is obviously bad for your business. If not verified, a GMB listing also faces the risk of non-visibility & even deletion by Google.

Google My Business Statistics – Final Thoughts

Google My Business has fast risen to the top of the to-do list for local business marketers in recent times – and not without good reason. Setting up & optimizing your GMB listing is one of the easiest & cost-effective ways to get the local sales humming.

Optimizing your GMB listing will be an ongoing process. You need to keep the information updated and must interact with potential customers frequently. Also, you must manage your brand reputation effectively so that it will easily get noticed. The Google My Business statistics we provided above should give you a fair idea of what’s GMB is all about.

If you have any queries on statistics about GMB, feel free to let us know in the comments. We will try to answer them ASAP.

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