How To Make Money Through Travel Blogging

How To Make Money Through Travel Blogging?

The most critical question – may be the reason for your sleepless nights! Here are my tips and resources on how to make money through travel blogging.

In the early days, it is hard to even think about bucks as a travel blogger. You won’t get paid for your works. You don’t get press trips even though you are a travel influencer.

But that’s not the case today. It is much easier to make money with a travel blog. By the way, the travel industry becomes a more competitive market too.

Anyways, it is a universal rule that you can’t make money through travel blogging overnight. Not only this travel blogging, any niche – it is a long game!

Still, with the expert travel blogger’s tips along with the right monetization resource, you can make money as faster as possible.

How To Make Money Through Travel Blogging?

Indeed, you can make money travel blogging. But – how to earn money with travel websites?

Do or write something that you love, keeping other travelers (your audience) in mind. Think about rendering time for money rather than value for money.

There must be a learning curve. Until, you blog for a while, you can’t monetize the travel blog. You will have to build a foundation, brand, reputation, audience, product, or service to sell. Indeed, never upsell influencing the brand reputation or credibility.

Here are a few things that travel blogs need to succeed or make money. Otherwise, let me address it as the prerequisites to make money from travel blog

  • Self-hosted blog or website
  • Distinct, fun and inspiring content
  • Engaging readers
  • Social media followers
  • On top of all, your passion for travel & blogging

There are tons of ideas on how to make money through travel blogging. In today’s article, I will discuss very few potential ways to make money on travel blogs.

Ways To Make Money With A Travel Blog

Travel bloggers can use several methods to monetize their blogs. It’s not about a particular thing that works for all. So, what to choose and how to make money on travel blogs using it, matters.

Let’s get started with different ways you can monetize your travel websites.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

The preferable money-making strategy for travel bloggers since it helps you make passive income. In short, affiliate marketing is recommending a brand or promoting other’s products and services to your readers. When your audience makes purchases through the affiliate links on your blog, you will earn a specific commission.

There are plenty of affiliate programs for travel bloggers available. They might have different products and services, allowing you to promote and varying commission percentages. Still, the idea behind affiliate marketing remains the same.

Do you often travel and write more about your travel stories? Then join the Amazon affiliate program and promote travel-related products through your blog content and make money on every purchase.

Otherwise, if you would love to help other travelers to plan for their trips at affordable costs, join the affiliate program and share deals on flight, hotel bookings, and so on.

So, there are multiple affiliate platforms to make money for travel bloggers. Join today and make no passive income.

#2 Sponsored Post

When a travel brand wants you to promote their products and services through your travel blog, get paid for it. Basically, it is a sponsored content written by you on other’s brand offerings. It can either be in the form of blog posts, email, social media posts, videos, or anything to reach your audience base.

Alternatively, you can simply mention or place a link of any travel agencies who pay for it. It is the prevalent money-making idea for travel bloggers with no additional efforts. But, make sure before accepting any sponsored content on your blog. In worst cases, it may ruin your blog credibility among the readers, if the brand or its offerings you promote are less-worth.

#3 Google AdSense

Display ads that are contextually related to your content/ visitor’s interests and make money for the clicks. There are plenty of AdSense platforms out in the market. Still, Google AdSense is most popular among all for passive income.

AdSense is one of the best money making ideas for travel beginners or start-up travel bloggers. As a start-up travel blogger, you can’t join any premium networks until you drive a decent volume of traffic. So, AdSense can payoff and support your travel. But, you have to do proper keyword research to drive more visitors and hence, the clicks.

Like AdSense, you can allocate your blog space to monetize displaying other private brand’s advertisements. Just like tenants, earn money placing advertisements in sidebars, footers, in-links ads on your blog pages.

#4 Youtube Videos

Several bloggers monetize their travel videos on YouTube. Maybe that doesn’t have a strong correlation with your travel blog. Still, you can dedicate yourself to both and make some big money from multiple verticals.

By the way, if you can make great videos consistently and build followers, then you can monetize your YouTube channels putting relevant ads.

#5 Providing services

If you blog for a while, have gained authority and great readership, then get paid for your travel expertise. Help other travelers, offering tips to plan their tips (travel planning), offering tour food kind of stuff, etc. Even contribute to content creation or social media management services as expertise in travel blogging to other travel companies. You can have separate landing pages for each service and promote targeting the segmented audiences.

#6 eCourses/eBooks

Develop your own product like travel eBooks, eCourses, and so on, accumulating your travel inspirations and stores. Having an e-book is a kind of passive income way for travel bloggers, also helping others. You can see most of the expert travel bloggers create eBooks on their top 10 travel experiences or travel guide about traveling to particular destinations across the world.

Maybe not directly, you can use your eBooks in a way or either to monetize your travel blogs. Sell (at no cost) your eBooks for the price of your reader’s email ids. Grow your email list and promote targeted travel products or services via effective email campaigns.

#7 Freelance writing

If you love writing, then tune yourself as a freelance travel writer that helps you to make huge money. No hassles, just write on your passionate things and earn. There is always a high demand for quality writers in any industry. Especially, travel writing needs to be highly persuasive, fun, and inspiring.

How much money you can make through travel writing is up to you. Write for more blogs or travel websites for additional income. Workaround your schedule, share your travel stories, and get paid for it. Make sure your contexts are perfect with no silly writing mistakes or fall short of engaging readers.

#8 Social Media

Typically travel influencers will have a vast reach and massive social followers. If you are the one who has such great social influence, then brands could leverage it for their promotions.

If you find the right travel company, evaluate and expose it to your fellow followers. Let the travel brand pay you for your social profile. Also, as discussed above, provide comprehensive social media management services to travel clients.

#9 Photography

If you love travel photography, then it’s an additional source of income as a travel blogger. If you have surprising photography stills, take snapshots at your travel destinations and sell your photos. Indeed, there are plenty of portals available to post your pictures and videos. By the way, you can sell prints from your own travel sites directly to travel and hospitality clients.

#10 Press Trips

Usually, the tourism board or travel agency would invite you to write your travel experiences. This happens when your blog has a vast audience base, and they want to introduce their tour destinations to your readers. Typically, this includes flight bookings, hotel accommodations, food, and entertainment kind of stuff.

It is such an inspiring method to make money as a travel blogger. Sometimes, it may not come as money but as a free trip. Indeed, brands invite you to travel to their countries or particular destinations and share your travel stories through your travel blog, inspiring them. Indeed, the company will sponsor your travel expenses.

#11 Public speaking

If you are a good speaker during your childhood, it’s time to hone as travel expertise and earn. As an influential travel enthusiast, present yourself as an orator at conferences organized by popular tourism boards. Though you don’t get paid for it, that’s ok; you will gain exposure through public speaking. However, this is not viable for start-up travel bloggers. Here are some of the travel conferences for your reference – Travelcon, Traverse, Women in Travel Summit, etc.

So, armed with multiple verticals of money-making sources for travel blogs, pen down to share your awesome travel stories to others, and make lump sum money. Explore the world and lead your dream life traveling across the globe. Nobody can stop you.

How Much & How Do People Make Money On Travel Blogs?

There are two sets of travel bloggers and blogs – the popular blog and profitable blog. Even the most popular one might not make money from a travel blog. On the other hand of the sphere, the travel blogs that are out of the public eye would make thousands of dollars a month.

Even some bloggers out there, travel blogging is just their hobby. Not their real business. They just embark on traveling around the world and sharing their travel stories on their blog.

So, how to earn money on a travel blog is not about something specific. If you are one, think travel blogging is your business. You must adapt to any of the above travel blog money making ideas.

And, there are no magic calculators to predict how much money you can earn travel blogging. May be sky is the limit or even it is limitless. There are high-paid travel bloggers like Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt (more than 50 thousand USD per month), whereas others who ditch the blog within six months making nil. Fortunately, you have time, liberty, resources, pro ideas, and passion for driving income through travel blogs. Utilize it!

FAQ On How To Make Money From Travel Blogging

For travel bloggers, there wouldn’t be the best job than blogging. Turning your travel blogs into business, you can earn a good living. But, there are a lot of misconceptions and questions about how to make money through travel blogging. Here are some of the common frequently asked questions about monetizing the travel blogs.

1) How can I travel and make money?

Build a travel blog sharing your inspiring travel stories, review destinations, promote other’s travel-related products and services, etc. to make money while traveling.

2) What’s the best method to monetize a start-up travel blog?

It varies. It’s about your audience base, sub-topic you target, and products or service you market. Still, on average, affiliate marketing would be the best if you don’t have your own product or service.

3) How to make money on travel blogs while not traveling?

When you are not traveling often, write travel-related product reviews, and get paid for it. Or refer booking services to travel lovers and promote other’s products and earn a commission.

4) How to make money by travel blogging as a mother of two?

Write travel articles to magazines, travel blogs, and websites staying at home taking care of your kids too. Otherwise, travel with your kids and spend a few hours every day to blog about your travel experience. Monetize your blog and make money as a traveling mom.

5) How long will it take to make income through travel blogs?

It depends on your passion, efforts, and focus. If you produce valuable content consistently and promote it regularly, you can start making money on travel blogs within 8 to 12 months.

Conclusion – How To Earn Money From A Travel Blog

With actionable ideas on how to make money through travel blogging, I would insist you diversify the income sources on your travel blogs. Don’t stick to one and put your economy in the pit. Multiple income streams are essential.

Meanwhile, don’t rely on single traffic sources. Social media is great but doesn’t pay entire attention to growing the numbers. Most of the travel experts are not huge on social media, still earns a lot through their engaging content.

So, don’t put all your balls in one basket. Think wise, hop around the world, helps other travelers, and make money through travel blogging.

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  1. Hey Jessica!
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    As I love to travel and explore myself, I use to collect my memories only through the source “Photography”. So, I think it is the right time to start my travel blogging with my own photographs with a mix of freelance writing.

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