Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Top Secrets to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

There are a few tricks I secretly implement and improve my search engine rankings. I am sharing the secrets (Yes, these little tricks are secrets as I haven’t revealed before). These top secrets to improve your search engine rankings include not only on-page optimization techniques but also include off-page SEO methods. It works, especially, if you want to improve your ranking for certain target keywords or local searches.

Indeed, you don’t need to spend more time to implement these search engine ranking hacks. And, this will get you desirable results in terms of ranking improvements for certain target keywords. Why don’t you try these and share it with others?

To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Secret #1 Reform Your Old Content

(Takes 45 minutes average per post)

I have done this in a few of my blogs, and I have seen more significant improvements in my search engine rankings resulting in more organic traffic to my blogs.

You can reform your old content and get search engine ranking improvements in 2 to 3 weeks. It can take more time than that in some cases. But in my blogs, I have seen the results in just 2 to 3 weeks.

How To Reform Your Old Content?

Now I let you know how I have reformed my content personally. There are two ways. One is about rewriting the primary content. Another one is about adding partial content.

The common thing in both ways is we add value to our existing content. If you had published the material before a long time, you could now rewrite covering the latest developments, or you can revise covering your matured experience.

The second way is, partially rewriting the content without editing the entire post. You can rewrite a few paragraphs at the relevant places.

Both of these methods please the Google search engine. Google sends you more traffic in the result of that. I have personally done this in my niche blogs often and have gotten a big jump in search engine rankings for the keywords within a month.

I suggest you shortlist the top 5 to 10 essential blog posts that send traffic for critical long tail keywords. Add more value by rewriting/adding these content and update the blogs.

You can check Google analytics or your preferred Rank tracker tool after a couple of weeks to see for which keywords now you rank higher.

Secret #2 Update Old Blog Posts

(Takes only 15 minutes per Post)

After done with the first trick, now take another 10 to 20 blog posts which are important next to the high top 10 re-written posts. Now you are not going to rewrite the content of these posts, but you will add few words to improve your rankings and more organic traffic.

Now I let you know how I’ve updated my old blog post and what I am usually adding.

2.1 Content Freshness

To show the content is apt for the current time, I add the year in a few places on a blog post. Especially if the content has previous old years mentioned, I edit the years to mark the current year. Also, if there is any change in the statistics you have mentioned, then change it.

I have started getting new traffic for the keywords that contain the current year which I have been missing out before.

2.2 Product Changes

I usually write about some software products in this blog and about physical products in my niche-focused blogs.

If the product added new features or changed a feature in its recent versions, then I add the little information on the changes. When I do this, I add “update” word to let the audience know that what the recent update is about the product.

2.3 Keywords

Keywords are super important for an SEO friendly blog post. Now I let you know how I improved my search engine rankings by adding the necessary keywords.

I usually track my all old blog posts using Keyword tracker tools and see what Keywords are sending me the traffic most.

I also look for what keywords unexpectedly or (say this way) without targeting, send me the traffic often. These keywords which I happen not to use in my blog post but send me traffic now.

I will insert these keywords in my posts in more relevant and prominent spots without diluting the readability.

Once my pages re-indexed by the Google search engine (it happens from 2 weeks to 2 months period), I get a new wave of traffic for these keywords.

I do this for an extended period now and getting sudden improvement in organic traffic. Use this secret trick to improve your search engine rankings.

Secret #3 User-Generated Content

(Takes only 15 minutes per Post)

My third secret trick is generating user content (comments) artificially. You know that blog comments are the User-generated content.

Google gives more credibility to user-generated content than what you’d written in your blog post. We can make artificial comments with target keywords and rank high.

Note: I do not use this trick on my main blog where my loyal and repeated audience visit & comment. I am using this secret trick to improve search engine rankings for my niche blogs and get super-improvement in organic visits.

How Do I Use This Trick More Effectively?

I do use the main keyword I want to rank at least once per a blog post in any comment. I do use few of the LSI keyword variants in other comments. I do use positive words like thanks, right, high, useful, helpful words more often in comments to let the search engines know my blog post is helpful to the audience.

Secret #4 Trigger Marketing In SERP

(Takes only 5 minutes per Post)

Make sure your content is worth keeping the audience glued to your site for a few minutes. If Google finds your content is worth and relevant to the audience’s keyword, then Google starts showing it in first page results. After having this as the prerequisite, you need to go for optimizing the Meta titles and Meta description for improved click-through.

This is where Trigger Marketing comes useful.

Use Meta title and Meta description options for all your posts and pages. You can write a different title than what your original blog post title. Google shows what you write in Meta title and Meta description nowadays. So do use it for good.

Trigger Words

People can see only the title and description in SERP. They see it for less than a second. You must attract them within that little time to your visitors. Use powerful trigger words to get the attention of the search audience.

Few examples of how trigger words used in SERP

  • My Product Name Review (After testing for 18 months)
  • Best Product Name Alternatives in 2023 (#2 is my favorite)
  • Best Product Types in 2023 (7 Products and 1 clear winner)

All above are title patterns. If you see the words inside the brackets, these are trigger word examples. These trigger words will improve the CTR (Click-through-Rate) to a great extent. I have seen few of my trigger words doubled the CTR.

Once the CTR improved to a significant level compared to the other websites in the SERP, we will get the ranking boost for our keywords.

Take action now. Go and edit your all blog posts Meta titles.

It will take only a few hours to do so. For me, it took just an hour for each of my niche blogs and the results were astonishing one!

Secret #5 Structural Blog Posts

(Takes only 40 minutes per Post)

Fast page loading speed, clean coding are few of the signals for search engine ranking, but they aren’t secrets anymore. Similar to this, SSL is now officially a search engine ranking signal, not a mystery anymore. A dedicated IP is a factor; unique name servers are excellent. Time on site, bounce rate are ranking factors. These are all officially announced factors.

If you listen keen to the above public announcements on SEO factors by Google, you will realize that these are all Off-page factors. Google never talks about on-the-content level factors other than quality content.

Blog Post Structure (Content Publishing format On-Page)

But I do follow one thing in my all blog posts which helps to rank my content for more keywords. That is a blog post structure.

You should deliver your content in more formats. I include all these in every single blog post I publish.
They are Quick Navigation, Tables, Big Boxes, Small Notes, bold texts, short paragraphs, listed items and call-to-action buttons.

I always present the content with either one from image format or video format. If you can, go for both, include both in all pages.

I do add Google rich snippets whenever possible. You can add reviews & rating snippets if you review a product. You can include recipe snippets if you run a cooking blog. You can include events rich snippet if you run events based program blog.

If my content format is clean, I see good ranking even for newly published blog posts. I have tried this on all my blogs and getting impressive search engine ranking results.


I have shared all five of my top secrets to improve your search engine rankings. If you take some time to apply what you have learned from me here, it will multiply your traffic.

Do not underestimate any of the SEO tricks shared here. You can try these top secrets to improve your search engine rankings for the keywords you always wanted.

Get a free mind map tool and draw a structural plan to apply each of these five SEO tricks on your blog. Share the results you get after 2 or 3 weeks. Let me hear your ranking achievements.

Let me know have you done these before and what were the results you measured. I am always keen to learn new ideas from you.

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