Best Keyword Research Tools For Travel Bloggers

Best Keyword Research Tools For Travel Bloggers 2023 – #1 Is My Favorite

If you are somewhere between SEO novice and start-up, then learn SEO before getting started with keyword research tools. You can’t be a successful travel blogger ignoring SEO and keyword research. Sounds harsh? But that’s the fact! However, it doesn’t require much money or effort. It is often possible to use the best keyword research tools for travel bloggers. Worry not to rank #1 on Google.

Indeed, Google Keyword Planner and several other free keyword tools are highly valuable. But when it comes to keyword research for a competitive travel niche, there’s so much to bring in.

From my experience, I’m listing here the curated list of three best keyword research tools for travel bloggers that can help you with the most profitable keywords. Still, you human should strategically decide which one to choose and target between the choices based on your online authority and target user needs.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Travel Bloggers

Pay more attention to the keyword suggestions by relevance to the search term, monthly searches, and competition while using any of these best keyword research tools for your travel SEO. Indeed, they come up with more keyword metrics to rank your pages on the first page of Google.

However, the keyword research tool for the travel niche you choose must also help you check the keyword ranking positions. Hence, you can spy your competitor’s keyword strategy and nab it for you.

So, let’s get started to know those best keyword research free tools for travel agencies. Indeed, those are the best keyword research paid tools for travel Bloggers.

#1 SEMRush – Best SEO & PPC Keyword Research Tool For Travel Agencies

SEMRush, the most popular all-in-one marketing toolkit for SEOs and bloggers. Despite its other extensive features – site audit, backlink analysis, brand monitoring, etc. let’s discuss the tool features keyword standpoint.

Not only for SEO but can SEMRush also help you greatly in fetching the most profitable keywords for your ad campaigns.

First, make a list of seed keywords to research and come up with a primary long-tail keyword that is less competitive. Usually, you should brainstorm to prepare the list of seed keywords. But, using the SEMRush keyword tool is a no-brainer solution. The best keyword research tools for travel bloggers, always! In two ways, you can easily get those seeds keywords.

  • Using SEMRush Topic Research Tool
  • Competitive Intelligence feature

With its topic research tool, you can find hot topics, get content ideas, and eye-catchy headlines too. Just feed the word or phrase of anything you want to cover on your travel blog. Using this effective tool, generate resonating topics and sub-topics to incorporate into your content.

Fortunately, you can also specify the location down to the city level to get the geo-specific keywords.

Alternatively, using its competitive intelligence tool, discover the keywords that your competitors rank for. Indeed, they would have spent more time and money in discovering those potential keywords in your niche. Leverage their efforts and just get the keywords that are proven to be ranked.

So, you have a handful of seed keywords and topic ideas now. Let’s get into the core – keyword research and analysis.

Use SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool to generate long-tail keywords from the seed keywords. Obviously, you have extensive filter options (set monthly search volume, SERP results, etc.) to narrow down the keyword suggestions. Based on other significant keyword metrics like Keyword Difficulty, make a list of the most profitable keywords with low competition.

Further, you can export the list of keywords. Target a long tail keyword that receives a decent volume of monthly searches and less competitive.

A keyword that is Long-tail + less competitive + average monthly searches –> Top Ranking

Also, write a long-form of content sprinkling the related or LSI keywords naturally. Sure, you will have a great chance of top rankings in the search engine results page.

Above all, track and monitor your keyword ranking positions over time. And observe the change in ranking positions of other’s domains too. That can help you better improve your keyword strategy. Indeed, that reflects the change in your customer’s search behavior too. Also, you will get a list of lost keywords or ranking positions declined keywords. Hence, bloggers, online publishers, SEO’s and online marketers cherry-pick SEMRush for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

SEMRush 14-Day Pro Trial – EXCLUSIVE!

We all know SEMRush offers 7-day free trial to use and test its features before committing. We, Brand Sparko partnering with SEMRush gets you exclusive SEMRush 14-day Pro-trial that is worth $99.95. Here are the steps to get started with SEMRush today –

  • Head over to the special Brand Sparko – SEMRush partner page with this link.
  • Click on ‘Start Your 14 Days FREE Trial Now‘.

SEMRush 14-day free trial

  • Sign-up for a SEMRush account with your professional email address. Already, if you have a free SEMRush account, the just login to the same to activate this 14-day free trial.

  • In the next window, fill out the essential billing information and checkout. You don’t require the promo code since this will be automatically applied when you use our special partner link (above).

Now, you have the liberty to test the full set of SEMRush pro features for 2 weeks. Once done, you can either cancel your subscription before the trial ends or continue using the tool.


  • Ultimate list of keywords against seed keyword
  • Research on exclusive metrics like traffic costKeyword gap that shows keywords competitors ranking for
  • Keyword difficulty tool to know the keyword’s ranking capability
  • Keyword position tracking feature
  • Competitor’s PPC keywords analysis
  • Domain wise comparison to find common & unique keywords


  • Offers free trial
  • Keyword tool for both SEO & PPC campaigns
  • Feature-rich & strategic tool
  • Neat GUI and easy to access
  • Detailed reports with export options
  • Keyword grouping


  • Free version with more limitations

Customer Opinion

I use its Keyword Magic Tool often to get keyword insights. The great way to find the similar keywords to my target especially, the broad match keywords. And, I’m more flexible to narrow down the results too. I highly recommend this to serious online marketers.

#2 LongTailPro – Top Keyword Research Tool For Travel Industry

I have been a happy customer of LongTailPro for 5+ years. Indeed, I’m glad to represent it to your travel agencies. LTP is famous among other best keyword research paid tools for travel bloggers. Not only best for the travel industry, but it also helps any online marketers who want to bang the Google rankings.

Like above, you can Google for the seed keywords or use LongTailPro competitive keyword research to assess and adopt a competitor’s keywords right away. Just enter the competitor’s URL to discover the SEO keywords that they are ranking for.

Other best keyword research free tools for travel agencies can get you a wealth of keyword ideas. That’s just the first step. The real game starts after that.

As a travel blogger, you can’t just settle on a mediocre keyword tool. With LTP, you can sort the keyword suggestions based on length, rank value, search volume, competition, and so on.

So, it is just a matter of clicks to end up with the most potential long-tail keywords that are less competitive and highly demanding. Arguably, LongTailPro is the best tool for keyword research, especially for Amazon blogs.

In addition to fetching with hundreds of long-tail keywords against your seed keywords, LTP also has a built-in rank checker facility. Currently, it can check your keyword rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can specify the location, allowing LTP to fetch appropriate geo-specific rankings.

The tool simply displays your ranking history (the previous day, last week, and last month), too, along with the details about the date of update. The ranking chart gives you a closer look at any keywords performance by the day on the search engine results. Also, you can easily delete, move, and copy your keywords to other projects.

So, LongTailPro must be your ultimate choice of keyword tool by its extended features, flexibility, and reliable results.

Without the right tools for travel keyword research, it’s hard to win the organic traffic in such a competitive travel industry.


  • Proficient tool for niche keyword research
  • Incorporates Majestic SEO metrics too
  • Keyword competition lets you pick the least completive keywords
  • Extensive filtering options to narrow down the suggestions
  • Generates more LSI or related keywords
  • Effective for keyword rank tracking on popular SE’s


  • Most trusted keyword tool
  • Free trial available
  • Simple-to-use but powerful features
  • Comprehensive keyword tool for research, analysis & tracking


  • Bit expensive for start-up bloggers

Customer Opinion

I use LongTailPro for our client SEO campaigns. It is very effective and powerful to cater our keyword research and analysis towards ranking and hence, conversions.

#3 SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker – Cheap Keyword Research Tools For Travel Agencies

Being desktop-based SEO software, this tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Basically, it is a comprehensive SEO tool with built-in four separate tools for every module of SEO. Indeed, the best thing about this tool is it is available for free (but with limited features). I’m sure; the free edition is good enough since you will get unlimited access to keywords and sites in its free version.

However, there are two more plans available for more extensive features like generating white label reports, saving projects, auto-schedule report delivery, etc. If you are a travel company or an SEO agency who server SEO for travel agencies, then SEO PowerSuite comes cost-effective and powerful.

In SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker, you can integrate more than 19 other keyword tools. So, getting a massive list of keyword suggestions against your seed keywords is effortless. The tool allows you to filter out the negative keywords from the big list of seed keywords.

Above all, you can run through multiple keyword research methods like –

  • Rankings keywords from competitor analysis
  • Keyword suggestions from Google Adwords & other tools
  • Keywords from auto-complete tools of Google, etc.
  • Keyword suggestions from ‘related searches’
  • Domain research to know the typical keywords others are trying to rank for
  • Keyword combinations and misspelled variations of your target keywords

With all these, you will get a handful of keywords that not any other keyword tool can fetch. Its Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) can easily help you with keywords that are capable of driving in organic visitors and comparatively easy to rank. Keyword difficulty lets you know the ranking potential of the particular keywords to target.

You can also group or specify keywords to individual pages to identify if any different page ranks for the target keyword instead of the intended page.

Also, you can check geo-specific rankings for unlimited keywords on 400+ search engines. As a travel blogger targeting audience from different regions, you must leverage this feature. With such awesome features, I recommend it as one of the best keyword research tools for travel bloggers.


  • Allows integrating 19+ other keyword tools
  • Rank tracking on 400+ search engines
  • KEI metrics to filter profitable keywords
  • Keyword difficulty to understand the keyword capability
  • Keyword grouping & mapping to landing pages
  • Geo-specific rank tracking
  • Human emulation & proxy servers for unlimited checks


  • Unlimited keyword rank tracking
  • Free edition with unlimited resources
  • One-time payment
  • Available for
  • No internet connection required
  • Custom & white-labeled reports


  • Claims a little recurring money for search algo updates (even without this, you can use the tool).

Customer Opinion

No other free rank checker tool provides me the same accurate SERP ranking results. And, its seamless integration with Google Search Console makes my keyword researching process hassle-free. I’m hooked.

FAQ On Best SEO Keyword Research Tools For Travel Bloggers

You may be a smart travel blogger. But, you will have confusion before purchasing any best keyword research tools for travel bloggers. If you have any of the below typical questions, get clarified.

1) What are the recommended keyword tools for travel SEO?

SEMRush, LongTailPro, SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker, etc. are quite affordable and proficient keyword tools for various range and expertise of travel SEOs and bloggers.

2) Do these tools help me with related keywords?

Certainly, from the list of keyword suggestions, you will stick to a very few keywords to target. You may use other related keywords to include in your content to improve the chance of rankings for multiple keywords.

3) Whether I can perform keyword research without these tools?

Yes, you can get a list of keywords from search engine auto-complete, Google related searches, etc. But, you need these tools to dig deeper and analyze (based on various metrics) identifying the profitable keywords.

4) Are there any free keyword research tools for travel blogs available?

Tools like SEMRush and LongTailPro allows you to experience it for a few days through free trial. SEO PowerSuite has its free edition to get hands-on before making a purchase. There are also plenty of free keyword tools like Uber Suggest, Google Keyword Planner, etc. with limited features.

5) Should I invest in paid keyword tools for travel blogs?

Indeed, the travel industry has become more competitive in recent days. To stand out from the crowd, you will have to target keywords optimally. Only then, you can win the search engine game.

Winner – SEMRush

Though there are several other exclusive keyword tools available, why I should recommend SEMRush? The great differences SEMRush makes are – its keyword suggestions are used, tested, and proven by most of the expert bloggers and online publishers. Especially, for affiliate bloggers like you travelers who plan to make money from your travel blog.

Start using its free version today and free trial for 14 days. You would love to subscribe to its premium plans.

Looking For Top Keyword Research Tools For Travel Blogging? Start SEMRush Free Trial

There is no good or bad time to do the right thing. Get started with SEMRush today.

SEMRush 14-day free trial

Sign-up for the SEMRush account and start its FREE trial of Pro Subscription!

Try SEMRush PRO for free! Indeed, you will have to provide your CC details to start its Pro 14 day free trial. But, worry not; you can cancel your subscription anytime within the trial period.

This 14-day free trial allows you to test the tools and its features, reports, and understand how it suits your needs.

You will be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee once the trial period expires. Cancel your subscription and claim refund within 14 days after your trial period.

Final Words

Indeed, keyword research and analysis are the most crucial and impactful things in travel SEO. So, increase your online search visibility with the help of the best keyword research tools for travel bloggers.

Now, get out there and start your keyword research for the travel niche. Create valuable content that meets the user’s search intent and drive organic traffic to your travel websites.

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