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MacPaw Discount Coupon {2023} – Top Tools To Run Your Mac Faster & Longer

Hey, have you heard? The best MacPaw discount coupon codes are finally out! Speed up your Mac today without breaking your wallet.

Keeping your Mac in top shape can become hard over time as various digital clutter and debris begin to slow down your system. Thankfully, MacPaw – an independent software firm that specializes in utility apps for Macs – offers a wealth of tools that can get your expensive iMac or Macbook back in the fine fettle once more.

Below in this special article, let’s take a look at the top Mac utility tools from MacPaw that can really enhance your computing experience.

We’ve also included the top MacPaw discount coupon codes 2023 with it – so enjoy;

MacPaw Discount Coupon – Here’s How To Grab Them!

If you are a Mac power user, MacPaw is a brand that often comes up in your online life. Indeed from general cleaning to a full VPN, Archiver, and encryption tools, and more, they can help your Mac to perform at its fullest potential.

Like any consumer-centric brand, MacPaw too offers temporary MacPaw Promo Codes and MacPaw special offers & discounts during holidays (aka Christmas) & special events. Here’s how to grab this year’s MacPaw discount 2023 codes;

1) Click on the “MacPaw Discount Code” special links given below for every MacPaw products reviewed below.

2) Once clicked, you’ll be taken to the Products official page. Read the details and click on buy and enter payment details –the MacPaw Coupon 2023 will be applied automatically.

That’s it! These powerful Mac optimization tool (s) are yours!

Remember, these are temporary offers, so make sure to grab them as soon as possible. Trust us; you don’t want to miss these killer deals!

Here are some of the best MacPaw tools now worth investing in;

MacPaw Special Offer 2023 – Top 10 MacPaw Tools To Buy This Season

MacPaw says they “develop apps that make your Mac life simple” Here are some of those crazy powerful tools that are worth buying;

#1 CleanMyMacX – MacPaw Discount Coupon

Find hidden junk, large old folders, background apps, and heavy memory eaters – CleanMyMacX is your one-stop solution to free up space & fine-tune your Mac for speed.

Using the clean, intuitive interface, CMMX offers a wealth of functions. You can run a general scan to kill of temporary files, uninstall unused apps, and clear out uninstalled residue. You can also search through your photos, iTunes/music, and mail folders to clean stray, waste files that might slow down the system. Additional tools allow for removing old extensions, improving disk performance, and digitally shredding files that are of no use.

The new version also effectively blocks adware, browser pop-ups, and various extensions. A free version is available, though it only cleans 500 MB at one go. The full version only costs $34.95, and there is a holiday-special offer.

Key Features

  • Very easy to use with a polished, highly intuitive user interface
  • Smart clean up with one click launch
  • Privacy guard
  • Smart dashboard (presents all information in one place)

The Pros

  • Apple notarized software for quality, reliable performance
  • Free trial
  • Built-in anti-malware/threat protection

The Cons

  • The free version can only clean 500MB at a go

User Opinion

“Thanks to CleanMyMac X, my pc feels new again! It runs so much better and also got a ton of storage freed – thanks, guys.”

#2 Clear VPN – MacPaw Discount Code

MacPaw recently entered into the VPN territory with Clear VPN – promising to secure your online life, access any content, and do more in one tap.

Built to be a hassle-free experience, Clear VPN can help your Mac unblock websites, unlock geo-restricted contents, encrypt the connection, and even improve gaming. The tool automatically selects the best idle server (so you don’t have to). The Unique DynamicFlow tech features optimize your network settings, so you’ll get the best speeds possible. For security, it has encryption pre-built into them, and they also have a no-logs policy.

With the apps, beautiful and intuitive design, you can easily focus on your interests and forget about tricky technical details. The VPN supports all Mac OS running devices, and even windows and Android devices

Key Features

  • Very secure – encrypted channels, firewalled servers, and no logs
  • Beautiful, very intuitive UI
  • Customizable
  • Can work across geo-restrictions (even unlocks Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

The Pros

  • Automatically chooses the best idle server
  • Cross-platform support
  • Auto optimizes connection settings for speed and stability

The Cons

  • The plans, comparatively, are a bit on the expensive side
  • Limited server numbers

User Opinion

“Clear VPN is the only VPN I’ll ever need! It’s super fast and helps easily unblock my Netflix. I also love that my data is secure.”

#3 Gemini 2 – MacPaw Discount 2023

Created by MacPaw, Gemini 2 file cleaner can detect & eliminate duplicate files with ease. It’s smart, laser-accurate, and recovers tons of storage in a jiffy.

Once triggered, Gemini 2 scans all ends of your Mac and helps clean out unnecessary copies of files, be it photos, videos, music tracks, docs, etc. You can remove the junk in one click or review the results, so nothing important gets thrown out. The built-in algorithm is so smart; it can tell which files are original and which are not. It also learns from your actions so that it can work more efficiently the more you use it. There is also a one-click recovery option in case you accidentally delete something important and needs it back,

The interface, in true MacPaw fashion, is very clean & intuitive. The duplicates are well listed and categorized to make them easy to deal with. A free version is there, with the premium costing $19.96. Get it for even less with the MacPaw discount coupon code.

Key Features

  • Smart AI system for faster, more efficient duplication detection & deletion
  • Stylish user interface
  • Affordable
  • Customizable app preferences and proper warnings

The Pros

  • Clean file categorization for easier review
  • Free trial
  • Easy file recoverability

The Cons

  • Specializes only in duplication detection
  • Can make the Mac run slower when the scanning is running in the background

User Opinions

“Discovered Gemini 2 recently, and I’m glad. It’s a great tool to find and delete duplicates from Macs. I already recovered to 35 Gigs.”

#4 Encrypto – MacPaw Discount

Encrypto is a popular tool from MacPaw for Windows & Mac that allows you to add encryption to a file before sending it to a friend or co-worker.

Using this tool, you can secure any filer with military-grade AES-256 encryption, set a password for it (with an optional hint), and send it with added security. On Mac, it works in tandem with almost all OS X share menu. Send encrypted files via mail, message, AirDrop, etc. You can also add descriptions to the files, so the receiver knows what it is. You can also save the files to your disk, which helps to better protect them from prying eyes.

Encrypto works well on OS X and Pc, but we found that both chrome & Linux failed to open the same – keep that in mind. The interface is clean, and the drag & drop UI is as intuitive as they come. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Key Features

  • Applies fast, free encryption before sharing files
  • Cross-platform (OS X & Windows
  • Absolutely free!
  • Works in tandem with OS X share menu

The Pros

  • Modern, intuitive interface
  • Blazing fast
  • Can save encrypted files to disk

The Cons

  • Pesters to share usage data before quitting
  • No AirDrop between Mac & iOS

User Opinion

“Encryption tool has done right! Encrypto is unobtrusive, secure, and easy to use and offers that extra important layer to protect our privacy.”

#5 CleanMyPC – MacPaw Promo Codes

CleanMyPc from MacPaw is a tune-up utility for PC devices that has been hit with issues like fragmented drives, junk files, and error registry entries.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, CleanMyPC is a lightweight app that’s notable for its blue and white interface. You can find tools like registry maintenance, uninstaller, hibernation, extensions, auto-run, privacy, and shredder – all self-explanatory on the left column. Together they can help reclaim storage, safeguard your privacy by deleting cache, cookies, and history: select start-up applications and clean registry, which is the source of many windows issues.

The newest version has added several new perks like a deep app uninstaller and a manager for extensions and plug-ins. The plans start from $39.95 all the way up to $99.95. With the latest CleanMyPC Coupon Code, you can enjoy big savings!

Key Features

  • Deep app uninstall – eliminates ALL unwanted files
  • Deep Windows registry cleaner
  • Fast, easy to use
  • Can get rid of hibernation files/snapshots

The Pros

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Privacy guard
  • Can limit start-up items

The Cons

  • As good as it is, the plans are a bit expensive
  • No Mac support

User Opinion

“Since installing CleanMyPC, I got 50GB freed, my PC runs faster, and it helped fix countless issues that plagued my system.”

#6 CleanMyDrive 2 – MacPaw Special Offer

A lightweight drive manager for Mac, you can use CleanMyDrive 2 to de-clutter and optimize your PC so that it can perform at its best.

Once you grant access, the tool scans your storage drives and displays content as rainbow-colored thin lines/graphs. Hovering your mouse over each color displays the file type – apps, audio, movies, photos, or other – and how much space it’s taking up. However, this is only for information; CleanMyDrive 2 can only clean junk files, which show up in Pink color and can be deleted with a single button click. You also have an option to eject all disks (minus the system disk) in one go – super handy for those in a hurry.

At just 6.8 MB, the tool installs crazy fast. The app is free; however, you do have to contend with the occasional pop-up ads. Finally, you can also use the tool to copy files faster between drives – just drag and drop & you’re done.

Key Features

  • Easily helps to know what’s taking up space with a visual representation
  • One-click junk clean
  • Fast scan
  • One-click option for ejecting all drives

The Pros

  • Super small installation size – just 6.8 MB
  • Free utility
  • Easily copy files between drives

The Cons

  • Not as robust as some of the other Mac cleaners out there
  • Ads are present

User Opinion

“I am a big fan of CleanMyDrive 2 ever since it was launched. Perfect for managing multiple drives on the go, and it also frees space – nice!”

#7 SetApp – MacPaw Coupon Code

Pitted as an alternative to the Mac store, SetApp from MacPw brings a collection of Mac utility tools in a single bundle at just $9.99 a month

Categorized between topics like “Productivity”, “photography, video & design”, “utilities”, “Developer tools”, “Business & personal finance”, and Miscellaneous”, SetApps currently had 61 different apps at launch (now 150+), including all MacPaw essentials. The apps are all screened thoroughly, and so you can install them without any concern. SetApp is also beneficial in the sense that it makes some of the best Mac apps instantly available for far less than what they would cost if individually bought.

Indeed, SetApps is a great platform to find hidden, useful gems from indie developers – and the best part? The app list is ever-growing by the minute. With the latest MacPaw coupon code Promos, they can all be yours, even for less.

Key Features

  • Serves as an all-in-one tool platform for every Mac power user
  • 150+ apps for every task at hand
  • Safe and secure
  • Comes with all popular MacPaw utility tools

The Pros

  • Affordable pricing – just $9.99 a month
  • Tons of indie offerings
  • Developer friendly – better payouts than Mac Appstore

The Cons

  • A low number of apps (it is growing rapidly, however)

User Opinion

“Just downloaded SetApp for My Mac – and the value is amazing! There are some truly great apps like Ulysses, RapidWeaver, etc…”

#8 Gemini Photos – MacPaw Promo Codes 2023

Too many photos cluttering your Mac gallery? Use Gemini Photos to tidy up old photos, sort them out, and free space – all with the power of machine learning.

Available for all iOS and Mac devices, Gemini Photos specializes in finding similar images and pictures like old screenshots, chat grabs, concert selfies, etc., and other junks so you can compare and delete them to free up storage. The app Al Algorithm scans similar images and can detect the best ones with ease. Gemini Photos can even detect blurry images and pictures of text that were likely meant to be reminders & not needed anymore. The free version allows basic cleaning, but if you want all the AI/automatic scanning and grouping goodies, you need to fork out up to $14.99 after a three-day free trial.

(Alert: using the below Gemini Photos Discount Coupon codes, you can enjoy big savings on its subscription & one-time plans).

Gemini Photos work with any image in your Photos app, including complete iCloud Photo Libraries, and there is even an option to delete your whole library in one click – beware!

Key Features

  • AI/Machine learning junk photodetection
  • Saves storage
  • Works with iCloud libraries as well
  • Auto-detects the best photos from similar ones

The Pros

  • Auto scanning and junk deletion (paid feature)
  • Sort’s library by types
  • Works with both iOS and macOS devices

The Cons

  • Not available for android yet
  • The “best image” results aren’t always accurate

User Opinion

“If you have a large photo library (like me), Gemini Photos can be a lifesaver. Easily find the best pictures, and save space too.”

#9 The Unarchiver – MacPaw coupon

Looking for the best RAR opener for Mac devices? Look no further than The Unarchiver – a powerful utility from MacPaw that opens almost all archive types.

Easy and unobtrusive, the tool is quick to install and function; you can set it as your default archive opener for more convenience. Indeed, it’s better than the Native MacOS archive utility, as the former can even handle filenames in foreign character, created with a non-English version of other operating systems – from Amigas & Zips. Using the extraction pane, you can easily stipulate where the extracted files need to be saved.

Regularly updated and highly stable, the Unarchiver comes at an irresistible price tag – completely free forever!

Key Features

  • Opens all the archive formats literally out there
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Free forever
  • Easy to set ex
  • traction points

The Pros

  • Extremely fast extractions – just as fast as Apple’s native app, but with more perks
  • Supports foreign named files
  • A non sandboxed version available from the developer site

The Cons

  • It doesn’t allow previewing archives before opening them
  • Cant archive files by itself

User Opinion

“I have been loyal the Unarchiver user for the last 10 years, and seeing the new features, I reckon I’ll still be a fan for the next 10 too”

#10 Wallpaper Wizard 2 – MacPaw Discount Coupon

Love customizing your Macs with new walls? If yes, Wallpaper Wizard 2 from MacPaw is perfect for getting your Aesthetic game face on – we’ll explain;

Wallpaper wizard allows you to choose from hundreds of curated desktop wallpapers in HD and set them up on your Mac with ease. The tool can auto-set you with new backgrounds every day, every hour, or every minute. The images are all grouped into collections, so they are easy to browse through – nature, textures, abstract, flowers, sea views; the app has it all. You can also favorite the best images so that you never lose them.

All images are in high quality 4K resolution, so they look crisp even on larger Retina displays. They currently have over 25000 walls, with new arrivals monthly. The app costs $9.99 and can now be had even for less with MacPaw Discount specials.

Key Features

  • Find gorgeous, highly curate wallpapers
  • Categorized for easy browsing
  • Affordable
  • 4K high resolution (Retina screen compatible)

The Pros

  • 25000 wallpapers and counting
  • Built-in wall setter
  • Auto cycles top wallpapers weekly, daily, hourly

The Cons

  • No exclusive wallpapers as of yet

User Opinions

“The pictures are beautiful. They look perfect on my Mac Book Air. Loved the customizability – well worth the asking price.”

MacPaw Special Offer 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Loved by Millions, MacPaw tools are a no brainer. Still, in case you are a newbie, here’s a brief FAQ to get your doubts & concerns in order;

1) Are MacPaw tools trustworthy & safe?

Without a doubt, MacPaw tools are absolutely safe to use. Powerful and stable, MacPaw often releases updates that improve their performance & experiences. Plus, they are also one of the very few Apple certified developers. All in all, MacPaw tools are as safe as they are plenty useful.

2) Will they improve my Mac’s performance?

Yeah, they can! Tools like CleanMyMac X, CleanMyDrive, etc… Eliminates clutter from your device storage while tools like Clear VPN, Encrypto keeps you safe in the web world. Likewise, every single MacPaw tool can help better your Mac experience in one way or another – just try them out, you won’t be disappointed.

3) When to use MacPaw tools?

βœ”οΈ You can avail the help of MacPaw tools to improve your Mac PC when; βœ”οΈ It shows low or insufficient storage warnings βœ”οΈ It runs slow or hot βœ”οΈ The PC is affected by Malware βœ”οΈ Its memory is full, causing choppy performance In other words, no matter what issue a Mac faces, there is a MacPaw application for it!

4) Is MacPaw care support any good?

Yes! No matter the issue, just drop them a message, describe your problem, and they are sure to help you as soon as possible. Support is available via both their website as well through the help section in their apps dashboard. also hosts short help guides and articles on their popular products + a dedicated customer suggestion page.

5) How long will the MacPaw discount coupon deals be available?

Typically, they are available during the holiday season. However, we recommend grabbing the deals (up to 30% OFF) ASAP as they may get all claimed pretty soon.

MacPaw Discount 2023 Coupons – Don’t Miss These Crazy Savings!

MacPaw is the undisputed king of Mac optimization tools, and they have proven the same with every single one of these essential tools we reviewed above. Even if you are not a Mac power user, these tools can still improve your Mac experience in many ways. Need more storage? Want a snappier performance? Cluttered library? There is a MacPaw app to help cure your Mac issues and help you get the best out of these Apple beasts.

Now, with the awesome MacPaw discount coupon codes, this is literally the best time to buy them, with up to 30% OFF! So what are you waiting for? Grab these Amazing Mac booster tools as soon as possible – your PC will thank you!

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