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Money Making Ideas Online 2023 (6 Methods Explained & Sixth is Trending One)

Is there any genuine money making ideas? This is the usual question I get asked by my relatives and friends. As I am known for making a perfect living online, I often get that question. My simple answer is – Yes, there are many money making ideas available online.

My usual answer goes this is how – First I try to explain them there are few legit money making ideas online, the second thing is I give them the confidence that everyone who can read English can make a try on this money making ideas and succeed. The third thing is I provide them with the brief on 5 to 7 popular and proven money making ideas.

Money Making Ideas Online

After the brief session, if somebody comes forward to work hard on what it takes to make money online, then I ask them to come to my office on weekends, and I teach this powerful money making ideas. I am happy to see when they make progress and achieving success. So trust me this money making ideas are working well.

I discuss here six money making ideas through blogging. Yes, all are blogging based ones. If you learn the basics of blogging first, then you can try one of the money making methods discussed here.

Monetize Your Blog or Site To Earn More Money

#1 Blogging

Blogging is the method works for almost everyone. Those who can read and understand English can start a blog and make money from it. Yes, there is no geek qualities required. That is why blogging got so much popular in this decade. I see from school students to 90-year-old grandmas make money through blogging successfully. Don’t believe me? See this through your eyes.

Surprised? Yes, she is not 90 years old. Don’t you know her age? You didn’t click the link till now. DO it first. Get some confidence. Anybody can blog and earn. There are tons of “how to start a blog” tutorials online. You can read and get started with a blog in just one day.

You can start making money six months from the start of the blog. All you need is to have a working plan and consistent blog posting schedule. I have the guide to buying hosting (webspace to save and serve your content for the audience) to start a blog and the ten best blogging tips for beginners.

You must know what to write and what type of content make money through blogging, once you decide to start a blog and publish some content. In this phase, you will often see the word “Niche.” It means what content area or category you will blog. For example, if you write about cricket, it is a sports niche or cricket niche. If it is about mobiles, it is technology niche, mobiles or gadgets niche.

Choose the one which you feel you may able to write more content often. Or if you are a good writer and you will be able to write any topic, then you can do keyword research and write about the most popular keywords people search online.

#2 Amazon Affiliate

This is the way often people make money from blogs. As you know, Amazon is a popular e-commerce platform. If you join as an Amazon affiliate and promote any products via your blog, you can get affiliate commissions from the sales. Amazon pays 4 to 7% commission per sale usually.

There are thousands of Amazon affiliates who make money from blogs for over a decade. So this is time-tested, proven money making an idea. You can approach this idea in two


One is to write the content in your blog on your preferred niche and find products related to your niche and include these Amazon products in your blog posts to promote through blogging. The second way is to see what products sell well but less competition to promote. Once you find the potential niche, do write a blog on that niche often and promote the products.

Again to do such research on which products sell most with less competition, you need to know how to use keyword research software and competition analysis. These are not basic concepts, but you can get good guides on Google search which helps you by going through step by step.

A vast number of Amazon affiliate niche blogs rise like the mushroom; Amazon nowadays stops affiliates who do not provide quality content but keen on promoting products only. Have a plan to perfectly balance the quality content to the audience and recommending the products.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

You can do affiliate marketing in two ways with a blog or without a blog. I have tried both ways and find the blogging way is the less risky one, easy to break even and quickly becomes profitable. Now I explain to you how to do the affiliate marketing effectively through blogging.

Many bloggers make five-digit profits every month. All you need to have is the perfect affiliate marketing plan. In my experience and reading other successful affiliates out there, I can say that the real and honest affiliate promotion is working well.

The affiliates who write and promote the products from self-experience are making money well. What does that mean for you? You must use the product first yourself, and if it is working well, then you share with your audience with the results & statistics.

You can promote the products without self-usage like Amazon affiliate marketing. I do not see the number of honest Amazon affiliate marketers with real product experience. While they write, they pretend like already used the product. You can also write like that initially until you start making money. Once you start making money, you can invest the money in buying products and write genuine reviews later.

Hint: When you start affiliate marketing, you can select a few well-converting products. Do a little research on other blogs and see what they promote well mostly.

#4 Micro Niche Marketing

I should have listed this at first before the affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate blogging. Because this is the top best idea among all the money making ideas, super focused and converts well.

Here you polish the niche to the micro-level which nobody gives particular focus. An example would help you understand what micro-niche marketing is. Take the case of “Beaches in Goa.” This is a good niche example. Here you cover all the basics. But if you take just one beach located in Goa and you write exclusive content on that, then this is the best example of micro-niche.

When you do the micro niche blogging, you can easily rank at the top of the Google search results. It becomes so easy to get authority in that niche. Blog readers will remember your blog as there are no other exclusive content producers out there. Getting advertisements on your blog will be easy. For example, given above, the restaurants located on that beach would prefer to advertise their business in your micro-niche blog than any other blog.

If you want me to give you one more example, take this, instead of a blog about SEO (search engine optimization) which is a general niche, go for a niche like “Site Speed” (one of the search engine ranking signal). It is accessible to focused content; promote specific products like hosting providers offer the fastest hosting and start converting (making money) well quickly.

#5 CPL (Cost Per Lead)

What is CPL? This is the common acronym used in affiliate marketing or online advertising. Cost per lead means that there you calculate the value you need to invest in acquiring contact with the potential client.

Cost per lead and cost per sale both are the same in most terms, but there is only one big difference. Cost per sale refers to only the leads that make a purchase. Cost per lead refers to even just for the email subscription or one online form fill up or a sign up for the free webinar.

I see a few of the successful affiliates who promote some dentists and lawyers. These dentist websites often pay the high commission per free lead (free inquiry) from $3 to $20. It is a highly profitable niche and an example of a competitive CPL niche too.

CPL is the best one among the money-making ideas I discuss here. CPL method has been done well by affiliate marketers. I suggest you take just one easy example niche and test it first to see how hard it is to get a lead. There are a few ways through which you can generate leads.

You can go for the standard blogging way which is cost-effective. Without having blogs on your own, you can promote the products through (PPC – pay per click) paid-advertising on search engines. Facebook ads are converting well too. I have seen successful affiliates who only use Facebook ads to target the specific audience and convert (getting the lead) well.

#6 Event Blogging

The final one is “Event blogging.” It is nothing but similar to the niche marketing we discussed just now. Here in the “Event blogging” idea, the niche is none other than “Events.” Event blogging is the current hot one among the money-making ideas we see here.

Example for event blogging: Starting a blog just for the “USA presidential elections” or just for the “Halloween” function or just for “Mother’s day.” There are a hundred other similar events which we see every year, from which you can pick one.

These kinds of event blogs have limited lifetime but quick profit potential. You can start a blog 30 to 45 days before the event day. You can rank quickly in Google search results and make quick bucks. Usually, Google shows only the time-tested domains, but when it comes to the events-related search keywords, it reveals new and fresh content because that is what the user wants to see.

Give an excellent start to your event blogging by registering a keyword-rich domain name. Use the event name & time in your domain name. By doing this, you can get SEO advantages. Example:

Use the event name and time in all the blog posts so that search engines know that your blog is about this “2023 Mother’s day” for the example above. There are event blogging experts, go to their blogs and learn all the tricks related to event blogging.

To Summarize

Though there is so much money making ideas without owning the blogs, I would not recommend those ideas as they are mostly spam and fraud ones. Blogging is an honest way of making money online I found in my experience. Hence I have given here all the money-making ideas related to blogging.

I have often see hobby bloggers later turned the blogging as their sole bread and butter for the living. In contrast to that, successful bloggers who consider their blogs as a severe business are also making money quickly from inception. You guess who you the one among both are!

Whatever it is, you focus on writing more SEO friendly content which you need to deliver at consistent intervals and in the proper format. You can write about your interesting topics, or you can go for specific niches as I mentioned in the Amazon affiliate marketing and micro-niche marketing.

I have not talked about the investments you need for all these money-making ideas, but I am sure that all these methods cost you just around $100 to $200 per year only. Starting a blog is cheap and set up is DIY level easy.

Making money through blogging is the only legit online money making idea I would recommend to anyone. Let me know which one is you find interesting.

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