Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting – What Great Differences It Make To Pay Extra?

Web hosting comes first when you want your website or blog to be available online. If you prefer using the WordPress platform for your online business, then there are two popular choices – shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

In today’s article, let’s discuss

  • What is shared and WordPress hosting?
  • What are the major differences between shared and WordPress hosting?
  • By the way, what is managed WordPress hosting?
  • Which hosting solution is suitable for WordPress sites?
  • Should you go with managed WordPress hosting?

And, even more.

So, let’s get started without further ado!

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting – Let’s Clarify, Today!

When you are picking the world’s top most popular CMS platform, WordPress, the hosting solution must be reliable, the same way.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting – both have its pros and cons based on your budget and what you are planning to do with your WordPress site.

Based on these, you should go between the choices – shared or WordPress hosting.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Put simply, web hosting is nothing, but you rent a space for your website on the servers. The shared hosting plan is a kind of low-cost solution where you share the server space with other sites. That means a single server is split for multiple sites. In contrast, dedicated hosting is what a single site will have a dedicated physical server all to itself.

Indeed, shared hosting is the ideal solution for new and small websites where the shared resources will be more than enough. And it is a low-cost one. By the way, shared hosting is common for any platform like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.

In shared hosting, all the sites hosted should draw the same set of available resources. Any site driving that takes more resources with heavy traffic can be risky for the other sites. This may cause other sites to slow down with insufficient resources.

What Is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting can be a shared one or not, but the server comes optimized for one particular platform, WordPress. This WordPress hosting is not meant for other CMS platforms like Joomla, Magento, or Shopify.

It may be a little expensive compared to your regular shared hosting since it is tailor-made for WordPress. Also, it comes with some exclusive features for the easy WordPress set-up and improved performance.

By the way, what is managed WordPress hosting? The same WordPress hosting, but the hosting provider will take additional care on your WordPress websites, and maintenance. The managed WordPress hosting solution provider will manage –

  • Server uptime
  • Admin area functionality
  • WordPress installations & updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Regular backups
  • Malware scan and removal
  • Periodic security checks
  • Site migrations
  • Extensive WordPress support

You can focus on your content and site promotions, where the hosts will manage the technical aspects of hosting.

Most importantly, how familiar you’re with hosting related terms and stuff. How could you manage your web hosting by yourself? What level of support might you require from the hosting team? What’s your budget for hosting? Based on all these, you will have to go for shared or WordPress or managed WordPress.

You have an idea about “what is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?” But, how do you choose anyone for your WordPress sites? What major difference it makes while choosing shared or WordPress hosting?

WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting – What Are The Major Differences?

Managed hosting vs shared hosting: in this section, let’s look at what significant differences it makes when you choose shared hosting or WordPress hosting for your sites. With that, you can select a suitable plan from a reliable hosting service provider.

Server resources

Please do understand, WordPress hosting can be shared, dedicated, or managed. Choosing shared WordPress hosting or simple shared web hosting, you will be sharing the server resources with other sites. The difference is that, in regular shared web hosting, the other sites may be built-on WordPress or any other platform. But, in case of shared WordPress hosting, all the sites on your server will be WordPress.


Based on the hosting company you choose, and the quality of their servers, the speed and performance will vary. Indeed, there are a ton of factors that impact website speed and performance. When you go for a typical shared hosting, the speed and performance can be compromised.

On the other hand, WordPress hosting solutions include NGINX caching, compatible PHP versions, increased PHP memory, etc. for the advanced WordPress configuration and hence, performance. In a performance viewpoint, exclusive WordPress hosting would win.

Security Options

When it comes to security measures, general web hosting servers will be provided with typical measures against DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, etc. You cannot expect security options that are specific for WordPress-related malwares.

The fact is that WordPress is highly vulnerable to its popularity. But, in WordPress hosting, you will see more air-tight security features to protest against WordPress-specific threats. Since all the websites are on WordPress, they can do bulk upgrades and come up with frequent updates/security patches. Not to mention, it becomes easy to identify the WordPress-specific vulnerabilities.

Customer Support

The most vital thing to consider when choosing a hosting provider and plan is customer support and service. In a shared hosting plan, the providers offer a range of customer support options. Their support staff can handle issues pertaining to all of the CMS and site builders. They may not be able to get in-depth into WordPress-specific issues and fix it rapidly. Put simply; they may not be WordPress experts.

On the other hand, the WordPress hosting provider’s customer support team will have WordPress experts to help users with amazing assistance. Based on your plan, you can even get assistance to set-up the WordPress site and range of other services too.

Server Cost

Indeed, shared hosting is the economical solution since you share the server resources and hence, the cost too. The same applies to the shared WordPress hosting, but it will be slightly costlier for its WordPress-specific custom features. As you take managed WordPress hosting or dedicated WordPress hosting, the cost will definitely be high.

Add-on Features

When you choose WordPress hosting, you will get some cool features like auto or 1-click WordPress installation wizard, WordPress auto-updates, daily malware scanning against WordPress-specific threats, etc. In shared hosting, you don’t have such features.

Anyways, keep in mind, you don’t need a WordPress hosting to run a WordPress site.

FAQ On Managed WordPress Hosting vs Regular Hosting

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about hosting for WordPress sites. Check it before concluding between shared and WordPress hosting.

1. Is WordPress shared hosting?

WordPress hosting can be shared or not but a hosting solution specifically designed for the WordPress platform.

2. Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

When you hardly get time to look after your hosting things or have zero knowledge in managing your website hosting, managed WordPress hosting is worth it.

3. Why do I need WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting solutions are optimized to meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It makes you easy to get started with WordPress.

4. What is the best hosting for WordPress?

WPX Hosting & WP Engine when it comes to WordPress hosting and SiteGround is best as a typical shared hosting for WordPress sites.

5. How much traffic can a shared hosting handle?

Shared hosting solutions can handle up to 100,000 visitors a month (roughly over 3000 visitors daily).

Final Words – Shared Vs Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress can accompany any business to promote online. Especially, the low cost shared hosting solutions allow new users to take advantage of many features to kick-off. A step ahead, WordPress hosting provides dedicated support and exclusive features for the growth of any WordPress site. Make a checklist on your hosting needs that includes budget, level of support required, what you do with your website, etc. and choose the suitable one between shared hosting Vs WordPress hosting.

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