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Social Media & Blogs – 12 Beginner Tips For Cross-Promotion

It is common we can see bloggers promote the blog content in social media. Bloggers go all the way to improve their content and receive the blog traffic.  Similar to that, social media content producers flood into blogs to promote their social media content. For all these beginners, I am publishing these tips for cross-promotion.

They read every social media tip on the internet, follow the tips and keep on waiting for the traffic to flow into Google analytics. The only thing they find in the end is discontent or dissatisfaction. Because it lies in the way, we do it. They tweet the blog post, set up a service to auto-post the tweet into Facebook, buy a service to post old posts automatically at regular intervals and so on.

Some of the social media marketing services go on to all the crazy ways & offer all the automated services to promote the blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social medium channels.

What I do suggest to you is, do not buy any social media marketing services at any cost at your initial stage. At the same time, don’t sit without any presence in social media.

So what to do?

Do just the basics. Do the basics of social media marketing for bloggers.

What Is Cross Promotion?

  • A Two-way promotion or Reciprocal promotion
  • You can promote blogs through social media.
  • You can promote social media through blogs.

Helpful Tips For Cross-Promotion

  • In your social media images, watermark your blog name and URL always.
  • Use only selective social media to share your blog posts, do not overload.
  • Embed your social media image shares and YouTube shares in blog sidebars.
  • Share your full blog posts in social media and give a link in the end to read the post.
  • YouTube is a social media, often bloggers forget/no-awareness, bloggers should use this.
  • Use many images in your blog posts and embed social share buttons near to the images.

The Connection Between Social Media & Blogs

You do need to do the retrospective analysis of how you handle the relationship between social media and your blog. Even now, you can integrate the blog and social media comments. Whenever you publish an article on your blog, post it on your Facebook page. You can display the comments on your Facebook profile in your blog. And, show the blog comments on your Facebook. So, the number of comments will be higher as a whole. People will trust and find your article the most valuable and hence, the engagement will be higher.

#1. Blogging As A Content Channel & Social Media As A Marketing channel

This streamline is the case of most bloggers. You write the content on your blog, and you want to promote the content using social media. Mostly this type of content is Text format; only very few images included & one or few videos added in some cases.

#2. Blogging As A Marketing Channel & Social Media As A Content Channel

This strategy is the case of very rare. You produce the content on social media channels, and you want to promote the content using blogging. Mostly this type of content is visuals (videos and images), only the brief descriptive content added along with visuals.

Basics Of Social Media Marketing For Bloggers

#1. Use the existing audience

You have already a good enough following in your social media personally. Use those channels to share your content. By this way you let them (followers/friends) know you are doing something on the topic “——–.”

It attracts the people out of your existing connections to find your content interesting and share your content with their friends.

#2. Ask for Reciprocal favors

Ask other bloggers to reciprocal benefits. You can share a blogger’s content through your social medium channels and ask him to do the same (share your content with their social medium channels).

You should ask a blogger who has a similar quantity of followers and friends in their social medium. Then only he will go for this deal. If you don’t get a positive reply, then do not worry about it. Only the positive connections make the difference and counts. Others are of no use.

#3. Optimize your Social Media Sharing

It proves now that if you share a blog post on your twitter with a visible image, it gets more attention and receives traffic. Same is right for your other social medium sharing like Facebook.

#4. Use # tags

If you share some other blogs content, then use the particular blogs social medium username along with # tag. This approach lets them know you shared their content and in return, they may find your content interesting and share with their social media audience.

#5. Join Social Media meetings

Some professional bloggers often conduct social media live chat sessions. You must participate there and actively converse with them. This communication gets not only a particular professional blogger but also his audience, like a double benefit offer.

#6. Use Social Media buttons

Give your audience the chance to share your content. I mean make it easy for them. Use the social media buttons in large sizes, attractive colors and display the buttons in comfortable places your audience can find.

Basics Of Blog Marketing For Social Media Content Producers

#1. Know the basics of blogging

Do you know where from your blog will get visitors? You have a blog means no guarantee your blog is going to attract the audience. You need to know that. Usually, search engines are the major source of blogs.

Search engines use the algorithm to rank the quality pages for the search keywords people use.

You should learn Search Engine Optimization so that you can create search engines friendly quality content.

#2. Use your existing Social Media followers/friends

I know you are blogging only to find the new audience for your social media content, other than the current audience you have there. But still, I say you to use existing social media audience to promote your blog content.


Search engines use social media presence and sharing as one of the critical search engine ranking factor. If you give a boost to your blog using your existing audience, Google search engine will rank your posts on top so fast, and you can get search engine audience and direct the newfound audience to your social media shares.

#3. Create the content that attracts loads of audience

I can guess that you produce a lot of visual content in social media. It could be images or even videos. When you are going to include them in your blog, I have secret tips to create the content your audience wants to see and share.

Use List Posts: For example, if you have shared a lot of images about a similar thing in different days or albums, then you need to collect them all in a single blog post and publish.

For example, you may have images that you took on different beaches of the world and different years. What you can do is, collect them all and create a post titled “15 Beaches that I Liked a lot – #7 is where I got a shark attack”. This type of content will get a lot of attention and a considerable number of shares.

#4. Run Live Chat sections on Social media

You should run a live chat section at regular intervals in social media. You should ask your blog readers to participate in the live chat sections.

This way of interaction will attract the blog audience to your social media content, and they will get the taste of your social media content. After a while, they will straight away visit your social media content.

#5. Are you a vlogger or Youtuber?

If you are mainly producing video content on Youtube, then you will expect me to give you some tips on embedding it in your blog for promotion.

You must include captions in your all videos. This video captions are not only helpful for your other language audience but also much used by the Google search engine to understand your video content.

You must copy and paste the captions in your blog as headlined “Transcription.” Adding such video content gives a lot of text content that search engines find more comfortable to rank your content. You can use to hire transcription service providers at a low cost.

#6. Email your blog posts

You must build an email list if you haven’t planned to do so far. You can create your email list through your social media profiles and blogs. Once you build the list, you should share your blog posts with your audience through the email.

Do not straightaway link to your social media content. Use the chance to direct your email subscribers to your blog posts. This way of redirection will give an opportunity to them often come to your blog posts.

Other Social Media Marketing Resources:

Finally, I can point you some websites where you can find useful insights on social media traffic. They share a ton of social media marketing tips for bloggers.,,, and are few of the blogs first come to my mind.

I have listed out the social media tips for bloggers in the very basics level considering you a beginner. If you want to learn more about it at the advanced level, follow the blogs mentioned above.


Social media and blogs can mutually benefit each other. I have listed here ways to promote your content through any of them.

Social media if rightly used can produce bigger audience than blogs. So do not miss the chance to drive traffic from social media. Social media is much powerful than what we think about it.

The best tip, I can give you at this moment is, produce a lot of content in both social media and blog and promote both utilizing each to other. If someone comes to your blog and social medium, then do not give a chance for him to find out which one is your usual and significant content medium. It is same for the promotion too. Promote the content in both.

Let me know if you are using any tool to cross-promote your blogs and social medium channels and what was your experience. Let me know which cross-promotion tips for social media and bloggers, you find useful for you.

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