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Beginner Tips To Blog Consistently: 26 Experts Sharing their Blogging Ideas

Are you a newbie to the blogging arsenal? Or have a blog but don’t know how to take it? Let’s learn from the experts. There are plenty of people succeeds in blogging. It would be fruitful to gain knowledge of blogging from those experts.

On the other hand, there are loads of bloggers gone out of the field with no traces. Do you know, why? With no proper guidance, those start-up bloggers failed to take it up. I don’t want you to be one among those. Here are the beginner tips to blog consistently, from experts.

Here is a huge compilation of blogging tips from the experts in the industry to enhance your blogging proficiency. Beforehand, set a blogging goal and make sure to be consistent. Else, nobody can help you out. That’s the big deal Usually while starting up, enthusiasts will find it more interesting and working towards. As days pass on, nothing turns out or no idea to take it further, that leads to withdrawal. To take it up strategically from the start, let’s get the help from proven bloggers.

Fine, let’s get started with the blogging tips for beginners to be consistent: Tips to blog consistently.

#1. Zac Johnson – Zac Johnson

If you want to find success in the world of blogging, you need to create better competition and stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to put in the necessary time and effort to do the right research on your niche, content, monetization methods, keywords you want to rank for, and also your competition. By understanding all of this before you get started, it will be much easier for you to find long term success.

At the same time, content creation is important, but content promotion is even more important. Write articles that are 2,000+ words and promote the heck out of them. It’s much easier to promote a few amazing articles, then a bunch of mediocre ones.

Follow these quick and effective tips, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t find success with a blog of your own.

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#2. Pradeep Kumar – Hellbound Bloggers

Most or maybe some of the newbies in this field started their blog mainly because they are interested in something, it could be money, free sponsors, travel, etc. It could be anything, but they are driven by something that’s potentially temporary. If you have a niche blog, say “Smartphones” then the best way to deal with that is to understand what your audience search online every day.

Figure out the average consumer in this field. When will he/she get the salary? It’s like Month-end or Month beginning? Will they invest that money to buy a brand new smartphone?

If you are getting a majority of traffic from India, then find the age group, find out their average income salary per month. What kind of smartphones would they love to buy?

Once you do a survey of this and figure out how they live their lives, it’ll help you a lot to solve their problems. People are desperate, including you and me, but we can always get proper solutions, it could be accurate or approximate.

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#3. Anh Nguyen – Bloggingthing

“As a new blogger, the whole idea of consistency can be daunting, not to mention, outright overwhelming. My best tip is to build yourself a weekly (or daily, or bi weekly, depends on your inclination) posting routine. Practice at writing posts on a regular basis (there is no replacing hard work), research popular topics in your niche, try different blog formats (short form, long form, include a video, infographic, or even a round up like this one!). Accept that not all your posts will stick; move on, keep writing, you’ll get better. Much better. Months later, you’ll be able to look back on all those content and your newly acquired audience and think to yourself: ‘Damn, I’m actually pretty consistent!’ :).”

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#4. Jitendra Vaswani – Blogger Ideas

Professional Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

Consistency is the key to blogging.

You need to be a bit different from your competitors to survive in the market, on my blog I took a lot of interview of top influencers like Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Charles Ngo & lot of affiliate marketers. I tried my best to give value to my blog readers, and they learned a lot from my blog.

Keep experimenting new things on your blog, and then you will be able to see great results. Have a great content & design structure of your blogs. This will get you a lot of readers & in return; you will make a lot of money from your blog.

Don’t copy from your competitors, try to learn from it. I always try to learn from my competitors, and I keep an eye on my competitors closely.

Recently I started a niche blog on health, and I failed to rank this blog, I learned why I failed. My link building strategies were not as good as competitors. My content design was not impressive, and I didn’t make any sales to form my affiliate links.

I learned that content design is damn important to make sales from your affiliates links. If you give users proper value, they will buy from your links.

Also, one very important thing for your blog always chooses best hosting for your blog because if your blog is up all the time then only you are going to make money. So never go for cheap hosting options.


#5. Ryan – BloggingFromParadise

Follow your passion before all else. Be focused on having fun. Give little thought to making money. Be a student of blogging. Create helpful content. Build strong friendships.

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#6. Akshay Hallur –  Go Blogging Tips

Consistently blogging is one of the biggest challenges bloggers have to face.

The ultimate tip is to do blogging in a niche that you are really passionate about. When I say passion, it’s the thing that keeps you awake late-night (not the hook-ups) and helps you rise early without an alarm clock.

Writing in a truly passionate niche helps you to stay consistent in blogging effortlessly.

Here’s the kicker, boys, and gals!

It’s all psyche.

Reward yourself for writing daily. According to Charles Duhigg, the author of the book “The Power of Habit,” to reinforce any habit (in this case blogging consistency), the task completion should be followed by a reward.

With this, you’ll develop a psychological craving for the new habit.

There are several apps like Written? Kitten!, StickK, and Habitica that helps you reinforce consistent blogging as a habit.

Sometimes those clicking sounds from the keyboard are also a form of reward in the form of feedback. If your keyboard lacks it, consider getting a good-ol’ mechanical keyboard.

Running dry?

Most of the people struggle with consistency because they face writers’ block. I’ve been there.

But ever since I treated a note in my Evernote as a swipe file for blog-post ideas and brain dump, things started to sparkle again. Butterflies started to fly again (not in my stomach, pun intended!)

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#7. Anil Agarwal – Bloggers Passion

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you want to be successful in the blogging industry, you need to be consistent. So my only tip for staying consistent is to have an editorial calendar (there’s a plugin for WordPress users) and plan your blog posts accordingly (weekly or monthly).

That way you can map out your ideas and work on the blog posts well in advance.

Another key blogging tip is to read a lot of books. The more you read, the more you learn about the importance of;

  •  selling
  •  negotiation
  •  marketing skills
  •  promotion and so on

Make sure to network with other bloggers in your niche so you can find ways to get help and build a profitable blog in the long run. If you are new to blogging, make sure to learn SEO. Here are a few SEO courses you can take part in if you want to know how SEO actually works.

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#8. Minuca Elena – Minuca Elena

To be consistent in your blogging activity, you should follow a regular schedule. Set a goal to publish a new article weekly or even once every two weeks. Email your subscribers regularly. Make a habit of reading at least one article about internet marketing or your specific niche daily. Even if you have a day job, you can still find some time to read one post per day to improve your knowledge.

No matter what niche you are, try to learn the basics of SEO. It will help you tremendously. Find out what your audience is searching for doing keyword research before writing a new post.

Promote your new posts on all your social media channels and use tools to reshare them once at every few weeks automatically. You gain new followers all the time, and they haven’t seen your old posts. Also, make sure to update your blog periodically and focus on evergreen content.

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#9. Hazel Jarrett – Seo-Plus

It’s harder to be a beginner these days as the blogging industry is a bit more saturated. So to keep going, you’ll need three essentials.

1. Zeal – An obsessive passion for writing is what’ll get you started. If you take this passion to the next level, where you’re interested in not just simply telling stories, but other writing aspects as well – grammar, syntax, style, rhetorics, psychology, conversion, then you’re on the right track. One way to tell? If you think taking yet another online course about writing is a fun use of your time, then slightly_smiling_face.

2. Network – It’s true what the say. It’s not what you know but who you know. Sometimes, who you know can trump what you know. Now don’t get me wrong. Eventually, genius writers get their due recognition. But if you want to scale fast? You need influencers and mentors around you. Mentors will introduce you to the right people, give you feedback, push you to keep going, etc. They’ll keep you from making newbie mistakes and give you a proven track to follow, which will speed up your development as a blogger. Join writer’s groups like The Writer’s Cooperative, The Copywriter’s Club, etc.

3. Profit – The foolproof way to tell if your work is valuable? If people are paying you for it, Likes and shares are great first steps – it means people are interested. This will keep you going. But ultimately, the goal is to get paid. Otherwise, you’re just working on a hobby. Read blogs that teach freelance writing like Writers In Charge, Be A Freelance Writer, and The Write Life. As you go further, read blogs by Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and other influencers that will teach you to take your blogging from service and into a scalable business.

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#10. Ravi Chahar – Blogginglove

“In this blogosphere, more and more people are trying to build their career as full-time bloggers, and you know that it’s hard to survive when the competition is tough. The only thing which can save you is consistency.

“Success Kisses Those Who Value Consistency”

Now the point is “how can you maintain it?”.

Well, there should be a post publishing schedule. If you look closely, most of the famous websites keep updating every single day. Whenever I say, you should publish every day; people just freak out. I have only one formula- If you can’t do what others don’t, you can’t win.

Start with creating a schedule for your whole week. Even if you’re a part-time blogger, you can spend a few hours on your blog. It takes only 3 hours to write an informative article of 1000+ words. And if you think that’s too much, forget about becoming a ProBlogger.

Five years ago, it wasn’t so hard to scale your blog, but now, every third person is a blogger. Instead of spending time watching YouTube, write an article for your blog.

Time management is the biggest challenge faced by beginners. They must understand that their blog holds their future. Only serious bloggers can resonate with what I am saying.”

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#11. Christian Lee –  3HUNDRD

The of words to write every day. For beginners (till you get the hang of it all), I suggest you do no less than 300 words a day.

For the more experienced bloggers out there, a great target to strive for would be 1000 words a day. This will not only guarantee you constantly have fresh content, but it will also sharpen your writing skills as you move forward with your blogging calendar.

Consistency = success.

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#12. Philip Verghese – Pvariel

Otherwise known as Ariel is a multilingual freelance writer, blogger, internet marketer and a roundup post developer. He blogs at

Be yourself! Do not imitate others style!

Of course, listen, read and learn from the experts but never imitate or copy them. Instead, develop your own style!

Be simple, I mean use simple words which even a 7th class student can understand what you write.

No meaning in using hard or difficult to understand words in your writings, instead use simple and a conversational language.
Many youngsters/newbies are out there having wonderful ideas and thoughts, but due to the fear of what others comment on it, many withdrew themselves from expressing their views and ideas to the public.

But, I say fear not, express it boldly and believe in yourself, have confidence in you and share your knowledge with your fellow beings.

Let what may come, or let others comment or laugh at, I will say what I learned and what I have to say! Have this attitude in mind while writing your thoughts.

The public or readers are of many kinds. Each of them has their own views or opinion.

But, note, do not neglect the reactions of your readers good or bad take it evaluates it, take the good things and correct it where ever it’s needed apply it and leave a thank you note to the person who said it.

Go forward with a fearless mind and take a firm decision that, “Today I have to say something solid to my fellow beings.”

Yes, express it fearlessly!

Also, be consistent with useful tips which solve the doubts or questions of your readers.

Though this is a bit difficult task, and even I failed miserably in this area many a time, but I encourage my new fellow bloggers to be more consistent in doing your part on a daily basis.

Yes, consistency is the key here; your readers always wait for your new ideas. So share your views consistently in a simple and accurate word. Be it weekly or twice a week or twice or thrice a month. Stick to it and share your views.

All the best.

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#13. Nisha Pandey – SEO Techy World

When it comes to succeeding with blogging, consistency is the most important factor. There are many others like quality and value, but all will be of no use without consistency. And it is the hardest of almost all the other factors in blogging.

I have developed the following habits or traits over the years to maintain consistency.

Read More

You will certainly have industry leaders who are experts in your niche. Read their work. I also read a lot, in general, to get more ideas and find higher inspiration.

Write Down Your Ideas

As you come across new ideas, make sure that you write them down. Don't leave it for another moment. Write down the ideas as and when they come to your mind.

Get Ideas from your Followers

Yes, this is an excellent way to get ideas from those following your blog. This can, in fact, also increase the engagement with your fans.

Create a Publishing Calendar

It is important to create a calendar for publishing your blog posts. You can take this part a step further – automate your publishing calendar. Transform all your ideas into posts and use the right plugin to schedule multiple posts.

I would recommend beginner bloggers not only to spend a lot of time writing quality posts but also reading lots of articles. This simple step can help you both increase your knowledge and feel inspired to post consistently.

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#14. Gareth Daine – GarethDaine

The best advice I can give to any blogger, new or old, is to focus on quality.

For me, quality over quantity is always the best strategy.

It may take longer to get traction, but once you do it will be well worth it, and you’ll get a far better return.

Another tip I would give bloggers is to learn SEO and develop some general marketing skills.

These will be invaluable to you when it comes to promoting content, but also when deciding what to create.

If you base your decisions on data and great keyword/audience research, you’ll do very well.

Don’t just write about what you THINK, will do well, write about things that you KNOW will do well, based on thorough research and data.

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#15. Himanshu Gupta – Blogrags

My Biggest Advice for Newbie bloggers would be patience & consistency. I got success with blogging after seven failed sites. I was almost about to quit blogging, and of course, any would do if he would be in my stage. But the only thing that will get you successful is patience. I see many newbie bloggers failing because of this. Nothing comes easy, especially in blogging. Consistency is also very important in getting results. You need to build an audience first. Hence the first year is crucial.

If you are patient and consistent, you will eventually get successful.

And always learn and explore.

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#16. Santanu Debnath –  Blogging Joy

Consistency is the key factor in deciding the fate of any blog. Either you will go high, or you will kill your blog. As a beginner, few of my blogs were the victim of inconsistency.

As a beginner, mostly we start a blog driven by our hobby or influenced by some other person.

But with expectations, we forget to do enough research on various things to plan a long-term blog.

E.g., I started a blog on Recipe niche and enjoyed the first few months sharing homemade recipes with my wife. But gradually I lost interest and left that website completely. Similarly, I had to dump a couple of other sites which I started thinking that I can continue them.

I think there are a couple of reasons why my couple of blogs failed initially. Let me share them one by one so that it will help a beginner to understand and act accordingly.

1) Choose The Right Niche: Before hitting the create button, one must spend as much time as they can to decide the niche in which he/she can write for a long time. That’s how one can gain knowledge, write more and get authority in the long-term.

2) Consider Blogging as a Business: Blogging is no more a simple hobby. Whatever you blog about, if you can create something unique then you will definitely explore earning opportunities through your blog.

3) Create a content plan: If you can stick to a blogging niche, then you can easily create a solid content plan which will make sure you cover almost every topic related to the niche. This is how an authority blog forms eventually.

4) Follow Your Competitor: You should know who your competitor is because it’s pure business. Make sure you are following your competitors to stay updated with the current trends in your niche. So that, you don’t miss anything.

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#17. Jordan Kasteler

If you want people to notice you, especially industry giants, then you either have to A) show off your expertise 10x greater than anyone else can or B) create such [intelligent] controversy that it captures people’s attention.

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#18. Janice Wald – Mostly Blogging

Blogger, Blogging Coach, Author, Freelance Writer

1. Blogging should not be done in isolation. The Beatles sang, “We all get by with a little help from our friends.” The lyrics are true.

Making blogging friends is easy. On Twitter, retweet & on Instagram, comment. Link to other bloggers and let them know you’ve linked to them. Comment on blogs. Follow other commenters in your niche.

2.Promote everywhere. By engaging in a widespread promotion, you’ll see which promotional strategies work best and then you should continue to promote there. This list offers 79 places where you can promote your content for free.

3. Guest post. This serves several functions: You’ll get a link to your site which boosts your SEO, and you might get new readers.

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#19. Niramala Santhakumar – Mymagicfundas

I have been blogging since 2010, and yes, I love the word “Consistency” because it helps me to

  •  craft fresh piece of content for my readers regularly
  •  gain authority in the niche
  •  get better search engine results and new income opportunities.

I should admit that maintaining consistency in Blogging is a challenging task. However, the steadiness can be sustained through the following activities.

1. Create a clear and easy-to-follow “To-Do” list
2. Set up a distraction-free working environment
3. Develop the daily writing habit and often publish the content
4. Take part in communities to network with co-bloggers
5. Spend quality time to build authority backlinks
6. Reward yourself when you accomplished the scheduled tasks successfully
7. Now, do changes in your “To-Do” list with some strict rules and stick with them.

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#20. Robin Khokhar – TrickyEnough

1. Write regularly
2. Do not copy from other blogs
3. Write your content yourself in the beginning instead if any Guest posts.
4. Take part in Roundup post.
5. One of the most important ones is Do blogging commenting consistently and even reply to your blog commenters on your blog.
6. Last but the most important one: Never give up.

A new blogger should continuously keep an eye on the other bog bloggers, Follow them and Comment on them. The commenting on the other blogs will motivate him or her when the bloggers return the favor in the form of comments and referral traffic which will help to stay for a long run in the blogosphere.

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#21. Gaurav Kumar – Easkme

Understand your audience:

The only secret that helps a blog or online business grow is the love of the audience. A blog becomes a brand only if it understands the needs of the audience. When you know what your audience wants from your blog and feed the same, then you will not only grab more social shared and high ranking but also grab more backlinks.

Understanding your audience helps you to quickly create highly targeted different ad campaigns and email list building campaigns.

To build trust, you not only have to create viral and helpful content but also need to be transparent.

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#22. Lorraine Reguly – Wording Well

To be consistent, there are many things you should do:

1. Blog on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly, every two weeks, etc. Create a blogging schedule that works for you.
(When I first started out, I was blogging on “True Tales” Tuesdays and “Featured” Fridays. I slowly discovered that this was too much for me. So I cut out one of the posts and simply blogged once a week.)

2. Recognize that there is such a thing as “Blogger Burnout.” Learn some coping strategies to implement when you start exhibiting symptoms of burnout. Take a break. Take a vacation. Write some posts in advance and schedule them. Learn to put yourself and your health first!

3. Use an editorial calendar. This will help you schedule your posts as well as a group your posts together accordingly. If you use WordPress, I recommend using this free plug-in: EDITORIAL CALENDAR.

4. Remember that bloggers have many responsibilities. Many of them are listed in the post 5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know.

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#23. Mihir – 3nions

“Being consistent in Blogging is a tough task but the way it pays off is the best part of it.

One engaging post per day is the best frequency you can adapt to succeed in Blogging.”

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#24. Sunny Kumar – The GuideX

I have been blogging for more than two years now. Quite frankly the journey has been great. So I guess, I am qualified enough to share my thoughts on “how to be consistent in the blogging industry.”

The most important thing for beginners is to make a habit of writing daily. And from writing, I don’t here mean publishing a blog post daily on your blog.

I simply here mean that you should write on something every single day. This will help you improve your writing skills and you would be able to come up with better blog posts every single time.

The other important thing is to “fix and schedule” particular days of the week for the publishing of blog post. E.g., if you decide Monday and Thursday as blog post publishing days, then you should make sure that you do it every time.

This technique mentioned above is used by writers for a very long time. And it is called the “The Deadline Effect”. Having deadlines will push you to write even though you will not feel to write. And this technique will directly help you to increase your returning traffic to your blog.

Because if you do not post consistently on your blog, then you may lose upon your returning traffic i.e. Direct Traffic. And losing direct traffic is not very good for any new blog, and no newbie blogger will like it is happening to them.

One another thing which has helped me is to always “note down the blog post ideas” as soon as it hits in my mind. I always make sure to note down any new idea which comes into my mind on my phone or notepad. And that’s something which I will suggest you do.

Create a google sheet for blog post ideas and as soon as an idea hits your mind note it down in the sheet. Now it doesn’t mean that you have to write a blog post for every single idea that you have written in the google sheet. You can always choose the best blog post topic ideas on which you want to write, and you can simply delete the rest of the blog post ideas.

So these are few things which have helped me in being consistent in the blogging industry for last two years.

Hope it works for you as well. All the best and Cheers!

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#25. Abhishek Jain – Rusty Bloggers

Being consistent in blogging is a very difficult task. This question reminded me of my early blogging days when I just started it.
I lose interest every day as I was not getting ranked and was not making any money.

Luckily once I shared my post on social media, and I got one comment on my blog in which he thanked me for solving his query. I was delighted and felt really good. This became the turning point in my blogging life, and I tuned myself to write at least two detailed articles in a week.

I didn’t make any money for 1.5 years but started getting ranked for so many keywords that build my regular readership on Rusty Blogger.

Now I make nice money from it by selling digital marketing services and affiliate products.

It became a habit since then, and this should be any beginner’s goal too.

If you are starting blogging only to make money, then you might lose interest in some time.

Set a goal which can add value to people and this will keep you motivated all the time to produce quality content timely & make you money for a long time.

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#26. Reji Stephenson – DigitalDimensions4U

A beginner blogger should start his or her blog with a topic which is passionate for them. Without a passion for the subject, it is impossible to move forward on the blogging journey. The best tip I can offer to a beginner is to cultivate an interest in the topic they are writing about and not bother much about the money you can earn from a blog.

Consider everything as a learning process at the beginning from where you will get a proper foundation to create high-quality content for your audience. Once you develop an interest in the subject, a you will unknowingly achieve a certain level of consistency in writing publishing on your blog.

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Conclusion: Tips To Blog Consistently

I hope, with the powerful words from the experts, you will be motivated. I wanted you to go with the spirit exposing your ideas to the people who are seeking for. How diligent you are in starting a blog, make sure to be stable in taking it for a long-term. Though, you will have more downsides while start-up, keep up the spirit in bringing it. Learn from the expert’s experience and lead your blogging career in your unique pathway. Indeed, you must blog for passion on your interested niche proving your excellence. Follow these pro-bloggers tips and be a master in your blogging niche.

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