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100+ Interesting Web Hosting Statistics 2022 – Every Webmaster Should Know!

Indeed, a website has become the essential element for every business. Without a domain name and hosting servers, no websites are available for its users. Surprisingly, these days, internet users have got much decent knowledge of web hosting than in the past. Proving that, I hope the web hosting statistics I present here would be exciting and improve your hosting skills too.

We have also recently published a blog post on inspiring statistics to understand how digital marketing proves to be a ROI- driven compared to conventional ones.

Interesting Web Hosting Statistics That You Must Know

Most importantly, this website hosting statistics would let you know the significance of choosing the right web hosting. Indeed, the most insightful hosting statistics worldwide can help you adopt such a right hosting solution for your online platforms.

Let’s get started!

Exciting 101 Web Hosting Statistics 2022 – Updated!

There are a lot of exciting facts and numbers when it comes to web hosting statistics. It may be educative and helpful when you hunt for a reliable web hosting next time.

  1. Around 26.3 million generic TLD’s are in use, currently.
  2. 46.9% of globally registered TLD’s are .com.
  3. Around 161.8 million domains use country code TLD (ccTLD).
  4. The largest country-specific TLD is .cn (China recording 22.7 million domains).
  5. There were over 1.74 billion websites as of January 2020.
  6. There are more than 322 country-specific TLD’s.
  7. WordPress CMS powers 34.5% of all websites over the internet.
  8. 51.3% of websites don’t use any content management system.
  9. Slow websites cause a 7% drop in conversion rates resulting in half a billion dollars lost.
  10. Internet users will abandon a slow site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  11. Increasing the load time from 8 sec to 2-sec results in a 74% boost in conversions.
  12. 97.75% of people in Bermuda using the internet.
  13. WordPress remains the leading content management system, among others.
  14. Among all the CMS, WordPress powers 78.65% of sites.
  15. Every day, we add up 50,000 blogs to WordPress CMS.
  16. There are more than 338,561 hosting providing companies.
  17. The global web hosting services market valuation is expected to reach $76.2 billion by 2023.
  18. Only 10 of the most leading hosting companies dominate hosting marketing.
  19. There are more than 77 million domain names under management with GoDaddy.
  20. The value of global hosting demand in 2019 was $38.5 billion.
  21. The majority of the hosting providers likely to be 5,000 is from North America.
  22. More than half of the worldwide population say 59% use the internet as of 2020.
  23. There are 4.57 billion internet users worldwide, in which 50.9% of the world’s internet users are from Asia.
  24. China was top on the list with the highest number of internet users, 854 million people online, as of 2019.
  25. India comes next to China, with 500 million online users.
  26. A 4 second delay in page loading would result in the loss of 11.02% of page views, whereas 20 second delay would result in 44.19%.
  27. The world’s top fastest ecommerce website loads in 0.457 seconds.
  28. The top 50 world’s leading ecommerce websites have an average page loading speed of 2.51 seconds.
  29. The slow loading websites cost the US economy more than $500 million each year. Every second delay reduces the conversion rates by 7%.
  30. Among all websites hosted, 86% of websites have security vulnerability (at least one).
  31. 56% of hacked WordPress sites are due to using outdated versions.
  32. Walmart.com experiences a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second of improvement in loading speed.
  33. 8% of SME’s and 24% of large enterprises use private cloud infrastructure. But, 46% of large enterprises already use cloud limit their use of private cloud networks since they have no idea about the server location.
  34. On average, server downtime costs $7,908 per minute.
  35. Domain name registrations are growing by 3.5% every consecutive year.
  36. The first domain name symbolic.com was registered in 1985.
  37. The world’s first website was ever published on 6th August 1991 by a British Physicist, Tim Berners-Lee.
  38. GoDaddy records the biggest market share (15.2%) of websites.
  39. There are around 70 different web hosting brands under the EIG group of companies with 5 million paying customers worldwide.
  40. Being a complex system, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is commonly used by large enterprises and more experienced developers.
  41. Google Cloud Platform powers around 7.3% of websites.
  42. Around 170 million total domain names are existing worldwide.
  43. GoDaddy is the popular domain registrar among 3,000 domain registrars.
  44. In China, e-Commerce sales are predominately made on mobile devices.
  45. When it comes to site engagement, still desktop has more engagement than mobile devices, with 60% of the time spent and 40%, respectively.
  46. Iceland counts 100% of citizens using the internet. Indeed, the country with the higher internet penetration.
  47. The United States forms the home to more web servers (42.8%) than any other country.
  48. 59.9% of all websites now upgraded to HTTPS.
  49. The top 3 languages used on websites are English – 59.3%, Russian – 8.4%, and Spanish – 4.2%.
  50. The 3 most popular web hosting companies are – GoDaddy, Amazon & EIG.
  51. Out of 1.7 billion websites, there are 500 million blogs.
  52. 100% of 18 to 29-year-olds in the USA use the internet.
  53. Users access the internet using the Chrome browser to 64.45% than any other browsers.
  54. In 2019, the average internet connection speed is 11.03 Mbps.
  55. The most expensive domain name sold was Voice.com for $30 million.
  56. On average, 900,000 domains are registered every week.
  57. The internet needs just 4 years to its first 50 million users, whereas it takes 75 years for the telephone.
  58. There are more than 100,000 users across 190 countries using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  59. You don’t believe 66% of website performance influences how you perceive a business.
  60. 35% of people are less likely to buy from a poorly performing websites, and 33% leave a negative impression.
  61. More than half of the internet traffic says that 51.8% of internet traffic is driven by bots/automated resources, and humans make the rest 48.2%.
  62. Google is the top-visited site by the users. Facebook and YouTube come next.
  63. In 2016, mobile internet access exceeded desktop usage. Now, the mobile platform contributes more to 51.6% of online traffic.
  64. By 2020, it is expected that the majority of the internet traffic, say, 68%, will be through mobile and tablets.
  65. In the United Arab Emirates, 91% of people access the internet using mobile devices.
  66. Every day, 30,000 websites are hacked worldwide.
  67. 84% of online shoppers are likely to cancel their purchases if they found the connection is not secured. Hence, Google emphasizing the use of SSL certificates.
  68. On average, the mobile internet connection speed is 17.6 Mbps.
  69. South Korea marks the fastest internet speed of 52.4 Mbps in 2019.
  70. India has more number of internet users, about 1.3 billion. Still, internet penetration is low (34.4%) since it has a huge overall population.
  71. China alone counts 25% of overall global internet users.
  72. Google alone contributes 80% of all searches, whereas the rest 20% distributes between other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.
  73. In 2019, the total web hosting industry market share was $38.5 billion.
  74. The web hosting industry market share is expected to reach $115.3 billion by 2026.
  75. In a recent survey, 96% of participants said they are using private and public cloud services.
  76. In 2020, 70% of the IT expenditures are on cloud platforms.
  77. In 2020, 100% of the global population is expected to have Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).
  78. 90% of businesses were remarkably using some type of cloud service in 2019.
  79. By 2020 end, 75% of the businesses are likely to have a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud model.
  80. Gartner predicts that (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) would hit $76.6 billion by 2020.
  81. In 2018, the Amazon cloud solution’s revenue was $25.7 billion.
  82. Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the favorite solution for public cloud structure with a 41.5% share.
  83. 28.9% of online shoppers look for the secured connection (SSL) in the address bar before making any purchases.
  84. The hosting security breaches cost between 1.46m Euro and 3.14m Euro to large enterprises with more than 500 employees.
  85. Approximately, every one second records 98,496 GB of internet traffic.
  86. North America marks the highest internet penetration across the globe in 2020 Q1.
  87. Cloud computing has become the fastest growing technology service (grown by 17.6% in 2019).
  88. Windows is the preferred OS for desktops and laptops. But, from a web server standpoint, 96% of the leading websites prefer Linux configurations.
  89. 61% of online users from the US greatly believe in blog information. They are likely to make purchases based on the recommendations by blogs.
  90. Cloud computing is the fastest-growing tech service.
  91. There are more than 338,561 web hosting providers across the world, as of May 2019.
  92. The US is the leading country with the biggest hosting market share of 58.8%.
  93. WordPress has been the leading CMS for the consecutive 7 years.
  94. In 2020, there is a significant increase in both the quality and volume of DDoS attacks is recorded.
  95. There is an indicative correlation between cost and web server performance.
  96. More internet access happens with a Chrome browser than any other browsers.
  97. The average internet user spends 6.5 hours online every day.
  98. More than half of all the Google searches result in zero clicks.
  99. 1&1 is the 4th largest hosting provider, with 6.7% of websites hosted.
  100. GoDaddy dominates the hosting industry and has been operating for 20 years.
  101. Known as a more complex system, AWS is commonly used by large enterprises and experienced developers.

FAQ On Updated Web Hosting Statistics

By the way, web hosting is one of the fast-paced markets with the growing demand for online presence. Not just web hosting, there are exclusive hosting solutions for email, ecommerce, WordPress, Magento, etc. So, get some of your questions clarified about web hosting statistics.

#1 What are the essentials to start a blog or website?

Among other vital elements, domain name and web hosts are the indispensables to launch a site.

#2 Can I have a typical web hosting server for my WordPress websites?

Yes, though there are exclusive tailor-made hosting solutions for WordPress, it’s enough to have a general shared web hosting for any websites to get started with.

#3 What are the cheapest web hosts?

GoDaddy and Bluehost are considered the cheapest web hosts since most of their customers are using its below $5 subscription plans.

#4 What is the total internet traffic?

It’s mind-blowing. The volume of total internet traffic globally hovers around 1 Zettabyte. And it is expected to exceed 2 Zettabytes by 2020.

#5 Which hosting do you recommend?

Though there are plenty of hosting companies out, SiteGround would satisfy you in each hosting aspect. It includes speed, performance, security, add-ons, and cost too.


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Final Words – Web Hosting Statistics

I hope you had a great time checking out these interesting facts and the number of web hosting. Even some experts’ predictions to understand how the web hosting industry will grow in the near future.

The web hosting statistics are amazingly inspiring every webmaster or online marketer to-be. From these data, make sure you choose the right hosting with a strong track record, which is completely scalable.

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