Website Auditor Discount Coupon

Website Auditor Discount Coupon {2023} – Exclusive 10% OFF

Though you invest hours in optimizing your website for search engine rankings, you should make sure you are doing it right. Indeed, you need an awesome tool to audit or check your site’s SEO health. Link-Assistant has one such tool that crawls your pages like search engines and reports you its SEO status. In this Website Auditor discount coupon post, you will know more about this tool and how to own it at a greater price.

Website Auditor Discount Coupon

Like two big aspects of SEO – on-page & off-page; technical SEO is ever crucial. You can’t ignore it. On various demanding technical aspects, this SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor would help you to perfect your site. By the way, you can buy this Website Auditor individually instead of buying SEO PowerSuite complete suite. Please get to know more about the tool and its features before you search for a Website Auditor discount coupon.

About SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor

In between your busy schedules, you might forget to audit your sites often. The Website Auditor tool automatically checks the entire website to help you spot and fix the issues instantly. Indeed, the technical issues that can ruin your search engine rankings.\

The tool crawls your website like how search engines crawl and evaluate your pages. More than that, the tool checks site structure and organize pages in a tree-like structure. Though you use SEO plug-ins like Yoast or RankMath for WordPress, there are more chances for missing factors. SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor checks all the pages against dozens of on-page factors and gets you detailed explanations to fix the issues.

It includes fixing titles and meta descriptions like duplicated, too long, or missing titles and descriptions. Identify the broken links on your site and fix it to avoid disappointing the users. The tool also helps you to spot HTTP response codes, HTML code errors, and warnings, etc. to eliminate page loading problems and improve your website performance.

Further, the tool has built a generator to create quality XML sitemaps and robots.txt files to boost site search engine indexation. You can set the frequency to change or update the XML sitemaps automatically.

With its advanced features like human emulation, search engine API keys, proxy rotation and user agents rotations, you will safe and friendly with search engines. Enabling these features on Website Auditor tool, search engines believe that you never violate their usage policy. With proxy rotation, you can work from behind proxy while using this tool.

Instead of writing content simply and forgetting over time, check how well your pages are optimized for important keywords right now. It helps you with step-by-step instructions to optimize your content, analyzing the top 10 competitions for the target keywords.

You can monitor each page’s social metrics and traffic stats since the tool seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics.

Then, like any of its other individual tools, you can create custom, professional, and white label reports with your client’s logo and brand color. Choose whatever fields or metrics you need to build impressive reports.


  • Helps to check site’s SEO health
  • Automatically audit website as you set
  • Spot & helps to fix technical issues too
  • Built-in robots.txt & XML sitemap generator
  • Optimizes the content of every page on your site
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Complete on-page SEO analysis
  • Visual representations of internal links
  • Detailed explanations on errors to fix


  • Free edition available
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Custom, white-label reports
  • One-time payment
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Not a web-based SEO tool

User Opinion

The well-structured that I have found useful to understand SEO better with some essential information and visual representations.

Website Auditor Customer Support

Have any questions? Don’t wait for further! Raise a support ticket. Link-Assistant’s team experts will respond to you as soon as possible. Besides, you can access its vast articles from the knowledge base, FAQs, video tutorials, and instruction guides.

Website Auditor Pricing Plans

Link-Assistant has simple pricing slabs for the two categories of SEO’s – individuals and agencies. Fortunately, even its free edition allows us to optimize an unlimited number of pages. No matter how big or small your website is. You would be happy with its free tool. Only when you want to generate custom reports, email on-page reports to clients, to increase project limits, etc., you need to upgrade.

Website Auditor Money Back Guarantee

If you are still confused with its free edition, upgrade to its professional plan. Your money will be safe since SEO PowerSuite has a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee.

Website Auditor Christmas Sale – Expired Now!

If you are more serious about the SEO health of yours or client’s website, then must need this Website Auditor tool. If you want to buy this tool alone, you can, since SEO PowerSuite lets you do so.

But, I do recommend purchasing the SEO PowerSuite as a complete package. Why? Apart from our exclusive 10% discount, SEO PowerSuite gets you up to 75% discount with its Christmas special sale. Unfortunately, this offer sale is not applicable when you purchase its individual tools.

FAQ on Website Auditor Coupon

Here are some of the typical questions from SEOs about the Website Auditor tool that are answered here. Before availing Website Auditor special offers, get your queries clarified.

Can I audit competitor’s site?

Sure, create a project for your competitor’s sites and let the tool to check your competitor site’s SEO health.

Whether this tool can audit sites on autopilot mode?

Yes, using the app’s scheduler, you can set the tool to perform specific tasks regularly on periodic intervals.

Can I save projects to my computer or store in the cloud?

Being a professional or enterprise member, you can save projects or store projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud or Dropbox.

Is SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor tool free?

Yes, there is a free version available with limited features for low volume SEO campaigns.

Does the free edition allow creating robots.txt file?

Using the free tool, you can create robots.txt files for up to 500 URL’s. For more URLs, you are just a click away upgrading to its premium plans.

How can I buy SEO PowerSuite’s other tools?

You don’t have exclusive deals on its individual tools. But, buying SEO PowerSuite as a full suite, you will get access to its all the four built-in tools. And, you have maximum discount of 10% on SEO PowerSuite.

Website Auditor Special Offers

But, keep in mind, there are no exclusive Website Auditor deals when you buy it separately. But, SEO PowerSuite as a comprehensive tool, you will get amazing deals to save some big bucks. It becomes super essential to maintain your site’s SEO health against hundreds of factors to win the game—easy your SEO campaigns with a super-intelligent site auditing tool.

Activating Website Auditor Promo Codes

Here are the simple steps to avail the SEO PowerSuite discount coupon to access its built-in tools. Get started!

Step – 1: Here is the special link to click and land on an SEO PowerSuite discount page.

Step – 2: Choose your suitable plan as per your SEO project volume.

Step – 3: Fill the mandatory fields, make the payment, and check out successfully.

Alright, you own the tool now!

Final Words About Website Auditor Discount Coupon

Either as an SEO individual or agency, you must handle entire SEO tasks, not just the site auditing or on-page optimization. So, on top of your budget, spend some additional bucks to purchase a comprehensive SEO tool.

Indeed, you will get amazing deals on SEO PowerSuite, saving huge money. By which, access all of its built-in tools like Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

If you are looking for a website auditing tool exclusively, then go with the Website Auditor. Otherwise, I will suggest going for SEO PowerSuite full suite for extensive benefits.

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