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25+ Common WordPress Hosting FAQ Answered! Should You Need Managed Hosting?

I’m sure you must have a site running on WordPress. Otherwise, you are planning to launch a website on WordPress. Hence, you are here. Of course, you need a reliable hosting server to store your website files.

This WordPress hosting FAQ uncovers the most frequently asked questions by the start-ups and avid WordPress users. Refer to it and get your doubts clarified about WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting FAQ – Questions That Stir-up Your Mind For Answers!

WordPress was started initially as a blogging platform. Now, it has become a popular content management system in the world.

No wonder – choosing WordPress to build awesome sites that entitle top-notch speed and performance.

Just like plants need the right environment to grow, WordPress works well with a powerful hosting server.

But, choosing a suitable hosting for your WordPress site is quite overwhelming. At the same time, it becomes an essential component of a successful website. So, today is your perfect day to know all about WordPress hosting.

#1 What is WordPress hosting?

It is a kind of hosting catered for WordPress sites. There are different types of WordPress hosting options available – free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting.

#2 How a typical web host for WordPress sites and a WordPress hosting do differ?

WordPress is just a content management system that runs behind your site. Like every other CMS or web development platform, you can choose a typical web hosting (that has more general configurations) for your WordPress site. Depending on your site size, traffic flow, etc. you may choose between shared, VPS or dedicated.

On the other hand, WordPress hosting is specially tailored for WordPress sites. A targeted solution that includes auto-installation of WordPress, server resources dedicated explicitly to WordPress platforms, extensive support from the WordPress experts, etc.

#3 Should I need this ‘WordPress hosting’ to start a basic website?

You need a web hosting to store your website files. Mandatorily, it doesn’t need to be a ‘WordPress hosting’. You can also host your site on a shared web hosting initially.

#4 Does this WordPress hosting solution is offered by WordPress officially?

No, this is just a style of hosting service (like any other web hosting solutions) but especially for WordPress users offered by the hosting service providers. For an instant, Bluehost offers a wide range of web hosting solutions like shared, VPS, dedicated, etc. In that manner, it also has WordPress hosting that is specially catered for WordPress platforms.

Indeed, Bluehost is one of the recommended hosting servers by WordPress on its official page.

Fastest hosting servers for WordPress

#5 How about the hosting server offered by WordPress.com?

Certainly, WordPress.com officially provides a hosting server to its users. But, that doesn’t let you have your own customized domains. It may be suitable for personal blogs, portfolio pages, etc. but not the ideal choice for serious online businesses.

#6 Are any free WordPress hosting services available?

Yes, there are abundant free WordPress hosting solutions available in the market. But, stay out of those.

Here are some of the reasons not to use such free WordPress hosting –

  • Might display annoying advertisements on your site
  • Distribute malware to your site audiences
  • Sometimes, they might close your website with no intimation

If you are serious about your WordPress site and its promotions for a longer run, then don’t think about using free hosting services.

#7 What are the core benefits opting for a WordPress hosting?

Incredible advantages are using a tailor-made WordPress hosting than an ideal web hosting solutions for your WordPress sites. Here are those –

  • Every aspect and feature is built explicitly for WordPress platforms and hence improved performance
  • Highly-secured as the servers are optimized with distinct security protocols of WordPress rather entitling the basic security configurations.
  • WordPress hosting environments have a dedicated team of WordPress experts to assist you on any level of support required.

#8 Should I have my domain name and WordPress hosting with the same provider?

Not necessarily to be. You can have your domain name with domain registrars like GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. And, then buy the hosting server from different service providers like BlueHost, WPX Hosting, SiteGround, etc.

If you don’t have a domain yet, then go with a single provider. More hosting service providers offer free domain registrations for the new customers while purchasing any of its hosting server plans.

#9 Is WordPress hosting solution is BEST for all?

Though WordPress hosting is ideal for improved performance, better security, extensive support and reliable, it is not at all a choice for the start-ups.

The fresh website that drives very minimal traffic can’t experience the difference in its performance using WordPress hosting. Meanwhile, being a start-up, it is expensive too, since it is an optimized hosting service for WordPress.

#10 When should I think about upgrading to a WordPress hosting from a regular web hosting?

Here are some of the cases, you should switch to WordPress hosting –

  • If your WordPress site starts driving a decent volume of traffic
  • Your site performance declines at a point of time
  • When you want to speed up your WordPress site
  • You find it hard to handle the technical aspects of your website hosting
  • Running out of time managing your multiple WordPress sites

#11 How much website traffic a WordPress hosting can handle?

SiteGround Banner

The WordPress hosting servers can handle any billions of website traffic a month. It depends on your WordPress hosting plan. Mostly, a shared WordPress hosting can manage up to 1,000 to 2,000 visitors a day (as long as your server resources are optimally used, and site is tuned for performance). Once your site exceeds it, you can upgrade your plans anytime.

#12 Is it recommended for Ecommerce sites?

Indeed, WordPress hosting is highly recommended for e-Commerce sites that were built on WordPress.

Many WordPress hosting companies do offer free SSL, seamless integration with 3rd party applications, etc. you need to run an eCommerce site.

Again, if you are looking for a focused eCommerce WordPress hosting solution, then you may use WooCommerce hosting.

#13 What are the limitations of using WordPress hosting?

Not all, some of the hosts limit you doing a lot of customizations on your site. And, there might be limitations in using some specific WordPress plug-ins. If you want to use particular plug-ins that are not encouraged by the hosts, then either you will have to look for the alternative plug-in or choose a different hosting plan or service.

#14 Can I choose the preferred data center in WordPress hosting plans?

There are customer-friendly hosting providers allowing you to choose your desired data center while purchasing its hosting server plans.

If your majority of the target audience is in Singapore, then you should choose a data center in Singapore or at least in Asia. The location of your hosting server greatly impacts your site performance for particular location & in terms of geo-specific rankings.

Still, if you are unsure about it, then go with US servers by default. Later, you can have WordPress CDN’s to ensure the fastest content delivery.

#15 Do these WordPress hosting companies provide business email accounts?

Like any other typical web hosting, you can create a one or even unlimited email accounts based on your WordPress hosting plan and resources. For easy & hassle-free operations, you can additionally opt for Google business services like GSuite.

#16 Can I switch to another WordPress hosting later?

Sure, anytime you can switch your WordPress hosting as if you are not happy with your current host.

Indeed, most of the hosting companies do offer free migration services for the hassle-free site migration.

Make use of it and move on your site to a top-notch server with no downtime at all.

#17 What are the different types of hosting available in WordPress hosting?

Similar to your regular web hosting, you have –

  • Shared WordPress hosting
  • VPS WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

The server resources, accessibility, support level, security options, etc. would vary as you choose between the above plans.

#18 By the way, what is a managed WordPress hosting?

A step ahead, in managed WordPress hosting, the host will handle all the technical aspects of running your WordPress site. It includes the site speed and performance, security, WordPress and other software updates, backups, resource management, server uptime, etc.

#19 Does a WordPress hosting really worth its extra money?

Once you believe that your WordPress site is a great asset for you, then you must ensure that it is operating efficiently. Leaving it to the expert’s hand possibly affirms it. Being a managed WordPress hosting user, you can experience premium support and service.

As a crew of WordPress experts, they keep monitoring your website performance, security threats (if any), malware scan and removal, data redundancy, server optimization, etc. For serious online marketers, it really makes sense.

#20 How to choose a suitable managed WordPress hosting provider?

Here is the checklist to select best managed WordPress hosting provider for consistent performance at your budget. Things to consider before choosing a one –

  • Stellar support team
  • References from users
  • Flexible & scalable plans
  • Focus on speed
  • Add-ons to boost performance
  • Security features
  • Server infrastructure
  • Data center locations
  • Backup options

#21 Can I host multiple WordPress sites on a managed WordPress hosting account?

Again, it depends on the hosting company you choose. A few like WPX hosting allows you to host multiple sites on its server using a single account. But, many managed WordPress hosts charge you per website. Indeed, you can have a single hosting package in case of having multiple WordPress sites with unique dashboard, themes and plug-ins.

#22 Should I take regular back-ups of my WordPress site?

Not required, being a managed WordPress hosting user. A quality managed WordPress hosting plan often includes the automatic back-ups of your website data, at no additional cost.

Even a few hosting companies allow you to download the full back-up of your WordPress site anytime.

Also, you can access your back-ups (weekly) within the dashboard itself.

FAQ About The Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting On SEO

#23 How managed WordPress hosting enhances a website SEO?

Most of the managed WordPress hosting companies offer all-in-one comprehensive dashboard with the built-in SEO tools. You will also get website optimization tips along with the statistics to understand the impact of your inputs. The dashboard will allow you to review your SEO (that includes traffic sources, keyword choices, content improvement recommendations, etc.) and even social media mentions.

FAQ – Managed WordPress hosting & Website Loading Speed

#24 How upgrading to a managed WordPress hosting makes the site faster?

There are a lot of factors that impact your WordPress site speed. In such a case, the managed WordPress host takes care of most of the technical aspects that enhance your WordPress speed. It includes implementing server-level caching, utilizing the latest versions of PHP (database, WordPress, and plug-ins too.), setting up redirects at the server-side, resource scalability whenever there is a traffic surge etc.

#25 What’s so special about managed WordPress hosting than a shared WordPress hosting, concerning the site speed?

Most of the shared WordPress hosting providers host your site on a server where hundreds and thousands of other sites hosted (built on different platforms) already. By the way, now WordPress hosting term becomes a regular web hosting with some extensive WordPress-specific features. No significant difference it makes concerning server resources, etc.

On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting servers are built on SSD. And, they don’t oversubscribe the servers with an abundant volume of sites. That means, more server resources are available for you and hence, you can enjoy the benefits of the fastest WordPress sites.

WordPress loading speed test results

Managed WordPress Hosting Security – Frequently Asked Questions

#26 How secured a WP site is under managed WordPress hosting?

In managed WordPress hosting servers, a team of WordPress experts would be monitoring your site for 24/7 ensuring enterprise-grade security. With automated SSL, threat detection and blocking, traffic encryption, dedicated team to review and security audit of your internal environments provides air-tight security to your WordPress sites.

#27 What are the other security features included in the managed WordPress hosting plans?

Keeping your applications and WordPress up-to-date is essential to maintain site security. Hosting companies ensure the overall security of your site at the server and firewall level. With hardcore hardware and software security configurations, they keep track of the WordPress vulnerabilities and protect your websites with more set of security patches and updates.

Two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, firewall security, automatic malware scan and removal are its top-notch security measures. SSL ensures encrypted data transfer and hence, your data is safe.

Conclusion – WordPress Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Probably, through this WordPress hosting FAQ, you have got answers to the common questions you have in mind around the topic. Indeed, we keep updating the post with more questions and answers that are raised by our readers and other WordPress users. If you have any specific questions to be clarified about WordPress hosting or even managed WP hosting, then drop it in the below comment box. We will be glad to find answers for you. That can also make sense to other WordPress users.

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